[RELEASE] GoControl Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Siren DTH

I’ve been using your dh for a while. Works good and I thank you for that.
Question: Why do you have 3 fingerprint Ids? The first 2 are redundant (same info in different ways). The third I think it’s the most useful as it identifies the device and any sunsequent device added to ST will be properly identified and use the correct dh. Input/output capabilities are identified by the system when querring the device.

The first fingerprint is required for Hub v1 and the third provides the best match, but the second really isn’t needed.


I had the same issue with one of my window/door sensors. I tried everything until the following finally worked:

  1. Plug your Z-Wave device in or put the batteries in
  2. Open the left menu in your SmartThings app
  3. Tap the gear icon on the top right
  4. Scroll down and tap on your hub
  5. Tap “Z-Wave Utilities”
  6. Tap “General Device Exclusion”
  7. Tap “Remove”
  8. When you see the panel that says “Please follow manufacturer’s instructions to remove the Z-Wave device from My SmartThings” continue like with any regular inclusion/exclusion. It usually comes down to pressing an action button, tapping a switch, or taking batteries out and putting them back in - always stick to the manual. (In this case, I held the tamper switch down for a second and ST said “device removed” and the sensor entered pairing mode)

I also wanted to note that I have other GoControl Door/Window sensors and they were not removed and are working fine.

Thanks for the suggestions @rockitaway. I tried exclusion several times as well…eventually it was clear this unit was just not going to work.

I returned it already and got a replacement that works well, so happy ending. :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,

       maybe a stupid question, but is Gocontrol compatible with slide garage gates? For sure the tilt sensor won't work, but I'd like to check the open/close sensor itself. 


I don’t see why not as long as you can get the magnet close enough to the sensor.

What do you mean by magnet in this case? Looking at some videos I see it’s all about connecting two wires from Gocontrol to the garage door push bottons. Maybe I missed something…

I thought you were just referring to wanting to be able to detect if the garage door was open or not. If that’s the cause you would stick the magnet (small piece it comes with) on the door and the sensor somewhere that would only be next to the magnet when the door is closed.

These devices also have terminals inside that allow you to attach 2 wires. When the wires are attached and enabled in the device settings, the contact sensor shows that it’s open until the wires complete the circuit.

The circuit can can be completed by touching both wires together, with your fingers, or anything else that conducts electricity like water. You can also attach the wires to devices that support sending low voltage signals.

And what about using Gocontrol just to remotely open/close the slide door? For detection purpose I already have ST multi sensor.

The GoControl Door/Window Sensor is just a sensor so you can’t send commands to it.

This topic is for the GoControl door/window sensor, motion sensor and siren so if you’re looking for information on another GoControl product, I recommend searching the forum or starting a new topic.

I just received the GoControl Security Kit in the mail today and was looking forward to getting the door/window sensors working. Unfortunately, I’m having nothing but problems with the GoControl Linear Door/Window Sensor Model: WADWAZ-1 that come with the kit. The sensor pairs just fine but I just can’t get it to change state when using the DTH from this thread. I’ve also tried all of the other door/window sensor DTHs I could find and nothing seems to work. I ordered these because I had nothing but trouble trying to get the screw terminals to respond properly on a bunch of Ecolink DW-ZWAVE2 sensors that I had. Am I missing something simple here in trying to get either of these sensors to respond properly? Thanks for any insight you can provide!

Update: Now after excluding/including it 4 times, everything works. Just confused why it took so many attempts to finally communicate properly. Now I’ll play around with the settings to see if I can get the internal contacts working.

When was the last time you pulled the batteries from your hub and unplugged it for at least 15 seconds? There was an issue with one of the updates a couple of weeks ago that caused pairing problems, but unplugging the hub fixes it.

Never have since I got it in December. Will do right now. Thanks!

You may want to leave the batteries out because they tend to explode… I thought others were exaggerating, but it happened to mine a few weeks ago.

Hmmm, I apparently never installed the batteries to begin with.

So, I did in fact get the GoControl Linear Door/Window Sensor (WADWAZ-1) to pair without problems now and the magnet works fine but I just cant seem to get the wire terminals to respond. I’ve tried every combination under settings but it just won’t work. I read a couple of posts earlier in this thread suggesting that the external terminals were disabled by default and a line of code to apply that might turn them on. That didn’t help either. Also, don’t the options in your DTH enable the terminals anyway? Any help would be oh so appreciated. I really would like to get these contact sensors operating as flood detectors then I can re-focus on trying to do the same with my Ecolinks. :slight_smile: Thanks!

The monoprice are disabled by default, but not GoControl/linear.

There’s a setting for main contact behavior, what do you have it set to?

I am using one of my WADWAZ-1 sensors as a wet/dry senor and ended up using a different device handler called “Generic Z-Wave ~Water Sensor” which works great. I also have five other WADWAZ-1 sensors working as open/close sensors using the external terminals and they work perfectly. Not sure why you are having issues, maybe you are having a range issue. What are you using to make the flood detectors? Just wire?

I’m also using one of these as a flood detector and I have another one hooked up to my guardian driveway motion sensors so I’ve created a water sensor and motion sensor version of this device handler.

Problem solved! I decided to try the 2nd WADWAZ-1 sensor that came in the set and it paired right away and works flawlessly with the device handler. Upon closer inspection, the 1st sensor has a loose terminal block causing the wired connections to work only intermittently. Not sure if I want to get into un/re-soldering the terminals so I may just use that one as a standard open/close sensor. Thanks for your help. Now back to troubleshooting the Ecolinks as water sensors.

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