[RELEASE] Garage Door Manager to Open and Close Automatically when People Arrive/Leave with Timer and Actions

finally! yay! thank you.

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Thanks RBOYAPPS!!! You are awesome!!!

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I expect each of us can identify the one smart home feature they have deployed that makes the whole process worth the effort. For me, it is if a family member has unknowingly left a garage door open, I can relax with the knowledge the door will close after a specified time. The icing on the cake would be if I had been working in the garage during the “close after” period, the time would be extended for another cycle. My cake has been iced!!! I got the chance to try this new feature today and it worked perfectly. Thank you again RBOY developers. Your products are excellent!


finally able to test the recent added feature and it works like a charm!!

spent a lot of time in the garage installing new fog lights to my vehicle parked in the driveway and then on my fatbike. funny how i initially had to make sure i cross the garage door trying to beat the 10minute timer i set to make sure that the garage door doesn’t close on me. :slight_smile: Garage door never closed on me. . .


I just upgraded to your smartapp and device haandler for GoControl door opening. I used to use the “Garage Door Monitor” smartapp to do an action/alert me if the door was open for longer than a specific time. However, I this doesn’t seem to be compatible with your device handler and this feature does not exist in your smartapp.

Am I missing something?
Or can this functionality be added?

I’m not sure what you mean by not compatible with a device, this SmartApp works with any device that’s classified as a Garage Door Controller (ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wifi etc) in SmartThings including the enhanced z-wave garage door device handler.

If you’re looking to setup custom notifications, try this app: [RELEASE] Door Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors

Please pardon any confusion with my initial comment. I’d been running my GoControl garage door on the stock device handlers for a while now and had been using a SmartApp called “Garage Door Monitor” to send me a notification when the door was left open for more than X minutes.

The other day I finally purchased your device handlers and SmartApps and updated to your GoControl device handler. Now, when I open up that same “Garage Door Monitor” SmartApp, it shows as “no compatible device.”

I think that this is because the associated contact sensor, under the generic device handler, appeared as a separate device but it does not appear as a separate device with the custom RBoy handler. Does this seem accurate?

This leads me to the following questions:

  1. Is it accurate that the contact sensor does not show as a separate device with the RBoy device handler?
  2. If yes to 1, then how can I replicate the functionality I seek?
  3. It does not appear that I can do this in the RBoy “Garage Door Open/Close Automatically” SmartApp. Could this functionality be added?
  4. Ideally, what I’d like to be able to do is to “If Garage Door Open X Minutes Then Do Something” where something could be a notification, sms, or other action (turn on a light, for example.). Is there some other way to do this that I’m not yet seeing?

Thanks for your help.

I responded to your other note. I see what’s going on, the app you’re using doesn’t use a garage door controller. It’s a old app designed to work with something called a 3 axis sensor. Garage door controllers don’t use 3 axis sensors and they no longer supported the new smartthings capabilities. I had a look at the stock go control device handler and it doesnt support 3 axis so I’m guessing you have a different device which you’re using (you can PM me the device handler name from the IDE and I can check it out for you).

The contact sensor is an integrated device with the GoControl ZWave controller and it shows up a unique sensor which can be used with SmartApps or Automations. It complies with many SmartThings capabilities so it’ll work with any app which work with Door controls, Garage Door controls, Switches and Contact sensors (it’s very wide range).

That’s easy, this SmartApp will notify you and then also close the garage door for you after the set period. If you’re looking for just notification, then try this app: [RELEASE] Door Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors
The issue you have is your devices doesn’t appear to be a contact sensor or garage door, it’s a 3 axis sensor. You can PM me your device details and I can look into it and see if there’s a better device handler for it to use.

I’ve added a feature request to trigger a third party action after a timed closure. Currently it has the ability to avoid closure if there’s motion or some people are around so as to not run some down if they’re working in the garage.

Thanks for this information. I sent you a message, as requested.

I’ll test out the other SmartApp that you suggested.

On popular request

Garage Door Open and Close Automatically - Version 02.03.00

  • Added option to schedule garage doors closures a specific time everyday
    • Limit scheduled closure to specific modes
    • Check for motion before closing and retry after a few minutes

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Awesome! Does the “Check for new version” switch actually do anything? I’m on v02.02.00 currently and wonder what’s the point of that setting if it does nothing either ON or Off. Thanks for the great work!

I see there is connection with MyQ, does that mean that this will support the MyQ Opener or will is support the MyQ Garage Hub too?


It works with any garage door controller that complies with the SmartThings garage door capability. That includes MyQ if you’re using the MyQ Lite integration to connect it to SmartThings.

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What sensor are you all using to identify motion in the garage?

currently using a Fibaro motion sensor but i’ll be replacing with with a Zooz unit when it ultimately needs to be replaced.

Quick Question, maybe i’m missing it. Is there a way to have one door open when one person arrives and a different door open when someone else arrives? I figure when my wife and I are in the car together both will open but we come home from work separate and it would be awesome if the right door opened.

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Sure, just install the app twice and set it to open different garage doors for each presence. Tip: for closing garage doors when leaving you can select both your presence sensors in both instances so when either of you leave it’ll close all open garage doors.

I didn’t think you could do that lol. Thank you!

I installed and they work perfectly but the symbol on the app it’s not like the print screens you show it’s just a sensorAm I doing something wrong

What presence sensors are folks using to open and close their garage doors?

Is it possible to use a geofence based on your smartphone’s location to trigger opening and closing? My previous smart app supported this option.

Is it possible to use ifttt and a fingbox to trigger opening and closing?

I currently have a fingbox which uses an ifttt applet to detect when everyone’s smartphone leaves my WiFi network. There is a corresponding ifttt applet which detects when a user’s smartphone reconnects with my WiFi network. I use these triggers to set the mode to away or home on my ecobee thermostat. It seems to me the arrival applet could trigger opening the garage door if the smartapp worked with ifttt.