[RELEASE] FLAIR DEVICES with new capabilities for building physical zones in your home and controlling your mini/window splits, portable heaters/coolers

Thanks guys got this set up and it works great!

Only question: is there a way to turn it on and off? I’d like to turn the unit off when we’re away (this is a vacation house) and turn it on to warm up or cool down before we head up. Right now it just lets me set a zonesetpoint in the ST app. Anything I’m missing here?

Hi, I don’t know which flair bundles you’ve contributed to. I assume here that you’re talking about the MyPuck device and you would like to turn on/off a window/mini split?

If so, you should have contributed to MyFlairHvacUnit bundle at my store for your use cases. The puck device itself has limited capabilities in the flair APIs

Refer to the ST community wiki for more details about the supported commands and capabilities:



Ah thank you. Yes that is the devise and use case. I just contributed to the HVAC one as well. Now I guess I need to redo the setup. Thanks!

Hi, you need to install the HVAC Unit DTH and run MyFlairServiceMgr again.

Refer to the Readme at my github.


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Thanks again for the great work on this. I was certain I wouldn’t be able to hook my split unit up to ST. This was super easy. Thanks.

Hey there. Will this integration allow me to control the temperature of the Flair Puck from the Smarttings app on my samsung TV? I have a nest thermostat that I can control from the phone app but not the TV app. Is that a limitation of the TV version of the smartthigns app?

Hi, I don’t know, sorry. I don’t see why you`d not be able to do it, but I haven’t tested it as I don’t own a Samsung TV.

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I’m looking at setting up a Flair vent system to our new HVAC system that’s being installed, it’s going to consist of 9 total vents (8 rooms), and I’ll likely set up 2 pucks (one in our bedroom, and another on our back porch room), plus 2 more in our basement to control 2 Shinco mini-splits. We’re most likely putting in a Google Nest learning thermostat (but not 100% married to it really), and currently have a bunch of Iris IL07 motion/thermometer/humidity sensors around the house. I’m assuming I can use those sensors in rooms that won’t have a settable thermostat since they’re standard Smartthings compatible sensors, and the pucks in the rooms where we DO want some control? I’m fairly new to the Smartthings setup (we use it for all our Samsung appliances, and the lights in most of our home now), I’m really just wanting to verify that I can use sensors other than the Flair ones if I don’t need a settable thermostat. I know I won’t have them controlable in the Flair app proper, but I’m assuming the Smartthings control will get me the end result I’m after…


I’d recommend the following packages at my store for your use cases:

  1. MyNextBundle which includes MyNextManager & the Nest Tstat DTH and the zoning smartapp called ScheduleTstatZones for controlling your Flair vents using any ST connected temp/motion/pressure sensors (including the Flair Puck ) in conjunction with your Nest Tstat.

For more info about the ScheduleTstatZones’ features & use cases supported, please refer to the ST community wiki:


  1. MyFlairVent Bundle which includes the Flair Vent & Flair Puck DTHs.


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I’d originally decided on the Nest thermostat and Flair vents, but went with an Ecobee Lite and Keen vents. Which would be the best pack/packs to control that setup? I’ll still be using the smartthings temp sensors (IL07’s) in the rooms (not the Keen version), and I did also get a Keen bridge (although I’m not sure if I really need it or not). It looks like (from your website) that I’ll need the My Ecobee bundle that’s at the top only, or do I need the ecobeeSetZone as well?

Hi, My ecobee bundle contains the ecobee DTH (driver) and the zoning smartapp called ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule.

So, it’s the best bundle for your use cases.


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@yvesracine any plan on transitioning to Edge drivers for when Smartthings gets rid of Groovy?

See my answer below, flair is also a C2C integation.

@yvesracine I have Nest Thermostat, 3 Nest Temperature Sensors and I recently bought Flair Vents. The Nest Thermostat is in our family room. Some of the bedrooms are colder than the family room while other bedrooms rooms are warmer than the family room. I thought I can use Flair vents and Ecobee Thermostat with Ecobee temperature sensors. However, Ecobee sensors are not available and they are not sure when they will get them. So, I was planning to return Flair vents, get Keen vents, and pair the Keen vents with Smartthings. Then get a few temperature sensors like Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor which is zigbee based and pair them to Smartthings. Then using Smartthings, control the Keen vents. Do you suggest Keen vents setup or Flair vents? Since you have both, can you recommend one over the other for integration through Smartthings. Since Keen talks to Smartthings directly, is it better that way than Flair? Is quality of Flair much better than Keen that is ok to keep Flair? Also, what packages of yours should I get for Nest thermostat, temperature sensors, and Flair/Keen vents and be able to normalize temperature in all the rooms?

Hi, I’ve heard that Keen Home has suspended the sales of their vents. Better check it out with Keen Home service center.

For your comparison question, here is my take, see previous post:

For the Nest, you’d need the Nest bundle to control any vents, and the Flair vent bundle at my store for the drivers (if you choose Flair over Keen Home)…



I’m looking to integrate a Gree MiniSplit that is being installed in a Poolhouse. I’m thinking the route I am going to take is simply just to get a Flair puck so I can monitor the temperature in the poolhouse and turn the AC/Heat on/off or change the setpoint. I know my minisplit has a myriad of other abilities, but the main one I need is just to be able to set the appropriate temperature.

Would this DTH be able to help me do that?

PS I also have your Ecobee ST custom handler, not that it really matters for this application.

Hi, yes, you’d need to contribute to MyHVACUnit bundle at my store.

@yvesracine MyFlairServiceMgr, unable to fix login issue to Flair.

App Version 2.2

When I tap Flair Connection Status, the window opens and its has a long key which ends with “invalid_token”. But it never asks for a new login. How can I force a new login? Or am I misunderstanding what that means?

It was sending commands to Flair yesterday but is not working today.


Hi, you seem to have an authentication issue following some changes on the ST or the Flair side.

I’d recommend removing all Flair devices from your automations, removing the app, and restart from scratch.


Thanks Yves, it must have been an outage issue at Flair, as it started working properly about 10 minutes after I sent that message.