[RELEASE] Foscam Camera Device Handler Universal DTH with Motion Detection - SD (FI89xx), HD Ambarella FI98xx, FI99xx, Cx, Gx, Rx, Ex, Zx, Fosbaby

###Foscam Camera Universal Device Handler - version 3.2.9

  • Minor improvements to GUI
  • Improved initial setup process

###Foscam Motion Alarm Monitor SmartApp - version 2.6.5

  • Workaround for ST bug with contact address book for notifications

Is Foscam Camera Universal Device Handler 3.2.9 new as of today as the last change in the notes is (2016-7-26). The Foscam Motion Alarm Monitor Smart does have today’s date.

Is there a different install process to use more camera’s? You can’t use the same device id for more then one device.

No, just that there was no “formal” release for the minor updates, just making it formal now. If you’re on the 3.2.9 version you’re good.

As for additional cameras, just use any random ID or increment it by 1, it’ll be replaced once the IP address is entered in the settings. So even is you use 2000 it won’t conflict since it’ll change it once you enter the IP address.

I am new to ST and found this post. I have a couple of Foscams that pointing at a door, would I be able to integrate the door sensor on an open notification to trigger the camera to stream or take pics?

Yes use the following app trigger the camera to take a picture:

Thank you for the quick response, is your rboyserver down none of the links are working other then the Facebook one as long you stay on FB pages.

Hi, Just tried setting this up, I didn’t realize it didn’t work with the TZ100. any advice or should I just bite the bullet and get some foscams?

Kind of a steep learning curve just to get cameras working, but it looks like with the right ones this is the device handler (now i know what a DH is,) to use. Thanks for any info.

Isn’t the TZ100 a handheld camera? There are a few threads on the forum comparing cameras. I personally prefer Blink but Foscams are great also. They just have different uses, esp if you want a camera that rotates then Foscam is great. If you’re just pointing it a door and want a notification when someone opens the door with a short video clip I would recommend Blink. Just a whole lot easier to setup and maintain and it runs on a battery.

I just realized that this app is overwriting my triggered interval in the camera’s motion detection settings to 15 seconds. I previously had it set to 5 seconds. Any way we can get an option in the app for that setting?

You can change it in the preferences/settings page.

No, it is the one that was iprobot3, but newer… Amazon Tenvis TZ100

Thanks for the suggestions, I am really new to the smartthings but love it so far. I appreciate the work everyone does to add functionality.

I am still unable to stream video with my Foscam 9800 with either the internal or external IP. I have followed all the info for troubleshooting with no resolution. I get the error “There was a problem retrieving the livestream” when I’m on my home wifi or “Camera cannot be found. We are trying to connect” when on cellular.

When trying to enable the associated Foscam app I am getting the Failed to save page: mainPage error and it won’t save.

Haven’t seen an update on the issues I posted. Trying to get them resolved so I can make the camera and app functional.

Are you able to control the camera functions like up/down/left/right/LED etc?

The camera is fixed so the direction buttons don’t do anything. The take picture, night vision buttons all work fine. It is only the video that doesn’t.

Does the video work in VLC?

If it’s only video then as I had explained above its one of two things.

  1. The communication isn’t perfect some packets are being delayed or dropped which can cause issue. The ST live video control is very sensitive to errors and delays. Try a faster connection and reboot the hub and camera.
  2. Your phone doesn’t support the codec parameters as the video tile depends on your phone capabilities.

I’m assuming that your basic configuration is correct, i.e. Your camera doesn’t use RSTP ports. I.e. The link you’re getting in live logging works in VLC. If so then it’s one of the above. If not then first you’ll need to get that fixed

Okay here’s one more trick you try, using the latest DH lines 244 to 247 relate to a setting of STREAM QUALITY. By default this is disabled because of issues with compatibility with different phones. Uncomment those lines. Now you’ll see a small gear box pop up in your video tile on the device page in your phone. Click on it (before starting streaming) and switch between the hiRes and lowRes profiles and then try to start streaming. Maybe one of those might work for you. The default is hiRes, maybe lowRes might work for you.