[RELEASE] Fully Kiosk Browser Controller (DTH)

Hello. Noob here. Trying to work my way thru these instructions. I believe I almost have everything done, however, “Application to launch” is confusing me.

I have Smartthings and a Fire HD8 running Actiontiles and Fully Kiosk Browser and I want to make my tablet a TTS device for Security Entry/Exit spoken alerts. I don’t understand what the application to launch is supposed to be. I understand how to get the syntax from Google Play, but I guess i’m lost on what app it should open?

Smartthings really isn’t support anymore by any driver that I am aware. If you are looking for this type of capability suggest extending your solution by adding a Hubitat Hub.

Are you saying that this DTH doesn’t work with Smartthings any longer?

It MAY work, but the infrastructure (groovy api/smartapps) is due to be retired near-term. (like within a year) so if you build a solution based on this DTH - if it still works - you will need to redo your work.

The replacement for Device Handlers (DTHs) are Edge drivers and is in beta right now. Look for someone building this functionality into an edge driver.

Correct, and there hasn’t been any indication that will change with the depreciation of groovy on the SmartThings platform.

Thank you for the replies. And might I say… what a beating.

Ha, exactly. I wrote a driver very similar to arnb (and is referenced in this thread) and was trying to support SmartThings, but it just was too much. The near real-time performance, stability and flexibility of the ‘other platform’ finally pulled me over. I get the ‘other platform’ is not for everyone and as Nathan indicates, maybe someone will jump on the edge driver for SmartThings in the future.

Tried the other DTH, but still no Speech on my 4th Fire Tablet. I know the voice works as Alexa talks back to me on it. I hear the alarm tone file, but no speech when I send it something to say from Webcore.
any other suggestions?

Hi, Sorry I am late to the party but only just seen this as I was looking how to use the ret api into FKB

Can I ask if there is a way to use this dth to do something a little different please.

I have, like most with home automation a wall mounted android tablet with dashboards that are controlled by fully kiosk browser.

Because connecting a tablet to power all the time cooks the battery, I would like to automate the charging of the tablet. My thought was … use FKB rest api to determine battery level ( checked and this works) then based on that level create an automation to switch charger on or off.

I can do this in Home Assistant but is there a way to do it in ST perhaps with this DTH


My Fire Hd8s have been continuously plugged in with Fully for perhaps 3 years, first on ST now on Hubitat. I also have two old android phones plugged in for well over 1 year without any battery life issues, however YMMV.

I’ve been on Hubitat over two years, so I have no idea what still is works or for how long on ST . However, if the tablet’ s battery level is available, it should be an easy automation, perhaps with WebCore, to control a power plug sensor on and off.

When possible I avoid cloud servers on my HA system.

same-I haven’t had a device that behaved this way in literally years. I’ve multiple Fire HD8’s right now on constant usb charge, no issues, no swelling, nada. And to be quite honest if the battery wont take a charge anymore I don’t care - it’s always plugged in.

THis DTH did give me access to the battery info - and as such you should be able to do some klind of automation. Just be advised the DTH is based on Groovy and groovy is due to be sunset. If oyu implement with DTH device handlers you WILL have to redo the work (at some unknown date) in the future when Groovy is retired within the year. So just be aware.

Good time to see if someone is planning on implementing a Fully Kiosk Edge Driver

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