[RELEASE] GoControl/Linear Multifunction Contact Sensor

I don’t believe it’s possible from within a DTH, but let me know if you come across any other DTHs that do it.

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Kevin, I was wondering if you might be able to help with a project.
I just rigged up a DC relay plugged into a GE Zwave plug in appliance module. When you turn it on, it is set to turn off 1sec after. Emulating the function of a garage door opener wall button.

What I was hoping is to modify the multifunction handler to only work as “garage door” contact, but I would like to add a push-button or on/off tile within the handler where in the settings, the user can select the device to toggle.

I found this handler that another user created for the gocontrol (in his case, generic zwave sensor), and there’s a smartapp that works to sync the button push/contact sensor

Any chance you may be able to update the DTH to incorporate this code/similar code to have (your) Gocontrol specific handler work not just as a garage door sensor, but toggle the opener (relay/plug in module).
Or possibly enlighten me as to modifying the device screen to look like the new style page rather than this:

Please delete all the code you posted so people won’t confuse it with the code for this Topic’s device handler.

This isn’t possible because device handlers can’t interact directly with other devices.

If you’re looking for one device that allows you to control the door and view the the state of the door you have to use 2 device handlers and a SmartApp.

This DTH is overly complex because it supports so many capabilities so you’re better off adding the open/closed tile to your switch device handler and using a SmartApp like CoRE to sync the open/close status.

Done on Deleting code. Never thought of that issue. Apologies!


PM me if you need help adding the contact capability to your switch device handler and syncing them with a SmartApp.

@krlaframboise I just updated my 2 garage doors to use one sensor by using your other DH. Unfortunately the internal contact doesn’t show as garage but the external does using the secondary DH. In the other DH thread you pointed someone to this multifunction DH in order to show the primary/internal as a contact-garage.

So my question is :slight_smile: … can this multifunction DH show both internal and external as two separate contact-garage devices?

Thank you for all of these by the way, great work!

That should be a simple change that won’t affect the functionality of that DTH so I’ll look into adding that feature this weekend.

Not at this time.

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Hi Kevin
Is it possible to have the main tile with the external contact sensor show locked,unlock.
I have try to change open closed on 7 lines in the dh,but my main tile was stock a locked
Thank for your work!

You should be able to do that by replacing one of the other capabilities like water. The quotes need to be included in your find and replaces or it will most likely break the code.

You might have to swap the locked and unlocked because I’m not sure which one matches “wet”.

  • Replace capability “Water Sensor” with capability “Lock”

  • Replace “st.alarm.water.dry” with “st.locks.lock.locked”

  • Replace “st.alarm.water.wet” with “st.locks.lock.unlocked”

  • Replace all instances of “water” with “lock”

  • Replace all instances of “wet” with “unlocked”

  • Replace all instances of “dry” with “locked”

HI Kevin
I have replaced all water ,dry wet and still showing open, closed. After that i also try to replace those $waterval with $lockVal.
It still show open or closed in the main tile
Do you know what could be wrong

You need to change “$lockVal” back to “$waterVal” and make sure that the v is uppercase.

I only had you change the instances that would effect the capability. All the settings and internal instances still refer to the field as water.

Did you open and close the sensor after making the change?

Did you set the primary status setting to “lock”?

Update: Did you specify the “Water Wet Event” and “Water Dry Event” in the settings?

I’ve added a setting to the other DTH that allows you to make the primary tile display as a garage door.

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Thank Kevin
Now its working.I did a mistake in the settings and did’nt lock unlock the door while testing.
Now i got my patio door reporting the lock status . I have only solder 2 wired in the handle and put a metal piece.


Can we use that dh with the monoprice door sensor?

Not the Monoprice ZWave Plus version, but you could make the same changes to my DTH for that device. Instead of replacing water replace contact and instead of wet/dry replace open/closed.

This device handler is really great. Thank you @krlaframboise for developing it.
Does anyone have a pinout for the internal header? I was not able to figure out much with a meter.
Also, I am getting a push notification anytime the water sensor reads as wet or smoke is detected. I do not have anything programmed in the app that would trigger these notifications. I do not have any automations running. I am using android marshmallow and currently have both SmartThings and SmartThings Classic installed.

Here’s how I am using the Device Handler.
I modified my device by desoldering the reed switch and running another set of wires out so now it has two external wire ports. One is integrated into a Waterbug water sensor that shuts down my well pump in case of a leak. The GoControl triggers off of a set of NC contacts on the relay and uses the Water sensor feature.

The reed switch pads are now being used to monitor the level in a chlorine injector supply tank. I renamed “Open” and “Closed” per Kevin’s instructions to “Full” and “low” and changed the icons using the list in Kevin’s resources page. I also changed the “Wet” background color to Red.

The past month or so 2 of my 3 gocontrol zwave contact sensors have been getting flaky. The garage entry door into house will show open when I open the door, then closed when I close it. Then it shows and stays open. One time I watched my Action tiles tablet after closing the door and it toggled closed-open several times.

I tried new batteries in both sensors even though they were not low (forget the percentage they are showing). I have wiggled the sensors around try to make the magnet closer, they are on with command strips. Same result. The garage entry door is wood. The other problem sensor is on metal sliding patio door.

This happen to anyone else? Is there a known fix?

I have about 20 of these sensors and I don’t believe I’ve seen that problem. That being said, everything on SmartThings has been somewhat flaky for me lately.


Any way to get the multifunction contact device handler to have the last states displayed like the contact one? and anything need to be updated/added to use in the new mobile app?

Thank you for your work in these.

Sorry to be slow on this but before buying I just want to be sure - this allows using the contact sensor and the external contacts simultaneously right? My Ecolink sensors are an either or setup.