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RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)

Hi, could you confirm your devices are visible in the same network? have you tried to use Browse UPnP or similar to confirm your devices are visible? Remember that some routers can block UPnP,

Hey, thanks for the reply…

I cleared everything out and reloaded the smart app and I’m now able to see the tablet that I had setup before, so I’ve at least got that going.

Still can’t see the old phone I’m trying to setup, but at least I know that UPnP is working.

I can’t remember if there’s something I need to do to an Android device to make it visible. I’ll keep working on it.

My media renderer had been working really well for months, and now can’t find UPnP along with Private Dancer. I’ve cleared the app out twice and checked with a UPnP browser that I can see the players on the network but the renderer can’t find them. What can I do?

Hi @ATrain, sometimes ST hub has problems, I have had similar situations when install and unistall several times a speaker (while testing)

problem.- dlna speaker cant be found by MR Connect, no response.


1.- unplug and reconnect the hub
2.- change the dlna speaker ip, I think ST hub block the catch messages from some ip (I dont known why ), but if I change the ip on speaker device I can found it again.
3.- Wait, the last time I have that problem , was after ST changes in servers, almost all my dlna devices was not recognized, this happend just with some users, but after a week the devices started working again

I have uninstall the hub and start all over again ,but this does not work, just the solutions above have woked for me.

@ule - My voice notifications recently stopped working. I am getting the following errors in my logs…

3:38:45 PM: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 1; columnNumber: 254; The reference to entity "client" must end with the ';' delimiter.
3:38:43 PM: error org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 1; columnNumber: 154; The reference to entity "client" must end with the ';' delimiter.
3:38:42 PM: error com.amazonaws.AmazonServiceException: Account is disabled. Limit reached. (Service: tts; Status Code: 403; Error Code: null; Request ID: 38cfd21f-568d-11e6-adc6-259097592cec)

Is this my account that is disabled?

What is correct way to github integration?


Doesn’t work for me, Did I overlook something?

At a minimum you need the

Smart App: MediaRenderer (Connect)
Device Handler: DLNA Player

I don’t think he has github integration enabled.

Got this working and good I might add with AudioCast DNLA Device connected to some old powered speakers. You can buy this on Amazon for 39 bucks pretty easy set up and so far so good. Caution only been one day I hope it continues.

RIVERSONG® Wireless DLNA Airplay Music Receiver Adapter with TuneIn iHeartRadio Spotify for Apple iOS Android - Multi Room Streaming for Different Songs (AudioCast)

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Ule, just wanted to say thanks for this. Installed, works great. Using with the Sabrent DLNA, Wi-FI Receiver - $26 and a little 808 Thump Speaker - $17. Use for alarm custom alerts. Also have Apple AirPort Extreme router and iPhone/iPad and use it as an AirPlay device. The feature you added to adjust the volume on the alert is great. (A couple of tricks if purchasing your own small speaker for this - needs an aux port, can’t have a sleep/standby mode, helpful if speaker has a volume control, computer speakers are ok but usually ugly, helpful if speaker has a USB charge port, may need to upgrade the aux cable and add a ground loop isolater for $15 to reduce speaker hum. Still looking for perfect low cost speaker/alert.) Thanks again!

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Having the same problem with gmediarenderer-ressurect and raspberry pi. My Technic iOS app sees the device and I can play music find but MediaRenderer connect won’t find it.

In the Media Render connect logs I see .7.15 is the server IP of gmediarender, its but the smart app wont display it in the discover screen

9f5765d4-a8a5-4c1f-ba0e-422c118809d3 11:03:18 AM: trace verifyMediaRenderer(C0A8070F:C156, /description.xml,
9f5765d4-a8a5-4c1f-ba0e-422c118809d3 11:03:18 AM: trace mediaRendererDiscovery() state.subscribe true
9f5765d4-a8a5-4c1f-ba0e-422c118809d3 11:03:12 AM: trace verifyMediaRenderer(C0A8070F:C156, /description.xml,
9f5765d4-a8a5-4c1f-ba0e-422c118809d3 11:03:12 AM: trace mediaRendererDiscovery() state.subscribe true
9f5765d4-a8a5-4c1f-ba0e-422c118809d3 11:03:07 AM: trace verifyMediaRenderer(C0A8070F:C156, /description.xml,
9f5765d4-a8a5-4c1f-ba0e-422c118809d3 11:03:07 AM: trace mediaRendererDiscovery() state.subscribe true
9f5765d4-a8a5-4c1f-ba0e-422c118809d3 11:03:01 AM: trace verifyMediaRenderer(C0A8070F:C156, /description.xml,

HI @darakenney, I´m glad you enjoy the app

HI @faspina , I think the gmediarenderer is not sending all the information to identify the unit or is not responding with the description.xml file, please send me the description file, maybe with a patch the unit can be added.

I think i figured it out. I had the mqtt bridge on the same server and it was complaining about duplicate device types which is the MAC. Fortunately I had another Pi handy and Move my mqtt broker to it. All good

Hi, so I have read here that this is working with squeezebox. I have a squeezebox radio but somehow it cannot be discovered. I also have a HEOS speaker which had no issue being discovered.

Is there anything I need to configure my squeezebox radio to be discoverable?


I have a Squeezebox Duet in my bedroom and I would also be interested to hook it up to the notifications stream, but I figure it will require a considerable amount of work. Slim devices use their own proprietary protocol. It’s not DLNA.

The reason I asked was that there were at least 2 reports that it worked with squeezebox

Just wanted to chime in that Libratone Live and Diva speakers which support both Airplay and DLNA works with this app.

With Live, it kept becoming No Present status after a while no matter what settings I’ve tried.

With Diva, it stays connected although there is always a delay in speaking out notifications (even with the delay message to 5 seconds set). I got around this by adding “one, two,” before the actual message and it seems to never really say one, two as this is the delay.

Surprisingly the speaker works via DLNA in Airplay mode. So it does not interfere with the speaker standing by as an Airplay target source.

Hi @Kjchung, I think the problem is the MR changes the unique ID, or the MR do not send the all the information in description xml, if you send me the xml and the logs I can patch the Connect to identify your MR.

It’s so strange, I tried to run discovery again last night, without any change in my setup, and this time, the squeezebox radio was discovered.

Now the problem is, the DLNA player in the ST app doesn’t quite work. When the squeezebox radio isn’t playing anything, none of the buttons works. If the squeezebox radio is already playing music, I can then adjust the volume, and pressing the stop button would stop the music, The DLNA player is showing the proper “playing” “stop” status of the radio tho.

Today I went to a store called Bargain Hunt and got a Sonos Play 1 starter set for $200. I looked online and the store is limited to the southeast region. I was skeptical at first but they were brand new.

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