[RELEASE] Generic Z-Wave Repeater

Ok, I’m trying this updates as some of my devices would go offline. Let’s see how she does.

Side note: first time update from repo has worked for me…good job!

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Thanks for this @jhamstead. I just set it up without an issue. I honestly had no idea there was a z-wave repeater in the Iris Plug. LOL

I truly appreciate your code… Keep up the awesome work!!!

I just realized that my iris plug needed to be paired to get the zwave repeater working. However, I cannot get it to add. I can get it into the blue flashing state, but ST does not find it. I moved it inches away from the ST hub but that didn’t help.

I need to get it working because I bought 4 monoprice sensors that cannot make it to my hub. They need the repeater.

Any suggestions?

I’d try an exclusion first. Unplug the Iris module. Turn on device search in the SmartThings App. Hold in the Iris button, then plug it in. You won’t see anything happen in the App, but now the ZigBee plug control should rejoin the network to the existing device you have. Now press the Iris module button 8 times fast, it should then join your App as a Z-Wave repeater (assuming you already have the DTH installed).

thanks for the DTH.

i was wondering if there was a way to ensure the repeater was actually participating within the mesh network.

This DTH ensures the device is responding. If it is responding, it should be repeating. I don’t know of a way to confirm Z-Wave routing.


How hard would it be to make this DTH to test Zigbee repeaters for activity?

I have looked the code but I don’t know anything about Groovy.

It would not be too hard to create a DTH that confirms the ZigBee device is online and available. The key thing to remember is like the Z-Wave DTH, I cannot determine if the device is repeating, only that it is reachable.

Yeah I understand that.

I just really like your Zwave repeater check and the look of it on a mobile device. Would like my ZIgbee repeaters to look the same. I recently setup an XBee radio to act as repeater. So was looking to attach it to a zigbee repeater DTH like your Zwave.

I understand it really does nothing but monitor the device to ensure it is online and talking to the hub. It’s just better looking and a good quick check to see if my Xbee radio decides to jump ship or give up.

I’d be willing to help and or try to do it if you could point me in the right direction.

I should have some time this weekend to look at it. I’ll let you know.


Any luck with finding time and a way to make a zigbee repeater check??

I am off work today and messing with my Xbee radio repeater experiment today and I remembered our previous conversation.

I’ll see if I can get something done by this weekend but I’ve been extremely busy the last couple months. Also need to get on updating the ZigBee lock DTH.

No hurry, was just curious. If never that’s fine too.

Thanks, seems to work well - nice knowing the repeater is online rather than reporting some random switch assignment.

I picked up a cheap-as-chips Z-wave repeater from Maplin for £4.99 (https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/foxx-project-range-extender-a74wa - it’s not Zwave plus though) to use by my front door - (I use Aeotec Z-Wave keyfobs to unlock it), so wanted something to boost the range a bit.

jhamstead thanks for this handler ! All of mine show online and I’m happy with that. I wonder if my Orbi wifi is the reason my mesh is so great !

I have a battery operated motion detector in my mailbox that’s over 125 feet away from my hub so far so good!

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Sorry this took so long. This is not the best code but it should work for the time being. If I have more time I’ll take another look at it.

You can pull it from my GitHub jhamstead/jhamstead or copy from the direct link. If this works for you, I’ll create a new topic for this DTH.

@goto10 @SGrayban Glad to hear this is working well for you. I disliked the random on/off values too.

Thank you very much, I’ll put it in tomorrow and test it out.

@jhamstead I use your device handler on the new aeotec repeaters and it works great.

However I wanted to explore the option of having a z wave repeater with a battery backup in it. I was happy to see that the [ring range extender](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FQ6SDKY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_OHIJBbZ0V8CSP) was recognized by Smartthings and is doing a great job as a repeater (I tested it) but it uses a device handler “RGBW light”. I tried changing the device handler created by you but there were no updates in the apps recent activity even after hitting force config or refresh. Do you have any suggestions on how I can use your device handler on this ring range extender.

Could you open live logging at account.smartthings.com and send me the events after hitting a force refresh.

This DTH is quite simple. A scheduled process pings the device for it’s name, if it doesn’t get a response it tries again then alerts as offline. I’m guessing the ping response is different than what is expected.