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[RELEASE] GE Motion Switch (26931) and Motion Dimmer (26933)


(Micheal ) #62

On the initial install of the motion sensor you may run into a condition where the device function is off and the DTH shows on. I typically force a re-install of the data by saving it, exiting, then going back into it with the new settings, toggling each area to ensure it registers.

(Tony Fleisher) #63

Has anyone got the double tap associations to work?
I Picked up a couple of the 26931 switches this week.

Adding a device to group 3, I expected it would only turn on and off with double tap, but found any on/off on the switch is sent to the associated device. The behavior appears to be the same as with the group 2 setting.

(Micheal ) #64

The associated switches only seem to react to the on/off of the master. There has never been any double tap for the associated devices.

Also, as documented in the manuals and above in this thread, any double tap is no longer a function of the DTH. There were instances where automation and a single tap was registered as a double tap. These functions have changed to a triple tap method.

Please see here for more detail:

(Tony Fleisher) #65

Ok. I am confused. The device handler has this in the settings:

Devices in association group 3 will receive Basic Set commands directly from the switch when it is double tapped up or down.\n\n"

(Micheal ) #66

Where exactly are you seeing that? If it is in my code it is not correct and I will need to make a revision. Only on/off (basic commands) are sent the to associated devices on every tap. Never on double tap or tripe tap.

(Tony Fleisher) #67

Line 144

(Micheal ) #68

It is still early where I am, but line 144 says:

description: “Configure Association Groups\nDevices in association group 2 will receive Basic Set commands directly from the switch when it is turned on or off. Use this to control another device as if it was connected to this switch.\n\n” +

No reference to double tap.

(Tony Fleisher) #69

Sorry. I gave the line of start of statement.
The next line gives description for group 3…
If the description is wrong, What are groups 2 and 3 used for?

(Micheal ) #70

Looks like you found a syntax issue…and I was looking in the 26933 code, which IS correct…

I will make a revision now and fix this. However, are you saying that when you put things into association group 3 they don’t respond? I just tried it and it works. Is your question WHY are there two association groups? No idea. It appears to be a carry over from the last author, but they behave exactly the same in the code. Maybe there was an intention to do something like that, but with double tap being an issue sometimes maybe he pulled it out. I could just eliminate the confusion and remove the 2 & 3 designation.

Thanks for alerting me to this! I am pushing a revision now.

EDIT Revision pushed…1.0.4a

(Tony Fleisher) #71

Association group 2 and 3 seem to have identical behavior (tested with another ge switch). I expected (based on description) group 2 to send basic set with standard on and group 3 to only send with double tap.

(Tony Fleisher) #72

Found this:

Looks Like group 3 is for physical switch only and group 2 for any change in state. (Haven’t tested yet)

(Micheal ) #73

I don’t think that is correct…from my testing, only a physical presses in either association group will active the ‘slave’ devices. It implies that the ‘load’ in group 2 (i.e. if it is on or off) dictates the slave action. That is not what I am seeing.

I am going to do additional testing. If the functionality is the same and there is no practical limit to the number in each group I may just eliminate the 3 group. Or rename them so it is less confusing.

(Micheal ) #74

Ok…did some testing. Both association groups behave the same. They will NOT activate the slave devices when automation turns them on. Only on physical push. There IS a limit as stated of 5 and 4 (respectively) devices within the groups.

I may tackle this later next week. I will NOT change the functionality, but just the wording and the documentation to make it clear how these work.

Thanks again for highlighting this!

(Tony Fleisher) #75

More testing from my side and the motion also turns on both association groups (when tested with occupancy mode and light sensing disabled)

(Micheal ) #76

Hmmm…that is interesting…will test that as well and put that in the code and documentation. Good catch!

(Micheal ) #77

You are correct…the local execution does activate the association groups. Will put that in the code and documentation.

(Roger Gibbs) #78

Well guys, I think I need to have you point to some basic info I’m missing. I’ve been using Smartthings to control X10 devices using the Broadlink RM Pro. For that, you use a custom DTH from GitHub as you are doing but the commands are in another app called RM Bridge.

I’ve paired the 26931 and I’ve added the DTH from GitHub. The 26931 shows up in the app as a motion sensor. When I select it, my Smartthings App still says it “Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again.” I don’t have the interface you show in: . How do I get or construct that interface? I’ve added the device and here is that info which maybe is wrong:
Name GE 26931 Motion Switch
Label Master Closet
Type GE Motion Switch 26931
Version Published
Device Network Id Master Closet
Date Created 2018-11-26 6:51 PM UTC
Last Updated 2018-11-26 6:51 PM UTC
Data No data found for device
Current States No states found
Preferences (edit) Name Type Value

invertSwitch bool false
lightsense bool false
modeOverride enum
motion bool false
motionsensitivity enum
operationmode enum
requestedGroup2 text
requestedGroup3 text
resetcycle enum
timeoutduration enum
timeoutdurationPress enum
Execution Location Cloud
Events List Events
In Use By * Amazon Alexa

Is there something else I need to do?

(Nathan Curtis) #79

Do you have a screenshot of your interface? Trying to determine if you’re using the NewApp or if your DTH isn’t installed/configured properly

(Roger Gibbs) #80

I am using the new app. I didn’t do any configuration of the DTH. I’ll work on the screen shot.

(Roger Gibbs) #81

Here’s the screenshot. Master Closet is the device.

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