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[RELEASE] Free Ecobee Suite, version 1.6.**


(Barry) #271

Sounds like a problem with WebCoRE - those two commands are defined by SmartThings

I extended the document entry point with the optional parameter of hold type, but WebCoRE should be exposing the entry point anyway. I don’t know why it doesn’t work, but since it isn’t my code, I suggest you discuss over on the WebCoRE community pages.

(setHeatingSetpointDelay is internal-use only - you won’t be able to make it work if you try calling it, because it passes arguments in state variables that you can’t access).


Hi there. I have an issue where I ask Alexa to set “ecobee thermostat” to X degrees and it says “hmm ecobee thermostat is not responding”. Strange thing is it does actually get set. Any thoughts?

(Barry) #273


Is this with the native Alexa/Ecobee integration, or using SmartThings with Ask Alexa and my Ecobee Suite?

If the former, you’ll need to ask both Ecobee and Amazon for help.

If it’s the latter, you probably need to make the Ask Alexa command timeout longer. Search this document:

for the string “There was an error with the requested skills response” to see how to change the timeout value.


Thanks for the quick reply. This is using the ecobee suite with SmartThings. I thought the ask Alexa component was only if you wanted the current temp, not just the basic setting a temp?

(Barry) #275

If you are using Ask Alexa with SmartThings, as in “Alexa, ask SmartThings to set Ecobee to 72 degrees”, then you need to extend the timeout as I described before.

If you xay “Alexa, tell Ecobee to set the temperature to 72 degrees”, then you are NOT using SmartThings or my Ecobee Suite - you have asked Alexa to request that Ecobee change the temperature directly, If you have issues using this command, you need to request assistance from Ecobee and/or Amazon.

So…what command are you saying when you get the issue?


I say “Alexa set ecobeetherm ecobee to 70 degrees”. Ecobeetherm ecobee is a device of type thermostat in smartthings from your ecobee suite.

(Barry) #277

I suggest that you remove the SmartThings ecobee from Alexa’s devices, and enable the Ecobee native support instead. There is no way to solve the problem if you have Alexa tell SmartThings to tell Ecobee to change the temperature. You will have a much better Alexa/Ecobee experience, but you will still have the ability to use/monitor via SmartThings.


(Jake Seaton) #280

Is the Ecobee’s Vacation mode exposed anywhere?

I’m trying to right a piston in WebCoRE that fires when the Ecobee goes into Vacation mode.

(Mark Hochstein) #281

Can you explain the interaction between the Ecobee schedule, and modes? For example, let’s say I have a schedule set up for a given day that switches from home to away at 7am and back to home at 4pm and I also use Smart Modes to have ST switch the mode to Away when everyone leaves and also to set the mode to home when someone returns. If everyone leaves at 6:30am ST will run the routine and the Ecobee will be switched to Away. If someone returns at 8am ST should set the mode back to Home, right? Even though the schedule says that time period is in the Away time period from 7-4. Does the Ecobee only recognize the schedule when there is a schedule change? Will any mode change made by ST stay active until the schedule changes? I’m assuming schedule changes and ST commanded mode changes are different than “holds” as referenced in the Ecobee Suite Preferences.

(Barry) #282

Yes, the devices’ currentProgramName attribute will be “Vacation”

(Barry) #283

You can use the Ecobee Suite Smart Mode/Routine/Program Helper to manage and control what happens. In the described case, you would create a Smart M/R/P Helper that watches the SmartThings Routine that you have run when everyone leaves (Goodbye!), and set the thermostat to Away; and another watching the ST Routine that runs when anyone returns (I’m Back!) to set the thermostat(s) to Home.

That helper will change the thermostat’s Program if it isn’t already what is desired, and it will use the hold type you specify (permanent or temporary/until next change). Basically, temporary will put the thermostat back in control of its schedule, while permanent will put SmartThings in control of program changes. If you use the Smart Recovery feature of the Ecobee, then you probably want to use temporary.

You may also want to override the scheduled “Away” if someone actually stays at home (e.g., a sick or work-from-home day). I use another SmartApp to override the scheduled change to Away when I’m at home - I’ll probably add that to the Suite soon as another Helper - meanwhile, let me know if you need it.

(Barry) #284

Smart Mode updated to v1.6.17 on Nov 17, 2018 at 10:10am EST

  • Adds more logging of requested and actual PWS Station ID for WeatherUnderground external temp source
  • Calculates the dewpoint for WU PWS’s that don’t provide dewpoint temperature

(Barry) #285

The commands are there, but WebCoRE calls them “Set heating point” and “Set cooling point”.

(John) #286

So I tried to read the entire thread and the readMe but found nothing clear. Does this support “non” ecobee sensor temperature reporting? (Ie any ssnor in smarthings that reports temperature, like something plugged in so when my darn ecobee sensor keep disconnecting I can still see temp)

(Barry) #287

No, the Ecobee Suite does not support non-ecobee remote sensors for the purpose of controlling the thermostat. You can use them for certain included Helper SmartApps (e.g. Smart Circulation). I’m pretty sure that none of the free Ecobee DTHs support using non-Ecobee remote sensors.

I’ve had problems with Ecobee sensors, and I’ve found that unpairing them and then reconnecting them will usually solve the problem (with a new/known good battery).

(Barry) #288

(I’m pretty sure you would have found your answer here:)

(John) #289

Yup, missed that on my little ole phone screen. Good catch. Sorry about that!


Hello all,

I’m on 1.6.16 and i’m able to connect to ecobee cloud successfully and installed all the sensors and home thermostats to Things. However, I’m not getting any readings from any of the devices and I’m seeing these in the live logs:

I already tried re-installing the SmartApp… any suggestion? Thanks.

(Barry) #291
  • did you enable oAuth?
  • did you install ALL of the SmartApps (even if you aren’t going to use them all
  • did you login to Ecobee successfully?
  • then did you exit Ecobee Suite Managrr, and then go back into it (from Automations, not Marketplace?)

Until you see the DTH get updated and show current status (not “offline”), nothing will work. This can take 2-3 refresh cycles - so I suggest you set the cycle time to 1 minute.


Yup, i have enabled oAuth and able to connect to Ecobee API successfully. I assumed that’s how it get all the devices installed into Things.

I’m using the repo approach to install and yes, it installed all the SmartApps (even I aint going to use all of them) there are 9 SmartApps in total.

Yes, I did go back from Automation and complete the setup there as well. I have selected my thermostats, my sensors successfully from there.

Under ST IDE, I can see those devices have ONLINE status too… not sure where went wrong… any suggestion is appreciated.