[RELEASE] GE Motion Switch (26931) and Motion Dimmer (26933)


(Chris) #102

@MichaelS too bad. Have a 5-gang box, 2 dimmers, 2 switches, 4 out of 5 blue lights. Thanks Michael you are always a wealth of information

(Derek) #103

Question: Can this DTH trigger other light switches with the motion sensor independently, without triggering the light attached to this switch?

(Tony Fleisher) #104

Yes. The motion reporting appears to be triggered (assuming motion sensor is enabled) regardless of which mode the switch is in. In occupancy mode, the load will come on with motion.

(Bruce Pinsky) #105

Hi Daniel -

It works for some definition of works :slight_smile: It does show up in the new Smartthings app but it seems like you can only turn it on/off and set dimmer level. Can’t find any way to set other options for the device like I can in the classic app.


(Diego Antonino) #106


I am using webcore and I see I can take some action if a press/hold a button and i could choose from button 1 to 30 (or so)… I am wondering what all these buttons are… I would like to take action when I tap 2 times on the up/on button. Do you know how I can do this?


(Micheal ) #107

Button 1 is up, button 2 is down. I recommend watching out for the ‘double tap’. Sometimes, for reasons I haven’t figured out yet, a single push (or even automation manipulating the device) will register 2 ‘clicks’. That is why I redesigned the built in mechanism to register a triple push…less false positives.

(Daniel Marcotte) #108

@h0ckeysk8er Same for me : in the new app, i can only “turn it on/off and set dimmer level”
it’s one of the bad thing in the new app SmartThings (Samsung Connect)

(Qvae) #109

My previous motion sensor when turned off it remained off for a predetermined amount of time before it started detecting motion again and working as normal. Is that possible with this, or through webcore?

(Tony Fleisher) #110

There are 5 options for motion timeout with this handler. See the setTimeout methods described in the first post.
You could also use webcore to change modes between occupancy and manual if you want.

(Qvae) #111

I must be missing something because I have the thing set to occupancy, auto on/off, 5 minute time out…but as soon as I turn it off and move 2 sec later it turns right back on. Now the question is, is timeout how long until the light turns off…or what I want, how long the light will stay off before detecting motion again.

(Simmon Yau) #112

FYI - Recently I have been unable to add GE Motion Sensor Light Switch (26931) and GE Motion Sensor Dimmer Switch (26933) to the Samsung Smartthings Hub. No matter what I did (exclusion, factory reset, etc.), these 2 device types were unable to add to the hub regularly via the app but all other zwave devices had no issues in adding. I ended up enabling logging and was able to see the zwave protocol messages and then added the devices manually through the smartthings IDE and included the device ID from the messages. That was the only way I was able to add these 2 types of devices to the hub. I thought originally maybe Samsung had a bug in the firmware that was preventing these devices from being added to the hub. However, if there was a bug it would make more sense that no zwave devices would be possible to be added to the hub at all. I realized Samsung also sells a smartthings motion sensor so I am starting to suspect that this may have been done deliberately as a marketing scheme so that people would need to buy the samsung motion sensor instead of relying on these GE light switches. I have emailed their support team and am hoping their development team to address this issue or at least let me know if this was indeed a marketing scheme. Hope this helps anyone that may be having problems paring the GE Motion On/Off Light Switch (26931) or the GE Motion Dimmer Switch (26933).

(Micheal ) #113

Let me know what you find out. I haven’t had many problems adding these to my hub. Sometime, admittedly, I have to reset the hub and close/open the app to get the addition to show up properly, but I have never had it where they just simply won’t pair eventually.

(Qvae) #114

Soooooooo, we’re just going to skip my question/issue? Any help/insight please?

(Micheal ) #115

Sorry. I figured the community had or would answer this and I have never seen this. Regarding your issue, are you setting it in the app or something like WebCore? Have you confirmed that you are pressing save at the top when you leave the settings page? I would also watch the live logging to ensure the commands are being sent to the device. I would recommend changing the setting, hit save, then go back in and set the original settings. Might just need a good reset of the settings to take effect.

(Megan Baumli) #116

Can anyone help me. I can’t get this added to my smart things app?!?! With other switches (leviton) I held the switch up after clicking add device and it would pop up. This one I can’t find on-line how to get it to pick up. I tried turning on no luck.

(Tony Fleisher) #117

you need to press the on button once or twice (don’t need to hold) after putting the hub into search; Sometimes if that doesn’t work, you need to do a general exclusion first if the device is not pairing.

Is the switch working from manual control?

(Megan Baumli) #118

Bummer, that did not work either. As for exclusion nothing popped up do I need to hit something on the light?

It is working and the motion sensor will turn on when activated I just can’t get it to link.

Thank you so much, this thing is driving me crazy

(Simmon Yau) #119

I believe this is a marketing scheme from Samsung to prevent people from using GE Motion sensor light switches and GE motion dimmer switches. You will still be able to add them but just not the regular way through the app. You need to do what I stated in my previous post of checking the live logging for your zwave protocol messages when you push the switch during pairing mode (you may need to hit it a few times) and track down the device ID. Then afterwards, you will need to add it manually in the IDE web portal and select the proper custom device handler (whether it’s GE Motion Switch or the GE Motion DImmer) and also include the device ID that you saw from the log. After you add it, you should see it in your smartthings app and you should be able to control it from there as well.

(Simmon Yau) #120

FWIW, I am actually planning on switching to Home Assistant or OpenHAB. I’m tired of all the bugs and issues Samsung Smartthings has. Recently my power allowance smart lighting app has stopped working as well where it doesn’t turn off my lights that have stayed on for longer than 10 minutes. If anyone has any experience with either of these platforms, please let me know. Thanks.

(Megan Baumli) #121

Okay, I will have to research this. I didn’t even see my hub when I logged into the Samsung smartthings website. I am assuming this is the website you were talking about: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ ? It is on my app on my phone and it is the same user name!?!?! I didn’t know you had to so smart to link smart devices!

Again thanks for your help!