[RELEASE] GE Motion Switch (26931) and Motion Dimmer (26933)

I always disliked the word ‘motion sensor’ in these devices…they are simply infrared sensors tuned to body temperature. I have a couple on my font porch and when people are bundled up in jackets and gloves they could move around all they want and would never trip the motion sensor.

as @nathancu mentioned, the heat change may be your issue. I have found that sensing motion inside my house is a waste of time. Mostly because pets tend to set these off. Instead, I would focus on glass sensors and open close sensors for the doors to alert on when away

Very true… I just checked to see if the switch would turn on waving all sorts of room temperature items and it did not. It only detected, at least, my hand. So… the only things that might be read as a person could be a surface being warmed up by something. Could it be the sun from outside? There is a small slit window facing the sensor and a large mirror to its side. Therefore, sun could possibly be directed to it directly or indirectly.

Pity that the device does not make a distinction between physical and digital. I’d say it is quite relevant in certain scenarios. Maybe the DTH should not report back a “button press” then as that always implies “physical”. One alternative would be to simply report a state change (ie: Turned On/Off), or to add “Physical/Digital Button Press”.

The platform used to have indication of physical v. Programmatic trigger. No two manufacturers implemented it the same and it was subsequently depricated because it was so unreliable it was perceived as broken… You can see the vestigial remnants in WebCoRE, theres a physical v. Programattic option in most trigger menus that now doesnt do anything, at least once a quarter someone pops up with “see the platform supports it…”

Th;DR, they used to support it and stopped because manufacturers didn’t support it.

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I was having the same issue. Switching to the Z-Wave Motion Light and back is what fixed it for me. Weird but very happy to have it working finally!

sorry, just now seeing this - thank you. I just now need to learn how to use/write webcore :slight_smile: - I’m a dev so hoepfully it won’t be to difficult. thanks again.

Hi Michael -

Don’t know if you’ve seen the announcements about Edge for Devices and Automations beta. This is the replacement for DTH.

yeah…I got an e-mail from them this morning…I am still digesting this. I have done little to no programming over the past year so I will see if this is a viable solution for my use case.

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As near as I can tell, this is still API driven and not a repurposed place to put groovy code. As such, it sounds like (initially) we may not be able access the occupancy modes.

Wonder if this gives us some hope?

And there is a proposed capability called “mode”.

We may not need to with them moving to localized automations. When I moved to Hubitat, I tested the built-in occupancy vs. using the hub’s automations to read the motion sensor and trigger lights and I couldn’t tell the difference in speed. This was definitely not the case when I was on Smartthings. For simplification I programmed my automations with the switches in manual mode and allowed the hub to control the logic.

I get that…but I want to get away from automations as the switch handles it natively. Since I am no longer programming, I am open from someone to work with me to convert this to API.

I’m sorry if this has been discussed and solved, but I have tried to toggle the device type in IDE to other types and back to Zwave Motion Light. I still don’t see any motion detection activity for this decice in the SmartThings app. Does yours still say execution is in the cloud or did you manage to change it to local? Any help would be appreciated.

The app is sometimes slow to respond, but if you just setup the device and it doesn’t work, you need to go into the settings of the device, and then turn on the motion detection…even if it shows that it is currently on. Toggling that setting should actually set it. This is an issue from SmartThings and cannot be helped with the current interface language.

But where exactly? I’ve been inside the app and IDE and there aren’t settings for these things. My multi sensors have temp offsets. My plain z-wave light switches and outlets have LED indicator settings. But my z- wave locks and this new z-wave motion switch don’t have any settings menus. IDE doesn’t offer anything besides changing the Device Type and that doesn’t seem to do anything helpful. I choose z-wave multifuncional and it basically set the motion sensor to constantly active.

It sounds like you just discovered the device. There are a few more steps. I recommend reading the first post in this document for the directions, but the summary is:

Publish the device driver
Discover the device
In the IDE, change the device type to the device driver that you published
The mobile app (or even in the IDE) should show the settings

Let me know if that helps.

I’m the worst kind of consumer; the pro-sumer. I know enough to try everything but not enough so that it only works half the time. I found the CDH installed it and all is well for this device. I just don’t understand why the built-in device handlers don’t work. And I don’t see anything about what will happen with Hoobs or Homebridge integrations once SmartThings Edge goes live.

You can think of the devices in your house as ‘generic’. Many times, the SmartThings device handlers are just ‘generic’. The GE devices, however, are multifunction. And since there are so many out there, SmartThings can’t write drivers for all of them. Enter the programmers/developers that fill that gap. I wrote the GE driver years ago to fill that need as I have these in my house.

I am getting errors with the dimmer switch and it doesn’t seem to work for me. I think the only thing it does is turn on when I command it right now… I’ve played with the settings with no joy. I have the ZW3008 jasco switch which I understand to be the equivalent of 26933. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Turning on

9:12:02 AM: warn Parse returned null for zw device: 1C, command: 2503, payload: FF

9:12:02 AM: warn Kids Bathroom Mirror Lights received unhandled command: SwitchBinaryReport(value: 255)

9:12:02 AM: debug On button push

Turning off manually

9:19:44 AM: warn Parse returned null for zw device: 1C, command: 2503, payload: 00

9:19:44 AM: warn Kids Bathroom Mirror Lights received unhandled command: SwitchBinaryReport(value: 0)

9:19:44 AM: debug Off button push:1

9:19:44 AM: info
=====DTH Version 1.1.0 (1/24/21)=====
Operating Mode: Occupancy
:heavy_check_mark: Default Dim Level: 0%
:heavy_check_mark: Motion Sensitivity: Disabled
:heavy_check_mark: Light Sensing: Disabled
:heavy_check_mark: Timeout Duration: 15 minutes
:heavy_check_mark: Switch Mode: Disabled

9:19:44 AM: info Resetting timeout duration

Has it ever worked and it just stopped? Or has it never worked. If the device doesn’t have the same ‘fingerprint’ as the DTH, then it may not work.

Are you saying that using the app when you press the on button it comes on but when pressing the off button it doesn’t? Have you tried a generic driver to ensure that it works with simple ZWave commands (which is what my DTH gives)?