[RELEASE] GE Motion Switch (26931) and Motion Dimmer (26933)

Hi Michael, on the generic Multichannel Device it works fine (power on, off with app, smart apps, auto motion sensor, etc). On this driver it doesn’t auto turn on with motion, it times out when trying to power off, and the logic from the DTH settings don’t seem to work (I tried different settings), yet I could still power it on via the app after setting the device type to this one. I had to forget and re-pair it to regain the basic functionality.

It not turning on via motion probably means it is in vacant or manual mode, or the motion detector is off. Regardless of what the settings say when you go into there, if you manually set BOTH of those items (occupied and motion on) it SHOULD work. However, with this NOT being the designated model number, nothing is guaranteed.

The powering off of the light is ALL controlled by the switch and its occupancy mode along with the timeout. Again, not 100% sure this is compatible, but assuming it is, the OFF will ONLY work when in Vacant or occupied mode. You CAN test this without SmarThings as there should be a small button on the switch to program it to the settings you want. If that does work but setting the settings with SmartThings doesn’t may indicate a compatibility issue.

All of the physical button on the switch worked. Not really sure where to go from here.

Did you try to set the setting to Automatic? Did you attempt to manually set it via the instructions that came with the switch?

Anyone else having issues with 26933 and the dimmer functionality? Basically as soon as I install the latest version of the DH (v 1.1.0), I lose access to the dimmer.
With the default Z-wave Multichannel Device DH I have access to the dimmer, but not to the motion sensor, and with this DH it’s the opposite. Guess I have to choose for now :slight_smile:

Hmm…I am not seeing any issues. Very odd.