[RELEASE] Flume Water Meter Smartthings Smartapp + Flume Water Meter Device Handler

Here’s the updated OneApp DTH.

Steps to use:
Login to graph ide .
Add a new device handler:

Select From Code:
Copy paste the code above from OneApp Flume Water Flow DH.groovy file then hit Create button.

Go to your current Flume under My devices. Edit the device type:
Select OneApp Flume.
Click Update.

You’ll see this in OneApp:

Much thanks to @nayelyz and @orangebucket for helping me understand this new framework.

There are some cosmetic improvements I’m investigating but this updated OneApp DH should be a good start for now.

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This looks great! I had the previous version of Flume (they have a new version out now) and got rid of it because I wasn’t able to integrate it with ST. I just happened to bump into this thread and I’m glad I did. Just so I understand this, would there be a way for WebCoRE to shut off a water valve (already have that installed and connected to ST) in case it detects a heavy flow leak (or maybe even a slow leak?) Will your implementation work with their newest Flume version? Thanks

The sensor is visible now within the SmartThings app

so ill be surprised if flume wet/dry sensor is not visible in webcore, ill get you a screenshot to confirm.

Here’s the sensor for webcore pistons

I’ll know for sure if the newer device works with this current implementation once I get my hands on one, it’s on its way courtesy of Flume :), if not ill work on an updated DH/implementation.

Cool, thanks. Is the data real-time with your implementation (no need refresh the app?)

@smartie Currently the implementation is setup to auto retrieve data every 6 minutes. This can be adjusted down to 1 minute

Line 124 of updated oneApp DH

schedule(“0 0/6 * * * ?”, poll) //refresh every 10 minutes change to 6

The refresh interval is limited due to Flume API’s rate limit. If you exceed rate limit you’ll be locked out and get request data/refresh denied response. im not sure what is the locked out time (guessing a couple of minutes) so six minutes is the safe/stable path.

Sounds good…

Thanks for updating this. I tried to install just the Smartapp and the new DH but that did not create a device. I had to also create the old DH in order for it to create a device and then update it to the new DH. Was that intended or did I miss a step somewhere?

Thanks for catching that and providing a workaround. There’s a line on the Flume smartapp that calls the device dth but currently calls old dth name.

For current device already installed updating to newer device type as mentioned earlier post is the way to go.

For new/fresh installs Ill need to update the smartapp to match the name of the new/updated device dth. Im working on a newer smartapp version with other features plus will include call to newer device dth, will release a week or two.

I’ll be interested to hear your opinion of the new Flume 2 and integration with your Smartapp.