[RELEASE] GoControl Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Siren DTH

I recently starting using this external sensor for my GarageDoor2 with my primary contact on GarageDoor1. Previously I had 2 contact sensors both using external (because I had previously mounted reed switches). I mounted the WADWAZ-1 next to the door and it seems to be working great with the internal sensor on door 1. Forr the external sensor on door 2 however, the external sensor sometimes (20%???) misses a close (door shows open even though it is truly closed). I seems to correct itself on the next open/close cycle.

Anyone else use both sensors in one WADWAZ-1 and see this type of problem?


GoControl Contact Sensor v1.10


This update may temporarily cause the primary tile to display the wrong state. It will correct itself the next time the device wakes up or you can force it to immediately correct itself by opening the settings and tapping Done. The values of the capabilities that other SmartApps use are not effected.


  • New setting that allows you to display the main tile as a garage door sensor.

  • Removed the ability to manually change the icon because when that’s enabled the Android app is unable to display different icons for open vs closed. I’m not sure if that problem effects the iOS app.

  • Improved Health Check integration which should reduce the number of false offline statuses. Due to the way SmartThings implemented the Health Check feature the device will appear offline/unavaiable every time the Hub goes offline and won’t change back to online until it is opened/closed or wakes up. I recommend setting the “Checkin Interval” setting to 2 Hours so that if the status shows offline for more than 2 hours you’ll know that it really is offline.

  • Switched to SmartThings new color theme.

  • Added tile that displays the last activity time which is the last time that the device communicated with the hub.

  • The items in the recently tab are only kept for 7 days so beyond that you have no way of knowing when the sensor was last opened and/or closed so I’ve added tiles that display those times.

Let me know if you run into any problems with this version or have any comments about the changes that I’ve made.

Also let me know if you think I should create a separate topic for the contact sensor.


A new topic might be nice to seperate it out.

My first post here - be nice :slight_smile:

These devices are great! The child control for the external sensor for the window/door device is slick.

Can an external control be created for the tamper alert/notification also?

The external contact can be used as a separate device, but all that tamper does is notify you that the cover was removed from the device so what would be the point?

The basic idea is if my kids try to mess the door sensor I can get a notification via the tamper alert. Right now I think the tamper alert/warning just lets you know through the SmartThings app that I would only see if I manually checked it versus a text or notification. Make sense?

If you use the SmartApp CoRE you can send notifications based on the Tamper Alert trigger.

I actually got webCoRE to work too.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Hello Kevin,

The device handlers are just great, the windows/doors sensors works perfectly but I had an issue with the motion sensor. When I added the DTH for this devices and configured offsets, thresholds, chekin, etc, the temperature always reports 0°C and the battery to 85% (the batteries are just new), but when I rolled back to the default handler (I think is from Aeon) the temperature starts reporting just fine (unfortunately the battery is not reported in the default handler). Did the same had happened to you/someone. is there a fix for this or maybe is some configuration?
Thank you so much!

Yesterday all of my motion sensors started reporting 0 degrees. Coincidentally after the .22 update. They were all working great prior. I have not pulled the battery on the motion sensor but I did try a hub reboot and a zwave repair. I did pull the back off of the motion sensor. Others seeing this too?

Yes, mine started doing the same thing. Some of them started reporting properly again so I was hoping SmartThings was going to fix whatever they broke so I wouldn’t have to troubleshoot it, but it looks like some of them are still doing it this morning.

If it’s not fixed by tonight I’ll look into it and publish a new version that fixes it.


Yes, here too. I’m away from home at the moment & haven’t had a chance to do any troubleshooting :worried:

The base motion function seems to not be impacted. I actually have one outside however. It was kind of cool seeing what the outside temperature was. This is how I caught it.

(I am not sure how it will fare in the winter, but I thought I would give it a go. It is in a covered and sheltered area not exposed to sun/wind/rain(snow). I purchased the GoControl kit and so I kind of had an extra motion sensor … we’ll see how it fares.)

It looks like SmartThings broke the convertTemperatureIfNeeded function for precision 0 and it now adds a period at the end which isn’t a valid number and is causing this problem.

I just released a new version with a workaround that should fix the problem.


Still reporting 0 degrees here. Also, the Tamper reset does not seem to work?

Funny, I recently asked about this function and @tpmanley (Tom) kindly filled in some details. He noticed an issue in the code & created a ticket for it. Perhaps someone tried to fix it & broke what you found, Kevin.

(Another case where running unit tests before merging to mainline would have caught it.)

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Are you sure that the device has reported a new temperature value since it you’ve updated the DTH?

Open the device in the IDE, click the temperature link, and verify that the time of the last 0 entry was after you upgraded.

I was using the reset button to test the temp method and forgot to uncomment it. The version I just released should fix that.

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Tamper works …

Ah … yes … outside temperature has dropped … and is now reporting the correct temperature.

I guess for the inside motion detectors the house has not changed temperature … so they have not updated.

I will wait a bit … if I get impatient I can always put them in the freezer I guess :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your prompt responses!

That’s actually what I just did because I knew there was a firmware bug that is going to cause problems if you use it outdoors in the winter, but I couldn’t remember the details.

Once the temperature drops below 32°F the device starts reporting using a -52°F offset.

The device reports 31°F as -21°F

That’s the value that the device is reporting so it’s not something that ST or my DTH is doing.

Since there’s no way the device would actually function at -21°F I just released another version that adds a +52°F offset when the temperature drops below it.

The device I have always reports the value in F, but if there’s a European version of the device that reports it in C then I’m not sure if this change will break anything.

Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened :frowning:. I’ll file another ticket.