[RELEASE] Foscam Camera Device Handler Universal DTH with Discovery, Live Video Streaming, Motion Sensor/Alarm Integration - SD (FI89xx), HD Ambarella FI98xx, FI99xx, Cx, Gx, Rx, Ex, Zx, Fosbaby

Ok did some testing on an iphone – the device works much better there. All of the pictures that had disappeared in the android app, were there (with timestamps) on the iphone. Even had a way to save them. Android app is crippled in comparison.

Great work @wreck. If the parsing line isn’t coming that means the hub/platform didn’t receive the command (which is not surprising given some of the constraints of the platform currently). I guess that may happen with rapid fire commands (I’ve even found Z-wave commands get lost when in rapid fire mode, less than 5-6 seconds apart).

Found the URL to fetch the images in a DropCam post:
https: //graph.api.smartthings.com/api/s3/smartthings-smartsense-camera/image_alphanumerichere.jpg

This is especially useful if you’re stuck with the broken Android SmartThings app.

Just installed this app. Only using internal IP. I have the cam up and working with my synology NAS so I know it is good to go. The mobile app won’t let me scroll it when I view the camera device settings so I can get to the pref button. It scrolled for me once but now it is locked up. All the other smartthings apps seem to still be working OK. Anyone have this issue?

What device are you using? I have issues with my iOS app hanging (I can’t scroll anything or I get one page blank but never seen only one app hang) about once a week. The solution I do is usually kill the app. I have to do this 2-3 time usually before it starts working.

I ended up just uninstalling the foscam device. It was locking my app up frequently.

Running on an HTC m8 but also so the same behavior on my Nexus 7 g2.

I do not have my cam IP/port forwarded outside of my LAN. Was just doing testing local with a direct IP/port.

I think you should definitely report this to support@smartthings.com. The device interface on the app is just that - an interface. The code runs on the cloud / hub.

The problem is with the carousel. It was a bug in the original code that @RBoy based his device type on. I am making fixes to the original device type.

You can try it but I don’t that’ll fix it, looks like you just changed the layout, I still think it’s a bug with the ST app which should be reported to ST.

EDIT: If it does happen to fix it, then it’s important to report this to ST as it may affect other apps also

It is a bug in they layout rendering. If there are no images to load, which is often a bug with android then it can lock up. Also, the carousel scrolls from left to right instead of up and down and can break the scrolling in the smart app. It is a reproducible bug.

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Nice work tracking it down. Apparently the android version of the app isn’t as stable as the iOS version. Good thing it’s reproduceable. Does ST know about it?

But doesn’t hurt to describe issues again to Support to be sure.

Agreed, I’ll drop them a note also.

Sweet Jody & @RBoy first time I’ve ever gotten my foscam to work.

great you have @jody.albritton to thank for finding this bug

@RBoy What Foscam camera model are you guys using ? Also, is the operation reliable for commercial deployment? For a local business for example?

9821V2. It really comes down to how it works with your setup. I use it as part of a security system to arm/disarm the camera at scene’s and on events and it works reliably for me. But then again it depends upon what feature you’re using and how your setup works. As @jody.albritton pointed out there are bugs in the system which causes issues for some folks depending upon your configuration, handset, OS etc.
I don’t rely on the screenshot (even thought it works for me 90%+ of the times, sometimes it timesout) but mostly rely on the monitoring arm/disarm features to start recording, taking pictures etc. I’ve never had a single issue with that functionality. You can @jody.albritton base code and see how stable the communication is for you.

@RBoy Thanks. If i configure the camera to take pics whenever a door is open…then where will the pics be saved??how do i access them ??

Well it depends on how you configure it. This is the way my modified code works is with the following options:

  1. Turn on the Camera Switch or Alarm Mode activate the motion detection feature on the camera. You can configure the camera to take a picture, record a video and send eMail when motion is detected through the preferences. In this case the picture, video etc will be stored based on the camera was initially configured through it’s web interface (SD card or FTP)
  2. If you’re activate the “take picture” command directly through the UI or activate the Alarm “Strobe” through smartapp it will take a picture and show it on your ST app (again I see a 90% success rate here depending upon the connection and platform stability). If you activate strobe in addition to taking the picture it will also activate the motion detection on the camera. Now again if the camera was configured initially to save the picture to a FTP or SD card the picture will be stored there in addition to showing up on the ST app. To me saving it to the FTP or SD card is fail safe option and I always enable it.

@RBoy I got my Foscam today and integrated it with SmartThings… Thank You… I noticed that the drop cam smart app for triggering snapshots works , but is not very reliable . Is it expected to be more reliable using your smart app (will be testing tonight)? Secondly, is there an option to record video upon a trigger and save the video file somewhere which can be accessed later? (ex: when door opens). Lastly, @625alex do you think we can have a pan button on the Action Dashboard - which will trigger the camera to pan for one cycle and stop? . Your help is appreciated…

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