[RELEASE] Foscam Camera Device Handler Universal DTH with Motion Detection - SD (FI89xx), HD Ambarella FI98xx, FI99xx, Cx, Gx, Rx, Ex, Zx, Fosbaby

@RBoy is it all possible to add a button to the DTH for Sound detection on and off. I would like the ability to turn this on and off independently from the motion. I am currently doing this in webcore with a virtual switch and http commands. I would much rather it be part of the dth with the capability exposed to webcore to use in pistons to turn on and off the sound detection just like we can do with the motion detection.

Strange nobody didn’t ask yet but can we use this with Alexa? Alexa discovered the camera but when I ask her to show driveway she says there is no camera in that group?!?

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@RBoy Would you please advise if this app have the function that detect the noise level and notify. For example send the video/photo when noise higher than 90 decibels. Thanks!
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Foscam sets sound threshold in levels and not dB. These thresholds have different interpretations for each camera model. You can set the audio level threshold in the device preference page. When it exceeds that threshold the camera will report a motion alarm (both audio and video movement are reported as motion alarms in ST)

@jasonrwise77 the audio detection can be turned on / off via the device settings page. Most folks don’t use the audio alarm since they prefer to use video motion detection. However if there is a need we could add a command to control audio alarms.

Thanks RBoy, I’m going to purchase a Foscam camera right now.

@rboy I certainly have a use case. I had a gas leak in my house last week and there was no way to know the gas detector was going off as it is totally independant of any system. However, as foscam has sound detection I now use this to tell me if my gas alarm is going off. So if you can do something on the UI page to control audio instead of going into the settings would be a huge help. LIke I said I am doing exactly what I need to do with webcore, was just trying to make it more smooth and cut out the middle man.


How do I set up separate motion detection actions for each camera? Do I create a second “Foscam Camera and Motion Alarm Manager Smart App”?



Foscam Camera and Motion Alarm Manager SmartApp does automatic discovery, installation and configuration of cameras.

Foscam Camera and Motion Alarm Manager SmartApp - v03.01.00

  • Updated UI for ease of use
  • Added support for TTL players for notifications
  • Improvements to initialization when using multiple/mixed cameras
  • Added support for discovery of motion detection areas
  • Added support for R2E models (for R2C models select Other Foscam in the model type, it is not the same as R2E)

Foscam Camera Universal Device Handler - v04.04.01

  • Automatically detect changes to the motion detection area/sensitivity settings (HD cameras have a single motion detection area, C2/R2/R2E/R4/FI9900P cameras have up to 3 motion detection areas). You can use the Foscam app or the camera web interface to customize the motion detection area settings.
  • Automatically detect current Flip and Mirror settings from camera
  • Improved pan/tilt controls accuracy
  • Basic support for new ST app (turn on/off motion detection)
  • Added support for R2E models (for R2C models select Other Foscam in the model type, it is not the same as R2E)

Live video streaming can be accessed from inside and outside the home by using camera LAN IP address (discovered and configured automatically). If you’re having trouble connecting kill your SmartThings app and restart it or see these troubleshooting steps.

NOTE: You CANNOT upgrade the older 2.x Camera Alarm Manager setup to the 3.x version. You will need to REMOVE/UNINSTALL your existing Cameras and SmartApp in SmartThings. Once you delete your SmartApp and Cameras, follow the instructions below to discover and install your Foscam cameras.

See this page for installation instructions


Refer to previous post for more details

Feature Summary (varies by model)

  • Turn on/off motion detection
  • Turn on/off sound detection
  • Get notified on motion/sound alarms
  • Automatic discover/configuration of cameras
  • Detect flip/mirror settings configured through Foscam app/camera web console
  • Detect motion detection areas/sensitivity configured through Foscam app/camera web console
  • Detect custom Preset names/settings (up to 6)
  • 4 fixed preset locations (top, bottom, left, right)
  • Horizontal/Vertical/Stop cruise
  • 9 way pan/tilt control
  • Night vision/LED control (Auto, On, Off)
  • Remote reboots
  • Define actions (cruise, snapshots, switches, etc) when motion alarms are detected
  • Live video view (see FAQ)
  • Snapshots
  • Configurable options
    • Motion sensitivity
    • Sound sensitivity
    • Enable MJPEG mode for ActionTiles/Web streaming
    • Separate URL for video streaming and local controls
    • Support for LAN IP, DNS names and public IP (see FAQ)
    • Support for RTSP streams
    • Motion sensitivity
    • Sound sensitivity
    • Human/PIR motion detection
    • Intruder detected options (configure smtp/recording location through Foscam app/web console)
      • Send eMails
      • Camera audio alerts
      • Take snapshots
      • Record videos
    • People counting/bounding boxes/PIR sensitivity
    • Upload to cloud
    • Push notification to foscam app
  • Tested with the following models
    • SD (FI89xx)
    • HD (FI98xx, FI99xx)
    • Cxx (C1, C2)
    • Rxx (R2, R2C, R2E)
    • Exx (E1)
    • Fosbaby

NOTE: Automatic discovery may not work due to a bug in the ST platform. It will start working as soon as ST patches it up. If the camera cannot be detected, click Next and manually enter the camera IP address/port/model.

NOTE: R2E and R2C are very different models. The R2C is a regular HD camera so select Other Foscam for R2C in the camera type, where as R2E is based on the new chipset and is selected by name in the list of models.

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Just wanted to say that I have installed the new SmartApp and DH last night and it works a treat! Thanks very much! It also solved my issue with multiple cameras and getting sporadic notifications of motion! THANKS AGAIN!

This is a bit of a WebCore Rboy Foscam Alert Manager issue, so this could be the wrong place to ask

Does anyone know, if there is a way with WebCore to turn off the Video and Email notification on a camera? The reason is for when I am at home, I want the cameras to operate as a PIR sensor, and NOT notify me of any motion, however, when I am away, I want email and video alerts as normal.

Im not sure how to achieve this.


I’m using an Foscam FI9821 V2.1 Camera and have been trying to get the video to work and can’t get it to work? I get the following “Camera unavailable” ? Is there something that I need to do as I can finally get a snapshot to work? Thanks. I using the lastest app from @RBoy for the Foscam.

This as far as I know is related to the rtsp port you specify in the camera and the IP address you use.

Check the rtsp port in the camera itself and make sure it matches in the camera in the config of the smartthings app. When it comes to checking it works, do it on the same network (so not from outside your firewall).

I use owlr anyway, I have setup a swipe action on my home screen to open owlr and I can see all my cameras in one place, it’s a lot quicker and more reliable then the smartthings app, opening the cameras individually.

@robkae Thanks for the reply. I went back and use different settings etc and finally got it to work. Thanks.

What exterior camera do you recommend for your smartapp (already have subscription) and working with ActionTiles.
Do I need a Foscam NVR or is the same?


This is slightly off topic but I have a Foscam F19928P - It constantly triggers, around every minute! A branch blows a security light comes on, ete, etc. I cant see a way in the Foscam web interface to either select area its monitoring or reduce sensitivity. Any ideas?

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Just a tip, Foscam has a different plugin for Internet Explorer. When using IE, it uses an older ActiveX plugin which has more features available then the newer plugin used by other browsers.

In IE you will many additional features which aren’t available in Chrome/Firefox/Safari including the option to set the Motion Detection area:

Here is an example of the web interface for IE 11 v/s Chrome for the same camera in the Motion Detection settings page:

You can also use the new native Foscam app available on the iOS store where in the camera settings, you can set the detection area under Alarms → Motion Detection:

Wow, Thats better! Thanks a million. My Android app doesn’t have any of those settings its simply a viewer. IE did it for me though. Thanks again

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I have it set to “lowest sensitivity” and am getting an alert at least once per minute. Any advice appreciated.

I didn’t see a fix to this problem. I am pretty confident the user and password is correct. What I found is that if I use “other Foscam” as the model it works fine. If I select “C2/R2/R2E/R4/FI9900P” I have the exact problem described. I can’t toggle the motion on and off. I have the R4S camera.

That sounds about right. Unless your model is listed, use Other Foscam. The R4S is not the same as R4, they used different chipsets.