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[RELEASE] Free Ecobee Suite, version 1.6.**


(YankeeJohnboy) #165

Are the mode changes triggered inside of the suite using the helper, or from ST directly? If ST directly, I could see the contact sensor helper being overridden. Just providing a data point… I use the routine helper in the most current version of the suite, and the contact helper. Our windows have been open, causing an off to the HVAC that has not been overridden by a mode change…

(Barry) #166

The latest versions employ a mechanism to prevent this sort of override - what versions are you you running?


Each of the SANdood SmartApps are in black – local and repository are the same. Suite manager is 1.6.16.

(Barry) #168

“Rusty” -

Smart Mode only changes the HVAC mode (off, auto, heat, cool), which should be unaffected by the normal thermostat scheduled program changes (Sleep/Home/Away), since program changes can’t change the Mode of the thermostat (basically only the heat, cool and fan setpoints). So I’m not quite sure what you are experiencing.

Perhaps if you could supply some more information about how you have things configured and specifically what you are seeing happen (and when), I can figure out what’s actually going on…


Can temp sensors like iris be used as ecobee sensors in your app

(Barry) #170

Sorry, no…

(Jay) #171

I installed it via github and all looks ok, and logged in. However, there is no SmartApps tab in my “my home” section on either smarthings classic or non-classic app. I can’t seem to find a way to interact with it or assign the sensors to it at all. In classic I can go to automations and then smartapps tab, but still can’t add sensors or therostats or do anything of the sort.
Any guidance?


(Barry) #172

You should find Ecobee Suite Manager in the Marketplace / SmartApps / My Apps section on your mobile. Open/install that, and it should walk you through the rest of the installation process.

(Jay) #173

nope, it just there it opens fine, but there are no additional options to do anything. It says ecobee is connected.

(Jay) #174

This is all I see.

from my IDE

(Barry) #175

Did you also install ALL of the Helper SmartApps into your IDE?

Did you click Done/Save to exit Ecobee Suite Manager, then go back into it from your Automations/SmartApps tab (i.e., don’t re-open it from the Marketplace)?

(Jay) #176

Yes and yes.

(Jay) #177

(Jay) #178

Here are some logs
aeaef08d-8f38-48e4-803c-564b2ee713f9 2:23:54 PM: error physicalgraph.exception.ConflictException: Device still in use. Remove from any SmartApps or Dashboards, then try again @line -1 (doCall)

aeaef08d-8f38-48e4-803c-564b2ee713f9 2:23:54 PM: warn Ready to delete these devices: [Ecobee Suite Thermostat:TestingForInstall, Ecobee Suite Sensor:TestingForInstall]

aeaef08d-8f38-48e4-803c-564b2ee713f9 2:23:54 PM: debug getChildDevices(true), children=2

(Jay) #179

Got it working by deleting the test install devices manually.

Thank you!

Now how do I get it integrated with Keen Smart Vents?

(Mike) #180

Recently, I ran into the problem of device not available. See attachment below.

I can refresh the status and it will be OK, and the OK will only last about an hour or so.
I am new to the development. Is there a log I can turn on to trace problem?
Device handler version 1.6.18
Suite Manager version 1.6.16
on iOS 12

(Barry) #181

Looks like you have Device Health turned on (on the “More” page of your mobile device). And, it looks like the device handler isn’t reporting “ok” enough for the satisfaction of Device Health.

You can ignore the message for now, while I look into what’s making it do that…

(Barry) #182

Go into Ecobee Suite Manager, Helper SmartApps, and from there create one (or more) “Smart Vents” helpers…

(Jay) #183

hi Barry,

Thank you so much for your continued help. See below pic, on the Keen smart vents shouldn’t the min level when closed be 0 or 1? What is the max level? I can’t seem to find what this means in terms of numbers.

(Mike) #184

Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, I did have Device Health turned on and I am not sure what it does. Just felt I want everything to be healthy. Now, I have turned it off so it doesn’t bother me anymore :smile: