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[RELEASE] Free Ecobee Suite, version 1.6.**

(Glen King) #472

Did that ages ago. I already get the alerts.

Didn’t know about the EU position on this idea. Perhaps that could be mitigated by including it in the license agreement?

(Barry) #473

Nope. Requires a separate registration to demonstrate active intent. It can’t be hidden in the license (which we know nobody reads) as that would be passive, lacking evidence of intent by the user.

(Glen King) #474

An interesting note on this topic.

My main floor ecobee controls a system that does both heat and AC, while the upper level controls only an AC unit. One of my Webcore pistons says that if the upstairs unit is running, the main floor unit will not be heating.

My wife is home with an illness. She turned on the AC upstairs as the sun beating down on the roof was making that area waaay too warm. And she had windows open around the house. Yet when I walked in the door, there was the heat on downstairs while the AC was on upstairs.

I look forward to the ecobee server situation being stabilized.

(Barry) #475

Today’s Ecobee outage was just over an Hour (~10:30am - ~11:35am EDT), and did not affect all users (my logs don’t show any outage today).

  1. Did you verify that your WebCoRE piston actually did what you want (did it see the upstairs AC turn on, did it turn off the downstairs HVAC)?
  2. Do you have a Open Contacts Helper SmartApp downstairs that turns off the HVAC if any windows/doors are open for more than a couple of minutes?

If you used #2 above, the HVAC would likely have been shut off shortly after the Ecobee servers returned (I think - I’m going to check the code).

The Universal Ecobee Suite (version 1.7.00) that is currently in Beta testing includes logic to track failed API calls, and then to replay them (in order) when the Ecobee servers return. Once working reliably, this should ensure that your HVAC is turned off after the Ecobee outage completes.

(mike ricchino) #476

Thermal comfort smart app would be AWESOME! that is what I have been trying to achieve via rules and triggers

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(Barry) #477

New [BETA] Update for Universal Ecobee Suite Posted!

The BETA testing is nearing its close, and this new release has many new features of interest to SmartThings users of my Ecobee Suite, including:

  • Programmatic access to most Ecobee settings using setEcobeeSetting()
  • Performance improvements
  • Automated replay of Ecobee commands that fail due to Ecobee server outage
  • New Thermal Comfort Helper
  • New Working from Home Helper
  • New Notifications mechanism, including Spoken notifications using SpeechDevices and MusicPlayers
  • Near 100% compatibility with the Hubitat version (Hubitat lacks Routines)

I strongly encourage current users of Ecobee Suite to consider trying this new version. I need all the feedback I can get before I release this significant milestone!

Get more info here: [BETA] Universal Ecobee Suite for SmartThings & Hubitat (Free)

(Chris V) #478

Hey, thanks so much for this Ecobee integration suite - it works very well. I did have a question regarding remote sensors with the new SmartThings app, however: is it possible to change the data being shown by the tiles for remote sensors in the new app? In ST Classic, it shows the temperature, but in New-ST, it shows motion sensor status.

Thanks again!

(Barry) #479

Chris -

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a vid definition that includes both temperature and motion, and that displays Temperature on the main tile. I specify vid: "generic-motion" because that is the only vid I could find that includes both motion and temperature.

This is one of the many shortcomings of the new Samsung SmartThings app.

Feel free to mess around with different ‘vid’ settings in the Ecobee Suite Sensor code (in the metadata/definition) - maybe you will have better luck than I.

If you find one that works, let me know!!!

(Barry) #480


The latest BETA release of my Universal Ecobee Suite now includes support for the setEcobeeSetting('name', 'value') command. Hopefully this will satisfy your request…

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(House Smarty) #481

Ooooh! I’ll give it a shot and let you know. Thanks for the super quick implementation!

(Barry) #482

NP - turns out I had already restructured to expose all the settings as attributes, so I just had to code the safety logic to ensure you can only change the things I want you to be able to change :wink:


This suite looks amazing. Regardless, my wife wants to walk over to the Ecobee4 and change the temperature. Can she still do that or will this new smart app become her only interface? What about the Ecobee app itself? What are the interactions between the Suite and the ecobee app? Finally, I will be integrating with Keen vents. I don’t want to purchase a Keen bridge but do want that functionality. How does that work in this Ecobee Suite?

(Barry) #484


Thanks for asking - all good questions.

  • You can change the thermostat setpoints using any tool you want - my Suite is just another interface to the standard operation of the thermostat. It doesn’t monkey around with trying to fake the setpoints in any way - whatever you set is what you’ll get, and you can change the setpoints from any device/app/location you choose.
  • If you use the new Thermal Comfort Helper, the Suite will adjust the setpoints based on humidity changes throughout the day. For maximum WAF, you may not want to try that.
  • If you can pair your Keen vents directly to SmartThings, you’ll be fine. The included Smart Vents Helper will adjust the vent’s open percentage based on temperature sensors you select.




Thanks for the quick and thorough answer. I’ll give it a go without the Keen bridge and try out the Ecobee Suite. I saw the very detailed install guide you created and much appreciate that too.



Just to expand on this because I just had the same issue…
In the Smartthings Mobile App, goto: My Home
You will see two new devices created by Ecobee Smart Suite app
Click on one of them, then choose the gear wheel a the top right corner
Scroll down to the bottom of the settings screen
Click the red remove button.
Do the same for the other test device.

(Chris V) #487

After playing with it and searching for other vids, it seems like generic-motion would be the ideal vid for remote sensors (motion,temp,battery), right? So weird. The default ecobee-sensor DTH is showing temp first, but the ST community repo’s ecobee sensor doesn’t even define a vid, haha

(Barry) #488

Universal Ecobee Suite, version 1.7.00 Released

As of Friday, May 17, 2019 the latest release of my Ecobee Suite can be found here:

(Joe m. ) #489

I noticed the smart mode and set points helper doesn’t send sms messages. Not a big deal, was using them to help babysit if it’s functioning but just manually checking in, just a heads up

(Barry) #490

I’ll look into that, after I clean up some other cruft I’ve created…thatnks for the heads up…

(Joe m. ) #491

If I switch to universal am I starting over?