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[RELEASE] Free Ecobee Suite, version 1.6.**


(Barry) #185

The number is a standard SmartThings “dimmer” value (0-99/100,) where 0 is fully closed, and 99/100 is fully open.

(Mike) #186

Hi, Barry,
I tested during the weekend. I think the Contact and Switches is actually not working:
Once the contact is open for present amount of time, I received notifications on the phone that the Ecobee is turned off. However, looking at the thermostat itself, it is not turned off.
I think when the Smartthings hub cannot contact the Ecobee account (it may be just a timeout setting somewhere), the hub cannot control the Ecobee thermostat.
(I have Ecobee 3)

(Barry) #187

Indeed, if SmartThings cannot communicate with the Ecobee Cloud, or if the Ecobee Cloud cannot communicate with the Thermostat itself, then commands sent from my Ecobee Suite apps and/or devices will not work.

That said, the Ecobee Suite is extremely resilient to timeouts on the connections, and it will update the Thermostat device display whenever it cannot communicate to indicate a broken connection. Usually, if the command was accepted by the Ecobee cloud, it will be sent down to the thermostat once the Ecobee Cloud<---->Thermostat link is re-established.

I just re-verified that Ecobee Suite Manager v1.6.16 with Ecobee Suite Smart Contacts & Switches v1.6.16 and Ecobee Suite Thermostat v1.6.18 does properly turn HVAC off when activated, and back On with reset to normal.

If youre running the same versions, please give me details about your configuration so that I can attempt to recreate the issue you are seeing…

(Mike) #188

Hi, Barry,
Yes, I am running the same versions.
Device handler version 1.6.18
Suite Manager version 1.6.16
on iOS 12
If you read my earlier post, I think the device not available problem is somewhat related to the Contact & Switch open does not turn Ecobee off problem.
What is strange to me is that I had the system working fine (sorry I didn’t record the older versions, but I can reconstruct if needed to be) until about 3-4 weeks ago. The “This device is unavailable” error never shows even when I had device health set to On till that time.
And every time I refresh (click on the green “Ecobee” icon, 3rd on the 2nd line), the connection is OK. Therefore, I suspect some component, such as the hub firmware upgraded. I think it could be hard to reproduce, unless I can turn on debug trace and pin-point the exact routine. However, I am not familiar with the whole SmartThings enough to figure that out.

(Ben Parkes) #189


Hi Barry! This suite is amazing. Thank you so much for putting it together. Hopefully this is a quick question - does the Smart Circulation helper app take into account if a sensor is detecting motion? In other words, is it looking at all the temperature sensors I’ve added, or is it just looking at those I’ve added that are detecting motion?

Thank you!

(Barry) #190

Ben -

Thank you for the feedback.

The Smart Circulation supports any temperature device, but does not consider motion in its calculations.

(Barry) #191

Mike -

I suspect that something is flaky with your home network, possibly exacerbated by a recent Ecobee firmware change. You definitively should not be seeing the “device unavailable” error, especially not with “Device Health” set to off. You’ll need to find that and get it corrected for things to work properly.

Check the logs on your Ecobee to see if it is actually losing its connection from time to time. Then check the Web UI for your thermostat, and look at the Home IQ/System Monitor - if there are connectivity gaps, they usually appear in Home IQ as blank/gaps in the graphs.

If you do see gaps, you might want to try changing the WiFi channel you use in your house - it is possible that a neighbor recently upgraded their router (or changed channels) and now the wifi channel you use is experiencing competition/congestion.

You can also try re ooting your ecobee(s) by pulling them off the wall and waiting a minute or so before reconnecting them.

To try and capture useful debug info, go into Ecobee Suite Manager/Preferences and set the Debug Level to 5. Then log into Live Logging, and monitor the logs for Ecobee Suite Manager, ES Thermostat and ES Contacts & Switches. You are looking for any red Error or orange Warning notifications - if you find any of those, I’d ask that you PM the surrounding 20-30 seconds of the log for each of the 3 app/devices…

WHile you are changing Preferences, I also suggest that you set the polling frequency to 1/minute - if not permanently, then at least while you are monitoring the logs…it should make things happen more quickly.

(FWIW, I ran my ST home with Device Health on for the past several days, and I have never seen any of my devices show up in my logs…)

(Mike) #192

Thanks a lot for you detailed reply. I will try those options and see what the log shows.

(Mike) #193

I did find out that I had issues with my setup, although I could not figure out exactly what went wrong:

info LOG: Updating API status with [apiConnected:full, lastPoll:full @ 2018-10-09 10:30:11 EDT]
error LOG: refreshAuthToken() - HttpResponseException occurred. Exception info: Bad Request StatusCode: 400
trace LOG: refreshParams = [method:POST, uri:, path:/token, query:[grant_type:refresh_token, refresh_token:xxxx, client_id:xxxx]]
trace LOG: Performing a refreshAuthToken()
trace LOG: Entered refreshAuthToken()

Anyway, I removed the entire installation and reinstalled. Everything works fine now.
I found that it was very helpful to use
IDE->My Location->List SmartApps.
to see what has been installed. I had too much garbage in there from my experiments.

Thanks a lot for solving my problem.


Looking for feedback on using Keen smart vents though SmartThings and Ecobee Suite. Barry has done a great job with the Ecobee Suite and looking for placing a few smart vents in rooms that are unoccupied. I don’t want to buy the Keen hub since their vents directly pair with the SmartThings hub and want to keep as much native to the ST platform.

(mike ricchino) #195

Is is possible to add weatherunderground temperature to the smart circulation child app?

When the weather outside is at or below current set point, I would like to increase min fan on time to keep air moving.

(Barry) #196

Have you tried using the existing outdoor temperature sensor support in Smart Circulation? All you should need to do is point that at your SmartThings Weather Station’s temperature sensor.

If you don’t have a ST Weather Station already, SmartThings offers two:

  • (SmartWeather Station Tile) - in the IDE, select Create New/From Example/SmartWeather Station Tile, save, publish (for me), manually install (from the My Devices page), then find it on you mobile app and configure it.
  • AccuWeather - select MarketPlace/Climate Control/AccuWeather (near the bottom).

There’s also an improved version (search the Community for SmartWeather Station Tile 2). There may a DarkSky version also, but all of the above utilize the (currently) free weather ‘built in’ to SmartThings…

If that doesn’t address your request, please let me know…

(mike ricchino) #197

I had never seen those before. Trying one now.


Hi Barry - I’m considering getting a Hubitat controller to replace ST. Does your suite work with Hubitat? Any changes needed anywhere?

(Barry) #199

I honestly don’t know - I haven’t had anyone comment one way or the other. Let me know when you try it!


Hi there. I’m trying to get the Smart Circulation helper to work and having some issues. I’m seeing the following in the SmartThings IDE:
11:19:27 AM: warn Smart Circulation Only recieved 1 valid temperature readings, skipping…

11:19:27 AM: info Smart Circulation Calculating temperatures…

[11:19:24 AM: trace Smart Circulation Called with EcobeeSensor: Ecobee - Upstairs (BZBG) temperature 70.90

[11:14:29 AM: warn Smart Circulation Only recieved 1 valid temperature readings, skipping…

11:14:29 AM: info Smart Circulation Calculating temperatures…

It looks like it’s never getting the temperature from the actual thermostat? Have you seen this?

(Barry) #201

How many thermometer sensors do you have configured? Note that it won’t look at the Thermostat’s Temperature unless you actually select that sensor.


Ahhh. I assumed it would use that one by default. I see now that the thermostat is an option and have selected. it. Thanks for the quick response!

(Andy Armijo) #203

Soooo. I’ve been using your smartapp for ecobee for a while without issue. I haven’t made any changes. But lately I have the issue of realizing my ecobee is off and it’s freezing in my house. I finally tracked it down. The IDE shows the ecobee suite manager sending a generate event, and after that, the thermostat goes off and the temperature slowly falls until I wake up and it’s 59 degrees in my house. So I went through the settings and can’t find any reason why it should be turning off. When it is off though, it also has a range for temperature set point, so I guess for some reason it gets into “auto”. I’m not sure what’s going on with this, but like I said, I have made no changes.

(Barry) #205

Please PM me the Live Logs from both Ecobee Suite Manager and Ecobee Suite Thermostat at the time of occurrence - ideally from a few minutes before it happens. It would also be most helpful if you could set the debug level to 4 or 5 before hand. And I’ll need the version numbers for both.

Meanwhile, you might also check any Helper SmartApps you are running (Smart Program/Mode/Routine, etc.) and/or any SmartThings Routines linked to sunrise/sunset, etc. - While you may not have changed anything, mother nature has :wink: .