[RELEASE] GoControl Smart Wireless Light Switch WA00Z-1 (see post #79 for Nov 2020 version)

Glad you got 2x working…

3x is not really 3x, its “doubletap and hold”. There’s no equivalent to double tap hold so I used the 3x value.

Here’s the button mappings:

 *   Button Mappings:
 *   Single-Tap Up        1        up
 *   Single-Tap Down      1        down
 *   Hold Up              1        up_hold
 *   Hold Down            1        down_hold
 *   Double-Tap Up        1        up_2x
 *   Double-Tap Down      1        down_2x  
 *   Double-Tap Up Hold   1        up_3x
 *   Double-Tap Down Hold 1        down_3x

*  Note - Central scene control, aka single tap, still triggers on any double tap due to firmware of the switch.  
 *         If you don't want single and double tap actions to both trigger at the same time, a toggle option has been added 
 *         to preferences to create a delay that will disregard the single tap on a double tap.  
 *         However, this option will always create a delay of about 2 seconds when clicking the single tap while 
 *         the handler checks for a double tap.  If not using double tap set this preference to false to eliminate delay.

For advanced webcore automations, the button release is captured as well as a "holdRelease " event.

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It’s a great little device for the price…once u get it going!!! THANKS to mwav3!


Thats cool, this function leaving underneath the dumb switch (to make my wife stoping switching off the smart lights !!!). Is there any double switch to underneath two dumb switches ?

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@mwav3 Tim, forgive me. I’ve read through this whole chain and Iknow about Z-Wave associations and custom code but I’m not terribly familiar with direct scene control. I bought two of these GoControl devices on a whim(late night Amazoning…). Ihave stairs with 2 Hue Bulbs - at the top and bottom. I’d like these to cover the switches at each end and hopefully have the top button single tap to turn on just the closer bulb, double tap to turn on both bulbs and press and hold to brighhten. The bottom button doing the reverse of all 3. Is this possible with your DTH without webcore? Ican research more and keep noodling with it but wondered if my use case was easily obtained… TIA and thanks for maintaining the code for these!

Zwave direct association only works between two zwave devices. hue bulbs use Zigbee, so that’s not an option for direct association.

However, using the DTH that @mwav3 created you can have this gocontrol switch communicate directly to the SmartThings hub, so as long as your Hue bulbs are visible to smartthings you would set up rules to do that. Tim can explain what specific options his DTH makes possible.

Just be aware that these options will only work if the Internet is working and the smartthings cloud is available, because you are mixing devices of different protocols so the hub has to do the translation between them. That can be dangerous for lighting on stairs, so I wouldn’t normally recommend it. But obviously it’s your choice.

Yes it will definitely be possible and shouldn’t be too hard, and no need for Webcore here. As @JDRoberts mentioned you won’t do an association to control non Zwave devices. You can assign actions for automations right in the device’s detail screen on the smartthings app for this instead. Just click each one - toggled up turn on hue bulb 1, toggled up 2 times turn on hue bulb 1 and 2, hold up set brightness to 100% (or whatever level you want). You then can set the opposites for down. See the screenshot below for where to set these.

Also as JD mentioned just keep in mind though that since this is scene control (and not direct association) it relies on the hub remaining connected to the internet to work since this all happens in the cloud. No internet connection or a smartthings outage, and the switches won’t trigger the bulbs. Otherwise, most of the time, everything will work just fine. But I also agree with JD this could be troublesome for stairs. Electrical code requires working 3 way switches on both ends of stairs to turn lights on and avoid falling in the dark. Not saying you’d have a code violation from doing this, since you’re not changing existing wiring, but just illustrating the safety concern with this setup in the event of an outage. Your choice of course just want to point out any potential concerns here. Let me know if you need any other info.

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Assuming you have a hue bridge, the “friends of hue” Batteryfree Switches are a good option for the use case you describe with the stairs. These are available for both the US and Europe. They are two thin rockers side by side so you can use One side for one bulb and the other side for the group. With long press for dimming.

I have one of these and like it a lot. It operates locally and doesn’t need the Internet.

The main issue is the price. And they don’t go on sale very often. But they definitely solve the use case you’re describing in a very easy way.

The switches won’t be visible to smartthings, but that won’t matter: they just provide a parallel means of control. You can still control the bulbs through the bridge Integration with smartthings.

Oh, and they don’t fit over the existing switch, you need to put a baby lock on that.


They come in lots of different colors, including gray and black.

There are similar devices but in a different shape for the European market.

Anyway, I don’t want to get too off topic for this thread, we can discuss these devices in a different thread if you want to go into more details. :sunglasses:

Fantastic! Thank you Tim (@mwav3) and JD (@JDRoberts) for your help. Got the first one setup and may order a few more. Still need to pass the happy wife test but I think this is a winner.


always remember: happy wife, happy life!


I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t change the devices I have set under ‘toggled down’ and ‘toggled up’. I had setup 3 lights (devices) to be turned on and off via toggled down and toggled up in the new ST app. I want to change it to run a scene. I tap on ‘toggled up’ to change the device/scene, I get ‘Then’ and I tap to choose the devices I want. No matter what device or scene I pick, the ‘done’ button in the upper right is greyed out, and I can’t finish the process of changing what I am controlling. Any idea why this would be?


are you using the original code or mwav3 updated code?

instead of just changing the ‘then’, delete and re-add.

if you set the button to toggle on ‘or’ off you can get 2 device controls, top button and bottom button

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I wonder if something has changed in smarthings again. I currently have a functioning WA001 in my network that I added a year ago and today I have tried to add new one but I am not able to get it be identified correctly by the hub. I have published mwav3’s device handler to my hub and unpaired and repaired the switch several times. The switch is recognized as a generic z wave switch but doesnt offer any controls or detect any events. If I use the developer portal to manual set the device I see controls for a dimmer. I can see the buttons as options in the smart lighting app but no button toggle events are logged in the history.
Any recommendations?


Any chance of getting an Edge driver for these so they work after Samsung gets rid of Groovy?

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I’ll second this. I’ve got a number of these around and can’t find any traces of this specific model in all the ST developed edge drivers I’ve looked at.

WA00Z-1: GoControl Smart Wireless Light Switch

From my IDE, if it helps a developer:

Raw Description zw:S type:1801 mfr:014F prod:5343 model:3132 ver:5.09 zwv:4.05 lib:03 cc:5E,86,72,5B,85,59,73,70,80,84,5A,7A ccOut:5B,20