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[RELEASE] Free PurpleAir Air Quality Station


(Gary Luton) #41

Thats great. Thanks Barry!

(Ryan Tollefson) #42

Thanks for this handler!

Has anyone else had issues with temperature being reported incorrectly? Both my indoor & outdoor monitors are showing as 8° F too high. I see in the JSON object that the temp is also showing 8° high, but on the map they both report properly.



From their website:

“Temperature may be elevated and humidity under estimated.”

“The temperature values may be elevated due to the case and other factors that do not provide ideal temperature sensing. These values are provided as is and are just for interest.

Frankly, these readings are so far off that it’s best just to ignore them.

(Acastal) #44

You can email the purple air side about this if you can’t figure it out.
PurpleAir Contact

(Benji) #45

Is there any particular reason why you couldn’t use the outdoor one indoors? Other than the specs differences stated on the website, what are the other differences between the indoor one and outdoor one?

It’s a shame the temp and humidity readings aren’t accurate, I really wish there was one sensor to rule them all…

(Acastal) #46

The indoor one has a visual indicator which is useful. It is pretty ugly however.


No reason whatsoever … lots of outdoor stations seem to be used indoors. Also, you need to keep in mind that the PurpleAir outdoor station (PA-II) looks like an inverted automobile oil filter, so if you don’t mind one of those in your home, go for it, LOL.

Yup … not only is it the same size as a mouse (computer input device), it looks like one too :slight_smile: