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[RELEASE] Foscam Camera Device Handler Universal DTH with Discovery, Live Video Streaming, Motion Sensor/Alarm Integration - SD (FI89xx), HD Ambarella FI98xx, FI99xx, Cx, Gx, Rx, Ex, Zx, Fosbaby

I think at this point contacting support would help, send in as much info as you can or you might ned up going back and forth a bit. In the meantime what shard are you in? (server shard when you login to IDE).

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So at this point here is my thought. The only think that you’re doing is increasing the polling frequency I.e. Reducing the timer period from 60 to 5. What this is means is there is increased frequency of communication between the hub and the cloud, that’s about it.

If this increased communication is causing a crash and reboot there are one of two things happening here. Either the firmware in the hub is buggy or the hardware could be defective.

5 seconds is what everyone else is using for a very long time and there are only now two reported cases of this. This would lead me to believe that likely the firmware isn’t an issue (or if it is its a boundary issue or a race condition which I believe it will be hard to get ST to accept / investigate) and its possibly a bad piece of hardware.

When you approach ST support they will first ask you to uninstall the app and then say community apps are not official apps and hence just stop using it, it’s not a ST hub issue.

All I can say is that with the first user they replaced the hub on insistence from the user and IMHO justifiably. If calling an official API is causing it to reboot and if only two folks have reported the issue amongst a vast number of users it likely isn’t the app but an underlying issue. As @ZebraBlinds would say I would talk to support and give them as much information as possible including sever shard etc and if they truly interested they will try to track down the real issue why increased communication with the hub causes a hub crash.

The only annoying bit, highlighted below:

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Could it be an internet speed issue too? If it doesn’t receive a response from the cloud before the next 5 second poll?

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possibly, but highly unlikely since if that was the case, normal web browsing would be affected as well (on your pc or phone)

EDIT: it also wouldn’t explain the hub restarting

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I installed the program and am using a Foscam FI9828P in SmartThings. I have installed both the Motion Piece and the SmartApp. I am using an iPhone 6S and when I click on the camera I get a Black Sceen with a message in the upper right corner that says Active but there is no picture. I then click the white play button in the middle of the Black screen and then I get a spinning wheel and then an error that says “There was a problem retrieving the livestream” The Camera is set on port 6500. when I use this URL http://IPADDRESS:6500/cgi-bin/CGIStream.cgi?cmd=GetMJStream&usr=xxxx&pwd=xxxx in a chrome browser it works. I have been banging my head against the wall. I really love SmartThings, but its camera support is lame. Any ideas ?

I have three redundant internet connections that fallback on each other in case of a disconnect (and also use round robin in data handling). Two are hardline one is 4G LTE. Basically, I’ve never lost internet connection in my home… even during a power outage. I’ll contact ST support and see about getting my hub replaced.

Please see the first post for basic troubleshooting steps, it a good place to start.

did you change the port for the video stream itself or the camera admin interface?

I got sent an email to support with all of my troubleshooting tips and any information that might be useful, I was also careful to generalize the issue so they can’t blame it on a 3rd party app. So, my issue is “The hub crashes during increased API calls” not stating specifically what app I’m having issues with, as I’d have issues with all apps that require this. We’ll see what they reply with. I’m considering running up to Best Buy tomorrow and buying a second hub just to verify to them (and myself) that it’s a hub side issue and not the apps causing it.

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Hello RBoy. OK I deleted and reinstalled everything still Black no video but I did go to the logs and here is the error
error java.lang.NullPointerException

It gets the IP address and says request was successful now if I can just figure out what this error is I think I can fix it

error java.lang.NullPointerException

Thanks so much for writting this. I am excited to get these working I have 3 of these cameras.

Not anything I can fix. This looks like a coding error

error java.lang.NullPointerException

Can you please PM me the IDE live logs. Also hit refresh once to ensure it picks up the latest settings.

First let me say I am so excited to find a group of home automation people like me and would like t thank you all for building this site and writing all of this great custom code. I had a Vera and I returned it for a ST. So happy now I have a Harmony and an echo too. I guess now all I need is a hue :slight_smile:

RBoy I will PM you the logs.

Thanks again for such a great community

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I should have seen this earlier, there in lies your problem. You’ve entered your ip/hostname incorrectly:

All you need a simple



EDIT: Updated the DH to use the words Hostname instead of URL in the input description to avoid confusion.

No in the screen shot and picture I sent you I blanked it out. It was set correctly. I will send it to you with the username and password since I can change them later

I do see that my Wifi is dropping the connection every once in a while. I will hard wire the camera later but it only goes down ocassionally. Looks like the wifi unit in the camera is going bad. :frowning:

Your issue is that you’ve entered the full URL instead of the hostname, your logs are showing it. I would suggest delete the device and start over since it also caches the address to reduce overhead on the platform and improve performance.

The hostname is

Can you tell me what I should be using I don’t understand

Actually it is