[RELEASE] Foscam Camera Device Handler Universal DTH with Motion Detection - SD (FI89xx), HD Ambarella FI98xx, FI99xx, Cx, Gx, Rx, Ex, Zx, Fosbaby

No news about it?

Hi Guys,

I’m probably going to be getting a couple of foscams when we move and came across this device handler for them in smart things. I’m not exclusively buying them for SmartThings integration but now I see that it does I’m intrigued
Could the motion sensor in the camera be used to trigger a smart light using a routine?

I’m thinking it can but never like to assume :slight_smile:

Hi I’m not too sure but believe that it could though using motion detection through an outdoor camera is prone to lots of false readings. I don’t even use this device handler much anymore because there are far too many false readings, it’s not the fault of the handler just how things are with outdoor cameras.
Also think support generally on this device appears (if you look at responses) in recent months to be waning, I don’t think it will work with the latest app for example.
If you pay for it I guess it’s not unread to expect maintenance to continue.
Hope that helps.

Support is still there, but ST hasn’t released the tools yet to migrate the DH to the new app yet unfortunately.

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If you’re trying to use motion detection with the new app it should work just fine. As @GSzabados mentioned, the new app doesn’t support some of the features like Live video feed and snapshots and once ST releases those features it should be available.
Until then you’ll be able to use Motion and Sound detection (depending on your camera model) and you can adjust the sensitivity based on your camera model from the device handler settings page. If your camera has a PIR motion sensor (like the R2 has “Human detection”) you can set the device handler to use that feature instead of generic motion detection. You can also set the motion detection “zones” as explained in the technical posts above (for non PIR sensor cameras).

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OK, I wasn’t aware of that - thanks for info. Very pleased to see support is continuing.

Foscam Camera and Motion Alarm Manager SmartApp - v04.00.00

  • Updated to support the new ST app and hub firmware
  • Support for more Foscam ambarella models
  • Support for new Sonos integration (spoken notifications)

Foscam Camera Universal Device Handler - v04.05.00

  • Support for new ST app custom UI controls
    • Dashboard camera status and motion detection control
    • Motion detection control and reporting
    • Camera status
    • LED control
    • Preset control
    • Cruise control
    • Remote reboot
  • Support for more Foscam ambarella models


NOTE: You may need to delete your cameras devices and device handler and re-add the cameras from the Foscam Camera and Motion Alarm Manager for the UI changes to take effect.

At this point only the classic app supports snapshots and video streaming. Once SmartThings adds support for custom video streaming to the new app it will become become available.
Also note that the custom preset command names have changed to comply with the new platform requirements. See the first post for more details.


I just wanted to ask, is there any update on this… What a shambles this is… I have a feeling that this will not happen ever, only if you will host the storage (for youlself) for snapshots and the stream is through some API call or something to implement it with an endpoint SmartApp… Steep downhill, that’s what it is…

I cannot see how scheduling SmartApps will be replaced with endpoint ones for some devices. Just makes things overcomplicated…

They do have a plan and it’s exciting (endpoints are completely different), unfortunately I cannot get into it due to a NDA.

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At this point I would say, it is a bit late to have a plan… And considering Samsung, it means nothing. When the business dictates the plan changes (randomly)…

With all my respect to the engineers at ST. They are doing really their best to keep this platform working. But the bureaucracy… No comment…


They do have a plan and it’s exciting (endpoints are completely different), unfortunately I cannot get into it due to a NDA.

Ok, given that I love & depend on @RBoy’s apps, if he says they have a plan, I’m standing by.

To my honest however, I don’t care about live video, I just want static image capture, which DOES seem to be supported by the new app, just nobody has one working.

Please, please, please, don’t lock us down to vendor-only options.

Given the limited horsepower in the ST endpoints, video support should be the responsibility of the camera vendor.

ST needs to support HTTPS endpoints, JPG/PNG images, LAN & Internet - Just start there. Please!

@RBoy LED status should say IR LED status, as there is another Status LED for camera on/off that can be turned on or off.

IR LED Settings

@RBoy & @maddie thank you keeping up with SmartThings changes. I can see how challenging is, however you decided to stay on right path, and not to take easy way and jump to another boat. You guys are great.

I have noticed that you are adding some Ring devices. Are you planning to add other Ring z-wave devices, such as Contact sensor, motion sensor, etc.? I know that Contact sensor can be added to SmartThings, however you always find a way to make better DTH (enhanced)

I humbly second that and would love to hear of any update :slight_smile:

Long time user of this and absolutely love it. Working on moving to new Aeotec Hub and reinstalling the new SA and DH in the process.

Had them up and running, but needed to remove a camera and reinstall. Did so through the SA, but it’s throwing an error when re-adding now saying, “Installing camera failed. Please check for duplicate camera IP address and port”.

Confirmed no other camera was using that info, tried a few more times, then decided to delete ALL cameras and the entire SA itself and start from scratch. Now it’s giving me that same error for all cameras despite the fact there is nothing else at all installed.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Did you install and publish the DTH?

Yessir. It was working just fine on the new hub with the new SA and DT until I removed the cameras and now can’t re-add.

To be certain, I uninstalled the SA from the app, published again in the IDE, then reinstalled.

This isn’t related to the SA, it’s the platform throwing an error which usually means one of 2 things

  1. It can’t find the DTH
  2. There’s already an existing device with the same device network id. Check your My Devices tab to ensure there are no other devices, the platform won’t let you create two devices with the same DNI

I decided to just go into the IDE and totally remove the code from both the SA and DH, re-added and started from scratch that way. Fixed the issue. Was weird because it worked fine for about 24 hours before that, but problem solved now. Appreciate the help!

Question. I just picked up a newer Foscam X1 to add during my hub transition. It has human detection, but only works under “Other Foscam” and not “Amberella” in SmartThings. It appears that when I try to keep the camera as “Other Foscam” and enable human detection it breaks the motion detection hooks in ST. Is there anyway to finagle human detection with these?

Hi, anybody tried to integrate Foscam E1 using the Rboy device handler and Smart app? Camera connects to wifi via base station. The problem seems to be that base station has its own IP address but the camera not. I like the E1 setup because camera is for outdoor use and is completely wire free.