[RELEASE] GoControl Siren / Linear Siren / Vision Siren

I can’t seem to sync to my ST. I copied the entire code in raw view, published it, and added the device with the custom gocontrol multifunction siren type, published as version, my home hub, and random device network ID. However, the siren in the ST app menu is stuck at “checking status”. If I edit device type as Z wave Switch Generic, the siren pairs fine with ST and I can use it only with on/off option.

I purchased this.

Did I buy an incompatible siren?

Edit: OMG I’m an idiot. I played with this all night until I figured out why everyone’s screenshot looks different than my app. I was supposed to use smartthings CLASSIC app. That’s not intuitive, samsung :confused:

I got it working now with proper ST app.


I have the GoControl Siren AC with Battery backup. If I can power to it or unplug, it does work even if the alarm was already triggered.
How this the battery backup works for this device?

I only have the battery version so I’m not sure.

I have the mains powered GoConrol Siren that no longer works on battery backup…

Without taking it off the wall and performing some surgery:
Does anyone know if the battery can be replaced, and if so what is the battery number?

i have the version with the built in back up battery. my aunt has my house key, she came in and the siren went off. she unplugged it and the siren stopped. is there a way to fix this? i thought the back up battery is supposed to continue even when it’s unplugged. correct me if i’m wrong. thanks

Try replacing the code segment you posted with and if that doesn’t work then change true to false:

private getIsVisionMfr() {
return true

Not sure if that will help, but I’ve found one siren that looks the same, but has different settings so this might be another one.

You should also post the raw description which includes the manufacturer information. You can find the raw description on the device details page in the IDE.

hello, i want to buy this siren especially because of this device handler as it seems to be the closest of what i need. Can anyone who used this confirm if i can make the siren to always have a flash every 5-10 seconds or so when the system is armed as a visual confirmation for me to know when is disarmed or armed?thanks

The device supports strobe, but it flashes about every second.

i want the strobe effect only when the alarm is triggered along with the siren.
Would it be possibile do maybe to make some type of automation that turns it on for a second every 5-10 seconds to make it flash everytime is armed?
Also do you plan to support it fully in the new version of smartthings?
thanks for answering me so fast.

The device is way too unresponsive for that to work.

It’s not possible to make custom handlers fully supported in the new app. I could make it look like a siren in the new app, but that’s about it. It should still be fully functional with the apps in the new mobile app.

i have got the siren and did few tests. It is the vision version. The problem that i have is that it seems that delay is not working. I tried more combinations but in each case, if delay is set on 0, it does what it supposes to do. If i want to make the strobe for 30 secs before sounding the siren , it doesn’t work, when it should start sounding the siren ,it just turns itself off completely .
I have tried different delays,so basically the strobe starts for x seconds, then when the siren should sound, it doesnt and the strobe goes off too.
what do you think about this

This might not be related, but when you’re testing, making sure the auto off setting is disabled.

Does the delay work if you disable the strobe during delay feature?

doesn’t even matter i’ll probably return it, it seems complely unrelirable . I’ve set it to start the strobe for few secs every 1 minute and it looks that it works good then suddenly siren turns on too for few seconds ,that mini heart attack tho.
By default it was recognized as aotec siren given only both siren and strobe at the same time.
Is there any other device handler that can let me control independently the siren and strobe to give it 1 more chance or maybe recommend another siren that has separate controls for strobe and siren?
i am looking at popp solar siren but can’t find if i can control the led separately from smartthings.thanks

I have this siren and it worked great for me with this DH. However I had to remove it from my setup because of the issues caused by new SmartThings app. I followed the instructions for exclusion and siren was removed.
I now have issues reconnecting it again. I follow prompts for pairing, i have a blinking indicator light and I press the activator switch as instructed. Light stops blinking which should indicates that pairing is successful, but the smart app keeps looking for device to pair and cant find it.
Does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this? I am using Classic Smart app at this point.

I think if you press the switch quickly 10 times it will factory reset it, but I’m not sure because there are so many models of that device.

You could also try excluding it again using the hub utilities.

I did the exclusion - inclusion process several times and results are the same. I will try pressing the switch 10 times. Thanks

@ILLI13 Did you find out how to reset the Siren? I did not get it to reset with 10 presses.

Yes. I had to login into my developer account and reassign the original DH to this siren. After that I was able to reconnect it to smartthings and then assign the upgraded DH again.

Works great! I have ZM1601EU, branded by Clas Ohlson.

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does anyone have issues with battery status. even though i replaced the batteries.
it seems to keep pinging me that the battery is low?