[RELEASE] Fully Kiosk Browser Controller (DTH)

I poked around my setup (Fire 10 with ActionTiles kiosk).

There’s a maybe a little delay after a period of inactivity, but certainly not 30 seconds.

There is a number of factors that affect performance. At this moment I don’t know if such a long delay is caused by some particular combination of software and hardware…

I will open a support case with AT. It first looked like a concern with FKB, but now looks to be more in line with the WebView 70 version and AT. Amazon controls the WebView version so not sure what could be done.

It really is a notable difference between the ‘first’ press delay to action and any other actions following.

And again, I am not seeing this concern with AT on other platforms and browsers - just the Fire 8 - and just the first action on the Fire 8.

Hi arnb - any issues playing a tone with the Fully Browser controller with the new ST app ?
I have installed and configured FKB(Plus) and created the new device.
This works:

However when I open the device in ST non of the options work and on the home page ST shows Fully Kiosk Controller as “checking status”

Please advise and many thanks -

But when I open

Sorry, I have no idea what may be occurring.

I am currently 100% on Hubitat for the past 7 months.

Does anyone know how to fix getting this message when trying to add WebCore ??
"You don’t have access to ady624/webCoRE "
Many Thanks -

@arnb does this still work with new app? Seems as though it doesn’t and wondering since you’re using Hubitat if you don’t plan on updating for SmartThings users?

As you mentioned I am on Hubitat. I am not planning to modify this app.

You can always jump over to use @bloodtick_jones Fully Kiosk Browser Device.

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