[RELEASE] Garageio Integration - 2022-01-29

Thanks Again!! Your smartapp works great. However, I dont trust these presence sensors since it acted flaky and opened the garage door at 10PM so my wife put an end to any further dabbling with ST and the Garage door :slight_smile:

That’s what the Start time and End time are for. I only allow it to open from the hours of 8AM and 8PM so it isn’t opening while I’m sleeping with the presence sensor flakes out.

Also, “False alarm threshold” can be adjusted as well. It means, if the sensor reports that you’ve left, when you’re at home, as long as it comes back within your threshold, you’re fine. I normally see things go flaky for 5-10min, so I set mine at 20min. You can make it whatever you want, but it’s designed to help mitigate the false positives of you leaving and coming back when you’ve never left.

Got it thanks. I think i had set it for 10mins but the presence sensor is currently a bit far from the hub.
Have not tried it but is there a way to disable all Closing features and use the app just for opening?

We use our smartphones as our presence sensors. Are you using the SmartThings ones in your car or somewhere?

The SmartApp that I linked above doesn’t have any closing features. Only opening of the door when you arrive. What are you asking?

Yes, this app itself is working great opening every time quickly when presence is detected.
However, my phones are less reliable than the ST presence sensors which itself are quite flaky even with Smart Outsets acting as Zigbee extenders in the Garage. Maybe I have too many WiFi Tx devices (6 APs, 3REs and 1 Router) causing these issues with ZigBee.

I am looking at alternative Presence Detection methods for use with your excellent apps. Possibly the ST — Automatic Car Adapter Integation? Also, have the Pixel phone on pre order which might lead to a revisit of the phone as a presence sensor :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and effort on these excellent apps and integrations!

I preordered the Pixel XL as well :slight_smile:

I also have an Automatic adapter and you have two options. One is to connect it to IFTTT which then can connect to SmartThings and trigger events but IFTTT is much too slow. You’d be sitting in your driveway waiting for it to go up an awful lot. The other options is to use a community integration by @yvesracine shown here:

I had an early release version before he turned it into a paid app and it was okay enough, but there isn’t much you can really automate with it. You’d very likely have to at least get the Pro with 3G connectivity to have any real hope for speed. I have the Gen 2 version which is still Bluetooth connected to my phone. Not really sure how well it works as a presence device. You could inquire in his thread. Maybe he’ll give me a free license for tossing a customer his way :wink:

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Hi @bmmiller, FYI, there are some “free” smartapps that I’ve coded that allow
some ST automations with My Automatic device.

See my github:


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That’s Great can’t wait for it to arrive:) Yes, I had reached out to Yves and he explained that since ST does not support websockets, realtime location was not possible to obtain even with the Automatic PRO.
As a result, the presence will only trigger AFTER i have turned off the ignition (Trip complete).
So looks like for now, due to the limitation of the ST platform, Yves integration cannot be used for the Garageio opening Use case.

You could try using Stringify. I don’t use it but I’ve seen reports it works a little quicker than IFTTT for location based activities. You would connect Stringify directly to Garageio though, not through SmartThings.

Does anyone have a 2 or 3 door Garageio working with this integration? My house only has 1 door I can’t test it. In theory it should all work fine but I’d love confirmation on that assumption.

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I’m turning blue holding my breath waiting for Garageio and ST to develop an integration. Has there been any progress that can be shared with the community?

Have you actually tried the integration referenced in the first post of this thread? I think you’ll find that any sort of official integration isn’t going to be much different, other than the word official. In fact, Garagio actually lists SmartThings in their compatible list. That means they are either referencing this thread or some back door method through IFTTT. I would assume this thread but I may be biased in that assumption. If it was through IFTTT though they could say they are integrated with anything, heh.

I see you actually posted some interest way back in 2014, wow! You are a patient man. If you are worried about any level of difficulty, I am sure we can provide some assistance.

I have moved this over to ST Github integration as well as the traditional way. New link is here as I am unable to update the first post:

The Repo to add if you so desire is:

bmmiller / SmartThings / master

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Thanks for this one of a kind integration. The manual open/close work great with Garageio.
Was wondering if there was any way to fix or update the open/close status in the app.

I tried changing the polling interval in the app to 5 mins but still the status rarely reports the current state of the garage door correctly. It either has the wrong status in the activity log or has missed events completely.
As a workaround, I have installed a dedicated garage door open/close sensor but would love to get this status from Garageio-ST itself.

Appreciate any advise on this. Thanks again!

I simply haven’t seen this behavior in practice. Mine still works exactly as I would expect.

Can you provide more detailed information? Logs, etc? How many doors? I also assume you are confirming status is reporting as you would expect in the Garageio app? This would rule out things like a bad sensor location or WiFi range.

Anecdotally, what you are saying isn’t extremely useful since I don’t see it behave that way.

Sure Brandon. Have PM’d you the logs.

Thanks in advance!

Is this still functioning code? When I click on the link, it gives a 404 error. I’ve been talking with SmartThings and Garageio. The issue for an official integration seems to be an issue on SmartThings side. It’s been submitted but has been sitting in their development queue for ever. I’d like to use this custom one if possible, otherwise I may end up switching to a different garage system that works with SmartThings.

I’m still using it so, yeah, it’s functioning. If you scrolled up like 3 posts :wink: you would have seen the link has been updated. I am unable to update the link in the original post, likely do to age.

I really am in no rush to have any sort of official anything in this arena. My non-official is rather bulletproof for my uses. It runs for months and months at a time without issues. I don’t even remember the last time I had an issue with it.

Got it. I didn’t see the updated link. I just got it all installed looking forward to testing a little later. Thank you so much for the work you’ve done on this. I really appreciate it Brandon.

I’m also experiencing where routines are not working. I have a routine setup called “I’m Back” When we manually use the routine, it’s supposed to turn on the lights, unlock our doors, and then we added the Garageio integration that you gave and it doesn’t seem to open the door with the routine. The routine does do everything else, but it won’t open the door. When we manually use the garageio link in smart things, it does work perfectly, just not tied to a routine. I’d appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks.

This is an issue on the SmartThings side. You have to use a Garage Door SmartApp or something like webCore which also works perfectly.

If you’re new to SmartThings, this might be easier:

It’s what I used for years until switching to webCore for consolidation purposes and is also linked earlier in this thread. If interested in webCore:

It’s a separate site entirely, even though it looks like SmartThings, so you’ll have to register there.