[RELEASE] GE Motion Switch (26931) and Motion Dimmer (26933)

I know this thread is a little old now, but how were you able to get the switch to recognize the new DTH? I’m new to this and like you already had the dimmer installed. I added the device handler on the IDE, but the switch remained the same “generic” switch in my classic ST app. I then excluded it and readded it, but it is still the generic version without options. My goal is to get the motion sensor for the light in my bathroom to turn on the fan when it senses motion. Currently the ST app only senses it being on or off when the manual buttons are pressed.

Nevermind I found the issue in this thread…should’ve read further. For those with a similar issue go to the device under my devices, click edit at the bottom, then change the device type to the custiom DTH you added.

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I’m surprised that Smartthings don’t support the motion switch out of the box but also very impressed with your solution. Thank you.

The instruction mentioned to “go through the normal process of adding devices to SmartThings” once the code is submitted and published. I got stuck a bit as I thought adding the code might add the motion switch to the devices list, but turns out it doesn’t. I ended up adding a “GE light switch” and during the discovery process, Smartthings identified the correct motion switch. Perhaps the instruction should ask for you to do exactly that.

Thanks again!

I will look at clarifying that… Thanks!

Anybody know if I can connect two 26931 to the same light (want motion sensing at both switch locations, instead of doing a 26931 and 12723)?

No. it would probably make more sense to add a motion sensor and then you could either use the add-on (if you want physical switch) or remove the second switch.

Shoot. So 26931 at one end, then the other end 12723 with a separate motion sensor? Was hoping to avoid that so I could avoid battery changing and the aesthetics of a motion sensor on the wall.

I have tried several times adding the DTH, deleting it, deleting the GE Motion Switch. The best I get is a light switch. No motion sensing. No configuration option. The NEW DTH is selected just has no affect. What am I missing?

I would recommend discovering it and ensure it works with whatever DTH it autoselected, then change the DTH on the IDE. I assume you are using the classic app. When you change the DtH the interface in the mobile app should change.

Apparently it was my app version. Was classic a requirement?

The new app doesn’t support all the custom device types.

Gotcha. I guess I missed that. Thank you for your help.

Anyone having issues with basic discovery? This is the only smart device I own that I’m having trouble discovering.
I’ve tried resetting it by doing the 10 button click, but still no discovery. Any tips?

Others have had this issue. You may want to try this:GE/JASCO 26931 On\off motion sensor not pairing

See if that works for you.

I tried rebooting hub and phone many times. Device exclusion doesn’t work, it just stays in exclusion mode active no matter what I press on the switch. And resetting the switch doesn’t have any change. Any other tricks to get these things to connect?

The only thing I can think of is to move the hub as close as you can to the device, reboot the hub then try again.

That did the trick. A “Z-Wave Device” now shows up. It doesn’t work though, I’m assuming I now have to go into the Samsung IDE and tell it to use your handler that I added?

** Update, I wasn’t able to get it working the way it was, so I deleted it and re-discovered, everything is working now.

Is there a way to use the on-board motion sensor in the GE Motion Switch to control a second light. Specifically, if I set the Motion Switch to Vacancy mode, then, after 5 minutes, I want it to turn itself off, and also turn a second switch off. I do NOT want the second switch to turn off if I manually turn the Motion Switch off. I’m basically trying to get double-duty out of the motion sensor on one switch, to control both. This function is easy to enable, using an external motion sensor; but I can’t see where I can get access (within SmartThings) to the motion sensor status in the GE Motion Switch, in order to use it trigger a second event.

The DTH won’t do this natively, but you can accomplish this with something like WebCore.

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@MichaelS, the DTH indeed exposes the motion sensor of the device. I use it in my setup as the motion sensor for Bangali’s Rooms Manager smartapp in any room I have one installed.

It shows up as a generic motion sensor named the same as the main name given the device… Works great.

@Emped what version of the app are you using and what are you trying to use for automation? Smartlighting? A particular smartapp? Automation create in the new app?

Edit: You must be using the new app. Looks like they don’t expose the sub devices (like the motion sensor) in the new app custom automation creator. Don’t know if that’s a failure of NewApp or a side effect of the custom DTH. However in classic you can select the motion sensor as a trigger in smartlighting

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