[RELEASE] Free Meteobridge Weather Station


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Meteobridge Weather Station v1.0.19 updated on July 29, 2018

This DTH provides a SmartThings Weather Station using Meteobridge Local Connection (via hubAction) to your (local) Weather Station.

Meteobridge (www.meteobridge.com) is an inexpensive Linux-based server that is used by many to collect data from your local weather station and distribute it to one or more public weather sources (including Weather Underground, for example). It supports data collection from a large number of popular weather stations, and it offers a local API that allows clients/applications to retrieve the latest weather station data on demand.

This weather station uses local hubAction() calls to provide pretty much all information exposed by The Meteobridge Template HTML API, which it retrieves as a JSON formatted map. While the DTH is optimized for Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus stations, it will report whatever subset Meteobridge provides for any connected weather station.

This device also (optionally) calculates and displays Purple Air Air Quality Index from a specified PurpleAir sensor. If you don’t have one of your own, you will need to do a little research on the PurpleAir.com website to find a sensor nearby and then find its device ID from their JSON repository (search the repository for the name displayed for the sensor on the sensor map).

Significantly, EVERYTHING that this DTH displays in Tiles is also available programmatically to other SmartApps and WebCore pistons. You can thus build apps and integrations based off of changes in any attribute, from temperature and humidity to air quality, lunar phase, wind speed and the like. If interested, have a look at the attributes listed at the top of the source file for the names of the available data points.

Note: since this uses hubAction() for the Meteobridge data, it will work only when your SmartThings hub and your Meteobridge server are on the same (local) IP network. This approach keeps your password safe®, but doesn’t handle remote IP addresses. On the plus side, it is pretty lightweight to get updates from your meteobridge every minute, unlike using the WeatherUnderground data source.

The GiThub repository for MeteoWeather is here:


You can either manually copy/save the DTH code, or you can use the following for SmartThings’ Github integration:

Owner: SANdood
Name: MeteoWeather
Branch: master

After loading and publishing the DTH, you will need to manually create the device from the Devices page in your IDE. Once created, use your Mobile App to configure the preferences for your new Meteobridge-based Weather Station!

Change Log:

* 1.0.00 - Initial Release
* 1.0.01 - Added PurpleAir Air Quality Index (AQI)
* 1.0.02 - Fixed New/Full moon dislays
* 1.0.03 - Cleanup of Preferences page
* 1.0.04 - More tweaking to New/Full moon transitions
* 1.0.05 - Fixed class casting errors
* 1.0.06 - Renamed some attributes for naming consistency
* 1.0.07 - Added pref setting for Lux scale
* 1.0.08 - Increased internal attribute precision for temps & precipitation
* 1.0.09 - Changed to use my Ecobee Suite weather icons (black circles)
* 1.0.10 - Minor display tweaks
* 1.0.11 - Optimized PurpleAir AQI calculations
* 1.0.12 - Converted to BigDecimal for maximum precision
* 1.0.13 - Adjust decimal precision for rainfall (e.g., inches.2 vs mm.1)
* 1.0.14 - Option to use Dark Sky conditions/forecast instead of Weather Underground
* 1.0.15 - Expanded almanac display to include weather forecast
* 1.0.16 - Added today’s forecast data
* 1.0.17 - Extensive formatting changes
* 1.0.18 - Fixed units on forecasted temps
* 1.0.19 - Reduced normal-state log.info messages

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