[RELEASE] GoControl Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Siren DTH

Haven’t performed this step yet, but wanted to add… From the previous posts above when you had me add a line into the GoControl DHL to enable debugging. Once I put it back to the ST DHL, I have noticed the Monoprice sensor now has a couple editable items in the preferences, which were not there before:

From the IDE:

The sensor is working fine right now, just have 2 new settings in it. These are not present on my other Monoprice sensor (which I did not do anything with)

If you open the device settings through the mobile app, you should see 2 fields at the bottom that have values, but no labels.

If you delete the contents of those fields, they won’t appear there again, but I’m not sure if it will delete them from that devic’s preferences section in the IDE.

If it doesn’t, it really doesn’t matter because your current DTH will just ignore them.

yep, that corrected it… thanks!

other news, I received my latest order from Monoprice, so now have 5 of these deployed.
I though I had another bad sensor, but as it turns out the garage/house door is about 3 feet out of range or in a gray area, making the sensor sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t. Because of this issue, it made the sensor work harder and drained the battery 10% in a week’s time.

…so I end up with a lot of false alarms. Will have to see about an alternative sensor that has more power/larger range. Otherwise they are pretty solid

I haven’t received mine yet, but I’m wrapping up a new SmartApp I’ve been working on and then I’ll start working on the GoControl like DTH for the monoprice sensor.

absoLUTELY!.. if it isn’t ready for prime-time, PM me with details

So my Monoprice Door/Window Sensors arrived today and @dswtan was correct. The external sensor is disabled by default, but changing that configuration setting enables it.

It’s also somewhat confusing because when that setting is enabled the device won’t show closed unless both the internal and external sensors are closed.

I need to do some final testing on the DTH before I create a topic for it, but if anyone is interested in trying it out, the code is located here.

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Just setup a motion sensor and two door sensors on your DTH’s, thanks! Also using your device viewer, so one big happy family.

One (maybe) issue - both door sensors are reporting battery, but the battery level on the motion sensor is blank.

Is that just because the motion sensor is set to 24 hours to report battery, and won’t report it until then, or ?

The door sensors are both set to the default 4 hour battery report interval, but they are both showing battery levels.


If you open the device in the mobile app, tap the refresh button, and then open the cover of the device for about 10 seconds, the battery and temp should refresh immediately.

Great, thanks for the quick reply, @krlaframboise, I’ll do that.

The other thing I’m confused about is how long the sensor should continue to report “Motion” after motion has stopped. It appears to take several minutes for it to reset itself.

I’d like to use this to turn a light on/off in a utility room…turn on at motion, off after motion ends. if I set the “Re-trigger wait time” to 1 minute, will that mean it will revert to reporting “no motion” a minute after motion stops? I’d like to minimize the time that the light stays on after motion ends.

Last question - do you accept donations?

I belive it defaults to 4 minutes, but the Re-Trigger Wait Time setting allows you to decrease it to 1 minute. If you changed that setting, but you were still seeing it take longer than a minute, opening the case should have applied that change.

The Re-Trigger wait time determines how long it needs to have no activity before switching back to inactive.

If you have it set to 1 minute and at 58 seconds it detects motion, it starts the 1 minute timer over again.

I never expect or ask for them, but they’re very much appreciated. The money usually goes towards new devices so that I can create DTHs for them. https://www.paypal.me/krlaframboise

Great, thanks very much, appears to be working as you indicated, I’ll play around w/settings and see what works best for the timing.

Some beer money coming to you, thanks very much.

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The GoControl Motion sensors are a bit slow to respond to motion so you’re probably going to to be several steps into the room before the light turns on.

Thank you, I really appreciate it.

Yeah, I noticed it wasn’t exactly speedy. :slight_smile:

The most important use is when coming home, entering via the garage door into the utility room. Since the light switch is across the room by the door to the kitchen, even if it’s slow it will be an improvement on the current state.

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Thanks, I just installed the code for the Motion Sensor on one here at home. I guess it worked because it shows a reset and also a no tamper tile. It also still registered motion. I will wait until it updates because this one uses the sticky tape.


I got another motion sensor and this one just will not connect - I cannot get it to go into inclusion mode (LED blinking) no matter what I do. I’ve tried pressing the tamper switch once or three, four, five times, holding it down for 20 seconds. pressing the “programming” switch w/a paper clip (access via a pinhole on the back of the sensor) for 1 or 20 seconds, etc., and it just won’t get into pairing mode.

Driving me a bit crazy…any suggestions?

Have you tried taking the battery out for about 15 seconds and then putting it back in right before trying to pair it?

I’ve pulled the battery a few times, but probably not for that long. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

Edit: No luck. I must have a bad unit. I’ll probably just have to exchange it.

Thanks again.

If it hasn’t been included it should start blinking as soon as you put the battery in so it’s probably either a faulty device or it was a return that didn’t get excluded properly.

The manual doesn’t say anything about how to do a factory reset, but I think you’ve tried every possible technique I’m aware of.

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My son says I need a bigger hammer. :slight_smile: That’s my boy.

Return initiated, onward to better days. <)


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I just released a new version of the GoControl Contact Sensor that has a new setting for Main Contact Behavior, but it’s only important for the users that are using the external contacts.

The setting has the following options:

  • Last Changed Contact (Default): This is the default value for this setting and it makes the main tile change based on the last event that occured.

  • Internal Contact Only: Events from the external contacts do not change the main contact.

  • External Contact Only: Events from the internal contacts don’t change the main contact.

  • Both Contacts Closed: The main tile will only show closed if both the internal contact and external contact are closed.

  • Both Contacts Open: The main tile will only show open if both the internal contact and external contact are open.

You can find the latest version of the code in the first post of this topic.