[RELEASE] GoControl Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Siren DTH

I just dumped wink, and came to ST; so thanks so much for this release. I preformed the install and it works great, but after the smart app for notifications quit registering the name of the sensor on the alerts. For example Front Door just says contact opened. Is this something you have encountered?

I think I removed that in the last version because it made it easier to see the activity in the “Recently” tab, but I wasn’t aware it would prevent the name from appearing in notifications.

I just released a new version which should fix that problem.

so where do i find the new version? sorry if the question is dumb, but I’m kinda new to all this. Also if i install the new version to do i have remove and install them again ?

Most of the time, the very first post in the topic, scroll way to the top, will have a link to github which is where the code is. That link will always point at the most recent version of the device handler.

If you go to that link you should see a “RAW” button which will display a clean version of the code that’s easy to copy and paste into the IDE. Once you install a SmartApp and device handler, you update it by copy and pasting the new version over it so you don’t have to reinstall anything.

This particular forum topic is for 3 different device handlers which makes things a little bit more confusing. In the first topic you will see 3 links to GitHub so you need to use the corresponding device you’re working with.

You can integrate github with SmartThings so you’ll know when new versions are available and won’t have to copy and paste the code, but that’s more involved so if that’s something you want to do you should search the forum for other tutorials on it.

I found the link below really helpful when I first started:


Thanks so much… This is why ST is so awesome, never had this with wink.

i installed the device handler for the motion detector. but i do not see the UI that i see posted here.

i still see my stock UI

any other step/s i have to do after installing the device handler…thank you in advance.

If you install the device handler before pairing the device, it should automatically use the correct device handler.

It sounds like you paired the device before installing the device handler so you have to go to the device screen in the IDE and change that device’s “Type” field to the new device handler.

The list is alphabetical, but the custom device handlers you install will be located at the very bottom of the list.

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thank you… i ended up just excluding it and pairing it back…

im still seeing a blank icon though?

is there an easier way to update this handler than just re-pasting the new code over the old in Device Handlers?

You can add the repository to your IDE. It won’t automatically update, but it’s only a few clicks instead of copy & pasting the new code. Allows you to see in IDE if the repo version is different than your local version.

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I’ve been using this for about 5 months with great results…except: Is there a way to set the system to not trip the alarm unless multiple sensors trip? IE motion and door motion combined? My roomba vacuum trips the motion sensor about 3 days a week while I’m at work and according to the top the jumpers inside the motion sensor don’t really chance the sensitivity. I’m searching the forums and not getting much help.

This is a generic device that’s sold under a few different names, but some of the brands use different firmware. The firmware for the GoControl/Linear version doesn’t support those jumper settings.

There’s nothing that can be done with the device to prevent the false alarms, but I believe you can use virtual switches. The SmartApp Smart Zone Motion Manager might provide the functionality you’re looking for.

Kevin, how would I mod the original contact sensor handler to show a Garage Door Icon rather than a standard contact sensor icon? I find the lines of code but have no idea what to replace them with.

I’m using a regular sensor on the garage door itself. Nothing more than wanting to change the icon. Can you possibly post a couple modified lines of code to replace, or instructions on how to do this. As code goes, consider me able to find anything you point to but have no idea what I’m doing with it. :slight_smile:

I just added an option for “contact-garage” to my GoControl/Linear Multifunction Contact Sensor device handler so if you switch to that one you won’t have to modify the code.

If you’d prefer to keep the the simple version of the DTH and modify the code, all you have to do is replace “st.contact.contact.closed” with “st.doors.garage.garage-closed” and replace “st.contact.contact.open” with “st.doors.garage.garage-open”.

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GoControl/Linear Door/Window Sensor v1.9

I just released version 1.9 that has the setting “Create Device for External Sensor?”. If you install the “GoControl External Contact Sensor” DTH and enable that setting a new device will be created for for the External Contact.

If you change the “Main Contact Behavior” to “Internal Contact Only” you’ll be able to use the internal and external sensors as separate devices.

The new version of this device handler and the child device handler can be found in the first post of this topic.

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Does this work with Monoprice 15271 (PIR Motion Detector with Temperature)?

They do work, but recently the temperature has not been reporting… Maybe @krlaframboise can assist in troubleshooting?

I’ve removed and re-paired each one to no avail…

Are you on the latest version of this DTH and have you gone into the device settings and saved since upgrading to it?

Is it the Monoprice motion sensor that stopped reporting temperature? I know it’s a similar product, but I wasn’t aware that it worked with this device handler.

It is a monoprice sensor… it worked with release 1.2 but not 1.3. I’m pretty sure the gocontrol and monoprice are the same ones no?

The only manual I could find for the Monoprice motion sensor doesn’t mention anything about it reporting temperature so I’m unable to verify if it’s the same device.

I compared the DTH versions and besides having to go in and change the configuration settings after upgrading, I don’t see any changes that could have broke the temperature reporting.