[RELEASE] Generic Video Camera DeviceType, Yes, Live Video Streaming

@pstuart I have installed this SmartApp and DTH and am using it with 2 different camera systems, love it.

I would like to be able to capture a frame or short clip from the camera when say a motion sensor triggers or a door is opened\unlocked.

is there any roadmap to adding such capability, is it possible?

I have a test camera set up and working over RTSP.

Is there a way to Attach a Photo to notification? Smartthings New app allows on Send Notification automation to attach a photo. But it says I have “no devices”

Also interested in a device type handler that will work with the latest SmartThings app & HomeBridge.

Is there any way you can see feed from the cameras in New Smartthings App? I have managed to get them to work in old Smartthing app but since the old one is going away and the new one will stay I was wondering is there any device handler that can work in new app because in the new app I see cameras as switches and in the old app I see them as cameras. I also have Samsung smart TV and naturally the TV have new Smartthings app where you can control your smart home devices so it would be awesome if I was able to see my cameras on TV as well.
BTW @pstuart I know you made this like 4 years ago and I just discovered this now but great job making this work :blush:

I hope someone will have answer for this one

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