[RELEASE] GoControl Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Siren DTH

@krlaframboise, if you pass a precision of 0 for a temperature say of 32.5 degrees you expect convertTemperatureIfNeeded to return "33", correct?

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I really don’t care what it returns, but it’s currently returning “33.” which isn’t a number.

Just to be sure I understand. This is a SmartThings issue now? I have updated to the 9/1 release but was still seeing the issue. I reverted back to the Aeon DTH in the meantime.

Is your hub set to Fahrenheit or Celsius?

Temperature Scale: F

Can you try this DTH again and see if the problem comes back?

That did appear to fix the issue. Now Tempurature shows correctly for all devices. Thanks.

Finally had a chance to load your latest, @krlaframboise, and temperature is back. That really was an inexcusable error that could have been caught with automated regression testing. Nice save!

I used device handler “GoControl Motion Sensor v1.3.6 (Model: WAPIRZ-1)” on two Monoprice 10796 type 1 Passive IR sensors with no issues. Unable to get the same device handler to work with Monoprice 15271 Zwave Plus Passive IR sensor. Does not update data. Went back to the generic device handler “Z-Wave Plus Motion/Temp Sensor” and data reports back to the SmartThings Android application.

These GoControl/Linear sensors are not the same as the similar Monoprice devices so they’ve never supported them.

Most features may have worked with the older Monoprice devices, but you won’t be able to use them with the zwave plus models.

I’m having a problem with the GoControl Contact Sensor v1.10.2 and “Health Check”.
After 2 days i’m getting the “device is unavailable” message!
I have the check in interval set to every 6 hours and also set to need 10 check in’s missed.
But the only time it will ever check in is when the contact changes.
Is there something I am missing?

Try changing the checkin interval to 3 Hours and then after saving that change you need to open the cover of the device. That will make the device wake up and accept the new changes.

If that doesn’t fix the problem you can disable the Health Check feature in the DTH by putting // in front of the line:

capability "Health Check"

This did not seem to help its now been 17 hours with no activity shown even in your “Simple Dievice Viewer” smart app.
I will give it a day or 2 then just disable health check.

I was hoping it would keep the battery level updated and the activity in “Simple Dievice Viewer” but I guess the go control sensors will just not wake up on their own.

Do you think your other “Mulifunction DTH” might work?
I assume that you are using this yourself, have you ever noticed this behavior?

Thank you for your help!

I have 22 of these devices and I’ve never experienced a problem with them not waking up at the interval I set them to.

Open live logging before changing the settings so you’ll be able to see if the settings were actually applied.

Then go into the device settings through the mobile app, change the “check interval” to 2 hours, Enable “Debug logging”, and tap Save.

Then wake the device up by removing the cover. If you don’t see anything written in live logging after removing the cover, try tapping the tamper switch and then wait a few seconds and put the cover back on.

That should cause the “last checkin” tile to show the time that you woke it up and it should automatically update again after 2 hours.

I had all but given up but this inspired me to figure this out…
Very long story short just had to completly remove it from the hub and then re add, now its working great.


Did you have to remove the device and DTH before re-adding it or just the device?

Just the device.
I had also tired changing the dth to your other one before with the same results.

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@krlaframboise Kevin, sorry for newbie questions but I’m lost… I have a bunch of GoC motions and contacts that paired with ST without a DTH, and they’re working just fine- but I don’t get battery readings on them, and the ‘configure’ button does nothing. Will this DTH fix that? I don’t see the url to the DTH… where is it? And what will I need to do to make it work with my already installed devices? (I’m semi-familiar with Handlers as I’ve set up a few, so maybe I’m not totally lost! LOL).


I’d really like the ability to see battery info on these GoControls, so I can complete this ActionTile giving me battery status on whole house’s stuff (the 4 missing are all GoControl)


After installing and publishing my DTH, edit the device through in the IDE and change it’s “type” field to my DTH.

Most devices that use batteries sleep so you won’t see anything happen immediately when you use tiles like “refresh” and “configure”.

After switching to my DTH and/or updating the settings you have to either wait until the device wakes up, which will most likely take 4+ hours or force the device to wake up by opening the device’s cover for about 10 seconds and then closing it.

My DTHs show a battery tile for these devices, but the GoControl/Linear devices don’t report the actual battery level. The tile will show 100% when the device reports that the battery level is normal and 1% when it reports that it’s low.

Hey guys,I installed this device handler last night and had it working great. This morning though I can’t get the sensor to show motion “inactive”