[RELEASE] GoControl Siren / Linear Siren / Vision Siren

If you’ve installed and published the device handler and this is a new device, it should automatically detect the device handler as long as you don’t have any other custom device handlers installed for this device.

If the device was already installed with a different device handler or you’re installing it new and it’s not selecting the correct device handler, go to the “My Devices” page from the IDE, click the Edit link next to the Device and change the Device Type to “GoControl Multifunction Siren”. Once you change the device handler and save, open the device using the Mobile App, go into the settings and save.

If you’re not seeing this Device Handler in the Device Type list, you most likely save it, but didn’t press the publish button.

Yes, I got it. ST recognized it at the beginning as a switch, and i deleted the device but not excluded it correctly, thats why It could not recognized it. After I took the batteries off and on again, excluded it through minimote, ST recognized it again and this time as a Gocontrol Siren. Thanks.

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Is the Aeon Labs siren device handler published?

Just to clarify for other users, the DH below is for the Aeon Labs Siren. The code for the GoControl/Linear Siren is in the first post of this Topic.

The Aeon Siren is a better product, but it doesn’t support using the strobe and siren separately which is why I’m using both devices.

One vote for the delayed audible alarm. It would be especially nice if the strobe alarm would go off first for 30 seconds before the audible alarm, as I could see it had been triggered and could disable it after accidental triggering.

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The custom command feature no longer works with SHM or Speaker Notify with Sound because they broke the custom message functionality in those SmartApps.

You can still use the device as an alarm or switch in those SmartApps, but if you want to be able to use features like beep, you will need to use a community developed SmartApp like either Rule Machine or CoRE.

The developer of Rule Machine doesn’t allow new installs so unless you already had it installed, you will have to use CoRE instead.

It looks like SmartThings fixed the custom message problem so everything should be working again.

Due to the home depot clearance, I ended up getting 3 more of these sirens so I’ll be adding some new functionality to this DTH soon.

  • I’ll definitely be adding the delayedAlarm and strobeDelayedAlarm commands.

  • I’m considering adding intermittentAlarm which would basically turn on and off the alarm for a specified amount of time and the on time and off time would be customizable.

  • I’ve found the beep feature to be too unpredictable and loud to be of any use. I won’t remove the existing beep feature, but I won’t be adding the beepDelayedAlarm or scheduledBeep commands that my Aeon Siren DTH has.

I’m open to suggestions so let me know if you have any other ideas.

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Thanks a bunch for this excellent handler! It has made my Staples Siren work great (the one with a battery AND ac plug) and I am also about to purchase more of the other Siren’s with JUST the battery that are from Home Depot, like the ones you are referring to. So far, I don’t have many suggestions to make it any better than it already is. Works perfect for me! :slight_smile:

Do you know the name or model # of the one from staples so I can add it to the top post?

Considering the kit with the siren, motion sensor and 3 contact sensors is on clearance for $25 at HD right now, this is definitely the perfect time to buy it.

The name of the kit that was on sale at Staples this past February was the “LinearLinc Z-Wave Siren Strobe Combo” part # 1LIWA105DBZ-2 , and it is no longer available at Staples so you won’t even find it on their site anymore… I looked up on my Staples order page to find this info for ya. And yes, I just purchased 12 of those premium kits and found out that at least 8 of them are returns so I will be going back tomorrow to ask why exactly they are reselling used items as new… They were very cheap, but I am not liking that they were already installed at another place prior to me buying the rest that they had on their shelves! Cheap is GREAT, used, not so much! Lol

Thanks for looking up the information on that siren.

You had me worried so I just checked the 3 I bought today and they all appear to be new.

Lol , It looks like a company may have purchased these because they all had little stickers on them with QC numbers and some tech number who installed it. The problem is that they just put the damn things right back on the shelves without saying a word about them being returned and used, so that kinda makes me feel like they thought they could just pass off some used crap to me! Well I will see about getting them a tad cheaper maybe?? :wink: I think about $10/kit should be a reasonable price huh…

How can you tell that they’re returns? Are the batteries unwrapped or …?

Batteries unwrapped, some of the motion sensors are written on with permanent black marker, a lot of the bags are either untaped or unstapled and several of the 3m backings are already used. Also, half of the door sensors have holes drilled right through the back plates that come off with the screw. So I think whoever had these probably was a larger company because it appears that someone wrote their tech number on each item that was installed by them. Just a crazy unboxing experience to say the least. Some of the sensors I have had to reset to get to pair, etc. Like I said, no big deal if I would have known and they were sold as open box, but they were sold as new so I didn’t expect that for sure… BTW: Are you using any kind of custom handler for the GoControl door sensors? I am not liking them too much because I can’t seem to get them to force talk to the hub like all of my other devices can do.

Wow, those really are used.

I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but I didn’t like that they didn’t regularly report in and I had no way to monitor if they’re still online so I ended up creating my own DTH for them:

PERFECT! Thanks bud!

[RELEASE] GoControl/Linera Siren v 1.2

This version allows you to delay the alarm and optionally turn on the strobe during the delay.

Breaking Changes

  • Removed the Strobe instead of beep setting so if you were using that, you will need to use strobe instead and specify an auto off time.

  • Removed always use both/on option from settings.

  • Removed beep(length) command, but it will still work if you’re using it with speakText or playText.

  • When you open the settings, you will see a couple of fields at the bottom that have no labels, if you clear the contents of those fields, they won’t appear the next time you open that screen.

  • The beep functionality seems to be worse, but I’m not sure if that could have something to do with the battery being low or the fact that I moved it into a different room to do the testing and didn’t do a zwave repair after moving it.

New Settings:

  • Added setting for “Alarm Delay in Seconds” which allows you to set a default delay time that will be used every time the siren, strobe, or both command is executed. If you leave it set to 0, it won’t have a delay.

  • Added setting for “Strobe during alarm delay?” which allows you to specify whether or not it should turn on the strobe during the delay.

New Custom Commands:

  • customBeep(beepLengthMS)

  • customBoth(delaySeconds, autoOffSeconds, useStrobe)

  • customSiren(delaySeconds, autoOffSeconds, useStrobe)

  • customStrobe(delaySeconds, autoOffSeconds)

When using the playText or speakText commands to execute these commands, you do not need to include the word “custom”.

See the first post for examples of how these new commands work and how they can be used with SmartApps like SHM, Notify with Sound, and CoRE.

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Fantastic job with the contact sensors and v1.1 of the siren device handlers. I will update to the latest release and report back.

Any plans on writing an optimized handler for the included motion sensor?

Thank you for your exemplary contributions to the community!

I cannot get the speech part to work. I created a simple setup (if contact opens, speak this message) in both Rule Machine (almost the latest version - about a week short of it going away) and from the current version of CoRE. Both execute, and can be seen in the notifications.

If I use my DLNA speaker for both, that speaks (Tiny Dancer) works. The notifications shows it execute, but I don’t hear anything when I use the Siren. Any thoughts? I tried default volume of 50, and also tried 10, but still no message heard.