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RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)


(Simon) #1010

@ule, are you aware if something does not work at the moment with your good code?

(Ule) #1011


I have not problems with my speakers.

some times the hub can be blocked to receive dlna messages, just disconnect and reconnect the hub (this can happen with some update )

Try to check if your speakers are in DLNA mode , check with some app like audioremote from sony

If you still have problems I suggest to change the ip of the speaker with your router, its better if you assign a static ip to each speaker

(Boris Tsipenyuk) #1012

Just adding to what some people experienced I have two Ggmm speakers that were working fine and stopped maybe two weeks ago, hub and router and speakers rebooted, very strange

(Tony Phillips) #1013

Did anyone ever answer your question? I have the Riva Arena and it’s not being detected.


No, sorry.

(Gene Clark) #1015

My apologies if this has been covered - didn’t find it in any searches. Is it not possible to specify the IP address of the speaker? Sometimes device discoveries go smooth and sometimes not so much.

(Tony Phillips) #1016

Is there a reason that the Riva Arena wouldn’t show up in the discovery? I’ve scanned through the code and it looks like it should show up, but I haven’t had time to dig into the code completely.
If it helps, here’s a screenshot of the device from a uPNP scanner:

(Pizzinini) #1017

How long did you run discovery… It can sometimes take a couple of mins.

Also, I am using Samsung R1 and remember that I had to fully reset them at times before they were discovered.

If it says DLNA on the box I dont see a reason why the speaker would not work ultimately…

(Tony Phillips) #1018

I’ve run the discovery several times with the times ranging from about 5 minutes to leaving it on the nightstand over night.
I’ve done a full reset and tried discovering while playing music. I noticed someone mentioned making the IP static. I’m going to try that when I get home, but the IP hasn’t changed since I first connected the speaker,m so I don’t have high hopes for that.

(Ule) #1019

I have notice , some time the hub hang up the lan messages, just unplug and plug again, if this does not works, try to change the ip address of each speaker, you can achieve this with a static ip address in your router.

(Eric) #1020

@ule - I’ve had to remove all of my DNLA devices using this DH from ST. My hub was freezing ever few days and ST said it was because of this DH. Anyone else report this? It’s been a couple months since I removed them, no hub freezes.

(Ule) #1021

Hi, I have 10 speakers with 2 min refresh, but no freeze problems, my Hub is ver 2.

(Mike Coscia) #1022

Seeing this error a lot in my logs. Any idea what is the issue? Everything seems to work okay.

( 4:58:50 PM: error java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 184 @line 286 (locationHandler)

This is what is listed at line 286…

def bodyString = new String(parsedEvent.body.decodeBase64())

(Ule) #1023

Hi mikecoscia, It ssems to be a problem with a response from your DLNA Speaker, it does not send the data to smartthings. what speaker do you have? some software units have a very bad DLNA implementation.

(Mike Coscia) #1024

I have a few Denon receivers and one Rasbbery PI running OSMC. The PI has been unplugged for awhile, so I assume that is causing the error message?

(Sat Pab) #1025

@ule Could you let me know whats the problem with my Samsung TV speakers. I have installed the media renderer events app, set the sound to dogs barking, selected output to Samsung TV speakers and my Google Home speaker. When I press the media renderer events play button, I can hear the sound from my GH but not my samsung speakers.

Let me know how can I enable debug / trace to capture events and send you the logs to see whats going on with my samsung speakers.

Also, how can i load tracks / songs and play them? From the media renderer events app, I dont see anything when i click on Play this track… (iphone)… Is there anything i should do to enable this app to show the songs / albums stored on my iphone?

(Sat Pab) #1026

@ule My media renderer events app crashing on me when i try to click on Play this track option. I did put some trace commands and I do see the below

changed code:
private songOptions() {
// Make sure current selection is in the set
log.trace “size ${sonos?.size()}”
def options = new LinkedHashSet()
if (state.selectedSong?.station) {
options << state.selectedSong.station
log.trace “1.options = ${options}”
else if (state.selectedSong?.description) {
// TODO - Remove eventually? ‘description’ for backward compatibility
options << state.selectedSong.description
log.trace “2.options = ${options}”
// Query for recent tracks
def dataMaps
sonos.each {
dataMaps = it.statesSince(“trackData”, new Date(0), [max:30]).collect{it.jsonValue}
log.trace “3.options = ${options}”
log.trace “${options.size()} songs in list”
log.trace “4.options = ${options}”
options.take(30 * (sonos?.size()?:0)) as List


12:17:18 AM: trace 4.options = [null]
12:17:18 AM: trace 1 songs in list
12:17:18 AM: trace 3.options = [null]
12:17:18 AM: trace 3.options = []
12:17:18 AM: trace size 2

(Ule) #1027

Hi, I have updated the device to fix metadata and broken radio stations functionality.

Try it.

(Hao) #1028

I’ve been trying to set up a home notification system with multiple fabriq speakers. I can get the mediarenderer to trigger based on pistons in webcore, however, there’s always a long lag between the actual event and when the voice comes out of the speakers. Is there any way to reduce the delay?

(Todd M) #1029

I used Mediarenderer to add Kodi to my SmartThings about a year ago and it worked perfectly. It allowed me to use WebCoRE code to control Kodi. I accidentally deleted my Kodi “Thing” from SmartThings yesterday. I again used Mediarenderer to add Kodi back. But now my Kodi “Thing” is not the same in SmartThings and is not working at all as before.