[RELEASE] GE Motion Switch (26931) and Motion Dimmer (26933)


(Micheal ) #42

Version 1.0.4: GE Motion Switch (26931) and Motion Dimmer (26933)

I have released version 1.0.4 of the DTHs for these devices. Here is the change log:

Added the following new commands:

  • Changed the architecture from double-press options to triple press. It has been observed that sometimes when you turn on or off the device that the log registers double presses. So I changed this to triple push. I recommend a push, wait 1 second, push, wait one second, then a final push. Of course, this is only used when you have the options for these turned on.

Other items:

  • Syntax changed and bug fixes.
  • Changed the switch code versioning to match the dimmer version 1.0.4.

The documentation has been updated and the files are now in GitHub.




(Alex) #43

Just saw this and it would explain the random mode changes I was seeing on several of my motion switches/dimmers. I can no longer blame it on “Casper”…

(G) #44

Hmmm, some how the triple press doesn’t work for me (2 switches same problem)
Device handler properly installed and configured
Any ideas?
Also I have one more question
I have another motion sensor trigger this light switch (using WebCORE) and it is set to different time out
Unfortunately it always times out as set on the switch it self. Is there any way around this?
I like to have the motion switch to turn the light back off after 1 min and on the secondary after 3 or so. (deeper in the garage)


(Micheal ) #45

Have you watched the live logging to see if there is an error? There shouldn’t be…but if it isn’t working at all then there might be a strange error that is creeping into it in your situation.

Also, the live logging is very helpful for developing the timing of how you are pacing the triple presses. For example, pressing it 3 times in a one second period will not work…there is too much data going back and forth over Z-Wave for it to acknowledge 3 presses in that amount of time. What works for me is a press, wait about a second (or how much time it takes live logging to ‘calm down’) then another press, wait, and then another press. I just did it on my switch and it did work. I MAY put in some code to make it a) quicker to respond (less logging of the change of state), and b) also show the counts in the log so you have an indication of what the current count is. Let me know if you still can’t get this to work and I will send you code to test.

As for your other issue, if you are simply turning on and off this light with another motion sensor, you may either have to disable this motion sensor, or change the ‘motion timeout’ of the switch so they don’t trample on each other.

Let me know if this is helpful.

(G) #46

Sorry for the late reply, busy as a circus monkey :slight_smile:
Today it works fine ! THANK YOU

I actually like to have both motion sensors to work. Th build in is handy for 1 minute just for short in and out of the garage and the external that is located on the other side for longer period of time since it means I usually stay there way longer. I presume then that it is impossible within webcore to disable the internal timeout if the external motion is enabled. that’s too bad :frowning:

(Micheal ) #47

Yeah…things just sometimes magically start working…I blame gremlins :stuck_out_tongue:

As for your issue, I think anything is possible…Sometimes there is a lot of work that goes into something that has very little gain. Remember, automation is about making things easier, not excessive complicated or hard to maintain. You could sense when the light is on , sent the mode of the switch to manual, then have it time out somewhere else. I have something similar and basically have two motion sensors confirm when the room is empty.

I am still not 100% sure what you are attempting, but betting there is a way to do it. If you use examples like “A turns on when motion B is registered and I want A to stay on when “condition” is met, but turn off if another condition is met”

(Alejandro Morton) #48

Hi Guys, I had installed this sensors and register as a regular switch in my SM. But I really want to use their motion sensor capabilities until I saw this post. I went and installed the DH but now how can I change them from the regular switch to this.?

(Micheal ) #49

You can easily do this…First, find the device in your IDE (My Devices) and open it (click on it). Click Edit at the bottom of the page. Find the area called “Type”. From the pull down, choose the proper device driver (it will be at the bottom of the list).

Exit and re-enter your mobile app and you should see it with a new interface (if it is the old-school app). Let me know if this work for you.

(Alejandro Morton) #50

great!! It did, thank you. Do you know if with this I can Add the switch with the motion sensor to the security app to other motion sensors?

(Micheal ) #51

Yes…both the switch and motion sensors can show up in any app within SmartThings.

(William) #52

Hello, I am considering buying these but I want to make sure it will function as intended. I would like the motion sensor to turn the light on/off when I enter and leave the room but would also like to have the ability to “double tap” or “triple tap” the manual on/off buttons to begin routines in smart things. Will this DTH (possibly with the combination of WebCore) allow for that?

(Alejandro Morton) #53

Thank you !!!

(Micheal ) #54

The triple tap is only for a mode change within the switch itself. I won’t activate anything in WebCore. However, there are creative ways to do this. I would actually purchase a dedicated button that integrates with SmartThings instead of trying to do the triple push thing.

Let me know if that helps.

(William) #55

First, thank you for the quick response. That makes sense for the triple tap.

Is the double tap the same? Or could I use it for starting a routine in SmartThings? For instance, I have the switch set up for motion on/off when entering the room but would like to be able to double tap the off button to perform my “I’m leaving” routine in SmartThings.

Full use case is: I have a mud room going to the garage. The only switch to control the light in that room is by the exit door, I would like the motion sensor to turn on the lights when I walk in rather than having to stumble around to get to the switch. But, I would also like to be able to double tap the manual off switch when leaving to perform a routine in SmartThings that has other actions (turning off other lights, TV, etc.). In addition, I would like to double tap the manual on button when I return home to perform the I’m back routine. Is that possible with this DTH?

(Nathan Curtis) #56

Double tap up and double tap down can both be used.

(Micheal ) #57

I think he (@weasom) is referring to the functionality in the DTH. Unless I am missing something, WebCore only allows for ‘push’ and ‘held’…not double tap…but I may be missing it.

For clarity, I removed the double tap to change the mode as some (including myself) were seeing just a single press (or even automation) get registered as a double push in the logs. So I moved to a triple push, but that is ONLY internal to the functionality of the DTH (to change the mode)…it doesn’t send any programming codes outside of the DTH except for on/off.

(William) #58

I may be misstating what I am referring to. I think based on the responses that the answer is yes, I can do what I am trying to do. But, I probably should be asking how to go about what I am trying to accomplish.

So, I install the switch. How do I get it to provide both motion detection for turning the lights on/off AND the ability to use the physical buttons on the switch to kick off SmartThings routines?

(Micheal ) #59

Correct…I think the ‘how’ is important.

For your installation and such, I would start here:


Once the DTH is loaded, you will have two pieces that are revealed to WebCore (or other apps): Switch Status and Motion Sensor capabilities. In addition, INTERNALLY to the device you will be able to set up some automation based simply on the motion (i.e. turn on when motion, keep on for 1 min after motion stops, turn off). SmartThings is NOT involved in that and these run local to the switch device itself.

To kick off other routines, you will need to utilize the status of the device within WebCore, keying off the parameters available to WebCore (again, status of the buttons, motion).

Hope that all makes sense.

(Daniel Marcotte) #60

With this DTH WebCoRE do not offer double and triple tap, i just checked.
For multi Tap and WebCoRE i use HomeSeer HS-WD100+ Wireless Z-Wave Plus Wall Dimmer
They support double and triple tap and also Hold on both up and down press. There is an On/off version also HS-WS100+.
No motion detection but maybe you can install it with an external motion sensor like an Aeon labs Aeotec Multisensor 6 ZW100?
The cheapest way will be to use a SmartThings Button GP-U999SJVLEDA Press, double press, Hold. Around 25$ can

(Brandon) #61

First off, this is great. Second, I noticed when adding 26931 earlier today that I had to go in and re-enable the motion detector. Is there a reason that this is disabled when applying the DTH even though the default setting is on when not using a DTH?