[RELEASE] Fully Kiosk Browser Controller (DTH)

Still struggling here. I followed all the instructions and I’m logging events in each of my two TTS devices: “BigTalker2 sent speak command to Entry TTS” (and Laundry TTS). I’m in speech synthesis mode, double checked my IP settings (DHCP reservations, FKB IP, and TTS IP settings), checked server password, etc. Fully just won’t talk at all. Volume is all the way up on each device. I’m sure I’m missing something. Any suggestions?

I am having trouble getting the tone and alarm mp3s to work. Speech is working fine. I have the mp3 files in my ringtones folder of the Fire HD 8 tablet (2018 Version). When I use ES File explorer to get the properties of the file is says it is located in “/storage/emulated/0/Ringtones”. I entered “file://storage/emulated/0/Ringtones/alarm.mp3” in the Alarm Audio File URL field. When I click on the sound Alarm tile I get the following message “Failed loading sound: Wrong URL or unsupported format?” I get the same error for Tone. Am I entering the file location in wrong?

Try file:///sdcard/storage…

That did not work either.

This is what is defined in the documentation, I use it, and it works.

First save any or all or the above to a Windows computer.
Then connect the Android or Amazon Fire device via USB cable to the
Windows computer, copy to the files to the device’s Download folder .
The Tone Audio File URL is coded as: file:///sdcard/Download/filename.mp3.

Your way worked. I put them in the download folder and now I can hear them. Thank you for your help.

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almost any android phone memory folder can be used, however it must start with file:///sdcard/ should you want to try the other folder again

Is it possible to get the announcement to play through my google home mini along with my FKB device?

Depends upon the app generating the messages sent to the FKB devices

I am using this on my Fire HD 8 with SHM, SHM delay and big talker 2 along with Fully Kiosk Browser Controller. Would I need anything more than those programs? I would like the arm and disarm messages to play on the google home along with the fire HD.

If the device(s) don’t show up in Big Talker that is currently set for TTS output, perhaps creating a second instance of Big Talker for speakers vs tts devices will work. (I’m not familiar with Google Home speaker devices.) Should that not work, try searching or posting on the Big Talker forum.

I was able to get the messages sent to my google home mini by adding a second instance of Bigtalker2 set to music player mode and using cast-web v1.2.1 to send the messages to my mini.

I had a problem with my FIre HD tablet so I did a factory reset. Now I am not getting any announcements at my tablet when I arm SHM or click on the speak button in ST.

I reinstalled FKB, enabled Remote Administration, set my password and enabled the Remote Administration from Local Network. I verified I had the correct IP and Port are correct in the ST app. Did I miss something to get it working again?

I am also using SHM delay 2 and Bigtalker2, did I miss something in them?

Port works great, thanks for making this happen!

Quick question - do I need to do anything special for this to work with a second tablet? Followed the instructions for my first tablet and everything worked perfectly. But when I added the second tablet nothing seems to be working. The device shows up in My Devices list in the IDE, as well as the My Home tab of the SmartThings Classic App. The settings in the app for Server IP Address, Server Port and Server Password match those of the 2nd tablet.

Does each tablet require its own device handler, or is it just a new device? I’ve also tried deleting the device and recreating it again, but no luck. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Each table must be defined as a Fully Kiosk Browser Controller device using the existing DTH.

No idea about why it does not work.

@arnb or someone here, perhaps you can help me with a particular scenario (if it is even possible)
I have a fire hd8 tablet (with lineageOS on it, not fire OS) which is running Fully Kiosk PLUS, and I am trying to somehow use my Samsung smartthings button to turn on the screen on the tablet (it has no lock screen configured)
Is that possible? What would I need to do to achieve that?

Asssuming you are using the Classic phone app.

First install this app, setup the device, then using the app’s options, issue some commands to the device and Fully, insuring it works with your device’s OS

Assuming it works, use WebCore (or write a smartapp) to respond to the button presses using commands:

  • screenOn()
  • screenOff()

I was actually able to get that working as intended with the help of webCore
Thanks for the writeup on this thread was quite straight forward in the end.

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I really want this setup with the 10 tablets I have running ActionTiles and Fully. However, I am at the 300 device limit and if I add anymore devices, things go wonky.

I have a Hubitat Hub with an increasing amount of devices being added to it but those devices are mirrored in ST.

Damn You device limit! Damn you to hell!!:rage:

Depending upon the app being used to mirror the devices from HE to ST, it should be possible to exclude unwanted Fully (and other) devices.

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