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[RELEASE] Free Ecobee Suite, version 1.6.**



Something I want to add more… I can also see the current states in ST’s IDE…

… this makes me feel that the adding of devices and connecting to ecobee’s API has no issue.

(Barry) #294

Can you send me a screen shot of the thermostat DTH? It does sound like everything is connected properly - I can’t explain the issues you are having.

FWIW, try the double-tap on the ecobee logo trick. - Tao the bee once, wait until the Bee returns, then tap the bee again.


Thanks very much @storageanarchy… here you go:

Which ecoboo logo trick btw?


Ok @storageanarchy, i figured it out… i was reviewing the live logs and i saw there was an error:

11:28:36 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method minus() on null object @line 4181 (fToC)
11:28:36 PM: trace LOG: About to convert/scale temp: null
11:28:36 PM: debug LOG: updateSensorData() - Sensor Jasper’s Room temp is unknown

so as soon as I have removed Jasper’s Room sensor from the setup screen, the reading came back for the home thermostats and its sensor. I guess we’ll need a try/catch statement to guard it not to crash the program when any sensor reading is null … in my case, the battery ran out for that sensor :slight_smile:

(Barry) #297

I’ll see about ‘tolerating’ that error better in the morning…

(Barry) #298

OK - I thought it was catching this error, but my logic was mistaken. Updated Manager and Sensor device coming soon.

(Barry) #299

ES Manager & ES Sensor updated on Nov. 26, 2018 at 11:40am EST

  • Fixes reporting of sensors that are dead/offline
    • Ecobee Suite Manager v 1.6.17
    • Ecobee Suite Sensor v 1.6.13

This update is recommended for ALL users who utilize Ecobee Remote Sensors

(Shane) #300

Hey Barry! Question, I just started using Contact & Switches smart app, but I cannot get it to successfully turn off the Ecobee. Logs all look correct, but it isn’t turning it off. Anything I am doing wrong? Could it be that I have a HOLD on constantly? For example, it is always in Home HOLD mode. I am not using Quiet mode, just using 1 contact sensor to turn off HVAC.

Contacts and Switches Log:

12:41:54 PM: info Notifications sent
12:41:54 PM: trace Notification Message: Back Sliding Glass Door have been open for 5 minutes, you should turn off EcobeeTherm: My ecobee.
12:41:54 PM: info Saved EcobeeTherm: My ecobee’s current mode (cool)
12:41:53 PM: trace turnoffHVAC() entered…
12:36:49 PM: trace sensorOpened() entered with event Back Sliding Glass Door contact: open
12:36:49 PM: trace sensorOpened() entered with event Back Sliding Glass Door contact: open

From the Suite Manager Logs:

12:42:27 PM: info Requesting ( equipmentStatus runtime sensors ) for thermostat My ecobee

12:42:27 PM: info Polling thermostat My ecobee

12:41:54 PM: info Contacts & Switches Notifications sent

12:41:54 PM: trace Contacts & Switches Notification Message: Back Sliding Glass Door have been open for 5 minutes, you should turn off EcobeeTherm: My ecobe

(Barry) #301

Hmmm… what do you have selected under Action Preferences?

It looks like maybe you selected "Notify Only,’ since it only sent Notifications. What happens if you select "Notify and HVAC Actions’?

(Shane) #302

Doh, well that makes me feel like an idiot. That worked great, thank you!

(Warren) #303

Hello, I’ve been using this DH for some time with great success, thank you.

Yesterday I added 2 more sensors to my Ecobee setup (now have 3 total), but I’m struggling to find out where I can add these to the system. My single sensor is in there, but I feel like it was automatically added. I reviewed the readme and could not see anything. Is there something I’m missing? The sensors are fully active in my account. I updated the code to the latest release.

Thanks in advance.

(Barry) #304

Ecobee Suite Manager, under the “Ecobee Devices” section, Tap o “Sensors” to see all the discovered sensors, then select the ones you want to have ST Devices for…

(Warren) #305

Wow that was easy, thanks Barry.

One thing I really like about my ST system is “setup and forget it”, even with custom DHs, everything seems very stable. Of course that means when I’m looking to change something 18 months later I completely forget how I set it up to begin with.

That was probably the one place I didn’t look… :slight_smile:


Hi Barry - I see that you updated Suite Sensor which I did not have in my Smart Apps, so I decided to add it. But when I tried to do that, I got this error message. How do I fix it?

No signature of method: script_app_metadata_35686ef2_ff46_4016_80e5_7e2e67f415d4.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script_app_metadata_35686ef2_ff46_4016_80e5_7e2e67f415d4$_run_closure1) values: [script_app_metadata_35686ef2_ff46_4016_80e5_7e2e67f415d4$_run_closure1@1d09e7e] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

(Barry) #307

Suite Sensor is not a SmartApp, it is a Device Type Handler…it goes in “My Device Handlers” and not “My SmartApps.”

(Barry) #308

Enhancements & Updates released 2018/12/2 at 7:40AM

  • Quiet Time v1.6.15 now supports an (optional) timed Auto Off (e.g., turn off after 4 hours)
  • Cleaned up Fan Mode Auto/Circulate handling in Routines/Modes/Programs v1.6.13 - now enforces that (fanMinOnTime of 0) --> Auto mode, and (fanMinOnTime > 0)–> Circulate mode.

These are recommended updates for all users

(Glen King) #309

Good work!

Question: if I want to create a piston where the logic is
a) if thermostat in a “manual temp override” state
b) turn on the tv

What exactly do I tell Webcore?
Would it be some variant of holdStatus=“” (empty)?

(Barry) #310

Manual temp override will set thermostat.currentProgramName = 'Hold: Temp'

(Glen King) #311

Perfect. Thanks! That is the “wife frustration reducer” I was looking for lol

(Alex) #312

Is it possible to enable and disable Smart Away/Smart Home with this device handler? I would like to have it enabled except when I come home from lunch on weekdays. I figure I can program a hold on the away schedule that re-enables when I leave, but I was curious if Smart Away/Smart Home can be configured as well.

Also, is there anyway to force Smart Away to become active quicker based on presence? Like is there a command I can send via WebCore to make it go into Smart Away immediately after we leave instead of wait for two hours?