[RELEASE] Flume Water Meter Smartthings Smartapp + Flume Water Meter Device Handler

Could you please fix the directory structure for better GitHub repository integration and easier updates? I’ve been adding all SmartApps and Device Handlers using following steps:

Settings -> Add new repository-> Owner: getterdone, Name: FlumeWaterMeter -> Save

Update from Repo -> FlumeWaterMeter -> check desired device handlers/smart apps from “New (only in GitHub)” section -> check Publish -> Execute Update

For this to work I believe you need to rename “OneApp Flume Water Flow DH” to: devicetypes/getterdone/flume-water-flow.groovy
and “OneApp Flume Water Flow SM” to: smartapps/getterdone/flume-water-flow.groovy

just did as suggested, see if this works for you to get updates/publish integrated

Unfortunately not. I got:
Updated 0 and created 0 SmartApps, 0 published (1 skipped due to errors)
Updated 0 devices and created 0 new devices, 0 published (1 skipped due to errors)
No idea where to look for error logs. Nothing relevant shows up in the Live Logging tab.

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the smartthings + GitHub integration process…

Are you not able to see this?


it’s working now. got some assistance from the faq thread:

Thanks it works now.
I see groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Too Many Requests in the logs. What’s that?

When does the leak sensor report wet? Whenever any custom alert in the Flume app triggers? When will it change to dry?

I am curious why the data for TodayFlow appears as a listElement, while the other flow amount items listed under Current States are empty?

I would like to use a Smartthings integrated data monitoring tool like InitialState, Grovestreams or ActionTiles, and I think it would make it much easier if there were easily called variable (sorry if that’s not the right term in this environment) for CURRENT FLOW, HOUR FLOW, TODAY FLOW, WEEK FLOW, MONTH FLOW.


Here’s a screenshot in case I’m not being clear: