[RELEASE] GoControl Smart Wireless Light Switch WA00Z-1 (see post #79 for Nov 2020 version)

@mwav3 So I changed the handler to a generic zwave button and the presses were showing. I switched back to your handler and toggled through all of the settings and it started to work. Not sure which setting was the culprit but toggling them all at least once seemed to do the trick. Thanks for your time putting this handler together and helping me today.


It’s probably related to the device caching issue that’s the cause of a lot of different problems lately. https://community.smartthings.com/search?context=topic&context_id=44984&q=Device%20caching%20issues%20order%3Alatest&skip_context=true Thanks your advice how to get around it, I’m sure it will help others.


Apologies, I’m a little confused. I’ve configured top button for lights on, bottom button for light off. It doesn’t register an event for a single up or down press. It does register (and change the light state) for double taps.

What am I missing, here?

I had a bug with an if else statement in the code that was causing this issue and fixed it. Latest update should have all buttons working without needing to toggle the preferences. Also added an ocf type to get this to show all the buttons as actions to set right in the device. To get that working you would need to change the device to the generic handler, then change back.


Following this. I updated the DTH. While SmartThing still sees the button presses in history neither button is triggering events. I deleted the SmartLighting activations and redid them and still nothing.

Actually, while typing this I thought of something. I turned off SmartLighting and added an automation on button press to turn light on. Device history of the GoControl shows the button press but the light did not turn on. I am wondering if some update happened to the GoControl.

Does your device history update the events, like in the screenshot below? If not, try to go to settings and toggle “create delay for separate double tap”. You can also try “force settings update/refresh”. Also try assigning the device a stock zwave remote handler, then change it back to the custom one with the code linked above .

Zwave firmware updates are being piloted, but this device has no new firmware so there’s no update possible of the device itself. It has to be an issue with the handler or it caching an old version. Hopefully doing the things above gets it working again.

I get the device updates. I have toggles the settings. Those didn’t change anything. I am not familiar with how to change the handler, I will look into that.

You’ll have to go into the IDE. Go to your remote device, then edit, then under “type” change it to the stock zwave remote and save. Then change it back to the go control remote custom handler. This should hopefully flush out the cache issue

You may also need to exclude the remote and add it back again.

Changing the device handler worked. I like how I can set actions within the button instead of through SmartLighting.

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I can get rid of the flic buttons now. With the update top button does kitchen. Bottom button does living room.


@saiajin reported that they could not get double tap working through a github issue. I did an update to try and send double tap associations at preference update in addition to initial install. Import the update from mwav3 smartthingscode master or use the link above if you were having issues with double tap. Then push a button on the remote to “wake it up”. Then go to preferences and toggle “force settings update/refresh”.

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Hi Thank you for the quick reply! However I am a newb and am having trouble applying the update. Please see details on GITHUB ticket… Thank you!

I can’t get this switch to do anything. It is in Standby never actually does anything.
Does the GoControl WA00z-1 actually control a mechanical wall switch? I see settings about scenes and actions, I just want to turn the switch off and on. Did I misunderstand the box saying - control any switch, with pictures of wall toggle switches?

I posted some things to try on github, but you can also checkout this faq FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings (SmartThings Classic)

The switch already needs to be a smartswitch to use this remote to control it. This is basically like adding a 3way switch to an existing smartswitch. Or, a lot of people use it to control smart bulbs and put it over the existing switch so power to the bulb will stay on.

This go control remote will not make an existing dumb switch smart. You might be thinking of something like the switch in the link below, but they are generally not reliable with poor reviews. You’re better off replacing the switch with a smartswitch or using smartbulbs with this go control.

Instead of the Switchmate, which is a Bluetooth device and not integratable with much of anything else, there are two similar Devices which do work with smartthings and Which each physically move the dumb switch underneath.

There is a Z wave version from Ecolink which comes in both toggle and rocker forms.

And there is a Zigbee version from Third Reality which looks like a button.

Both work fine with smartthings, both fit over the existing dumb switch and physically move it, both are battery powered and do not require any wiring.

In the negatives, both are fairly noisy at the moment that they are actually moving the dumb switch, not as loud as a garbage disposal, but definitely loud enough to notice. And both are physically pretty noticeable, they don’t quite look like a regular switch.

But they do make a dumb switch smart without requiring any wiring, and they do work well with smartthings. They have been popular in the past for people who had an existing switch on a less common voltage branch, like a pump or a low-voltage sprinkler system, or just for people who didn’t want to do any wiring. They do both require a compatible hub, but the smartthings hub will work just fine.

Both will just look like a regular on/off switch to smartthings, you don’t normally need a custom DTH for them although there may be some in the forums. :sunglasses:

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Thanks @JDRoberts . I remember looking into the switchmate several years ago and not being impressed. You’re suggestions are much better options.

They could definitely be an option for someone renting that can’t modify the wiring of their apartment, or for people not comfortable with rewiring a switch in general.

I can definitely understand the confusion the gocontrol switch can cause here though.

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I have the Switchmate and the Plug to allow it to be used globally… it’s completely unreliable… however I have the older version of both the plug and the switch…

Got 2x working but no 3x but I’m ok with 2x thank u!!!

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It was a couple of years ago, but when the gocontrol switch was first introduced by Linear (the parent division of gocontrol) I believe the intention was for it to act as a controller for their own Z wave lightbulbs, which, like the gocontrol, were marketed under a number of different brand names. So in that configuration it wouldn’t require any wiring, and it would take the existing switch for the ceiling fixture that the bulbs were put into and make that smart by covering it up so that the bulbs could always be left on power but you had this button device to control them.

But as it turned out, the bulbs ended up not being very popular, because they couldn’t work with Hue bridge and they didn’t have any comparable special-effects apps, so that left them with this device, which makes a little less sense without the smart bulbs. It definitely still has its uses, but the product descriptions have never quite caught up with its current use cases. :sunglasses: