[Release] Fibaro Wall Plug (Old version, not zwave+)

I wrote a simple groovy app myself, to run thermostat-type setup. So there are few sensors and plugs, activating a dehumidifier etc. Key lines of code are

in preferences: input “switchP”, “capability.switch”, required: true, title: "Wall Plug?"
in an event handler: def currentSwitch = switchP.currentState(“switch”)

log.debug "Wall Plug: $currentSwitch” then returns “null” in the log file
log.debug "Wall Plug: $currentSwitch.value” throws a NullPointException: Cannot get property ‘value’ on null object @ line xx


Your code works for me, the only reason it wouldn’t work is if the switchP is not set - if you changed the name of the object variable and didn’t go to settings of the smart app and selected the WallPlug again it could be the case.

Hi again, I excluded and included the wall plug again, as it showed “sync incomplete”. Now everything works, many thanks!

Hi all

I have been using a couple of fibaro wall plugs ( v 3.02) since last year and now suddenly after the latest hub upgrade all of them have stopped working. I am not apple to control them via the app anymore.

I can also see in the mobile app that it seems to not be possible to include them anymore, fibaro wall plug is not an option?! Anyone else with the same issue?

If I try to exlude them, i do not knwo how to include them again?

Anyone with a solution or some recommendation how to get this up and running again?

Many thanks

I have some issue with fibaro dimmer 2 after hub update

Not seeing any issues with the wallplug or the dimmer2, also on the new 18.18 firmware

Hi, thanks for replying

Are you using same version as my wallplugs? If so, which device handler are you using?


Hi @cscheiene I’m still happily using your dth for my older Fibaro plugs, can you confirm one thing though, that there’s actually no way on God’s earth to turn off energy reporting on these plugs? I’ve tried Z-Wave Tweaker but it’s proving impossible!
I.e. Changing parameter 45 to 255 like the manual says…

  1. Reporting changes in energy consumed by controlled devices

New, reported energy value is calculated based on last reported value.

Available settings:
1-254 (0.01-2.54kWh, step 0.01kWh)
255 – changes in consumed energy will not be reported, reports will be sent only in case of polling
Default setting: 10 (0.1kWh)
Parameter size: 1 [byte]

0r in fact, changing it to anything other than the default “10”.