[RELEASE] Fibaro Single Switch 2 FGS-213 & Double Switch 2 FGS-223

Very interesting and doesn’t look good for fibaro such as shame as there products are well made.

I am tempted to get rid of some of my fibaro single switches for the sonoff mini very cheap and hopefully reliable and like you said run locally.

I also have a few of the fibaro dimmer 2 which for now are running OK but I have been looking at some samotech zigbee dimmers modules which are the same.

Yeah. Btw there are 2 versions of the mini make sure you get the zigbee not wifi. Also if you have single switch 2s change the device handler in the IDE to z-wave metering switch as it is local. You just loose the parameters page so make sure you make any changes before that.

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I believe the fibaro dimmer 2s do run locally on Smartthings. Also if you enrol to the smartthings beta firmware (can’t remember if you already are) you will gain local execution for automations.

I’m not in the beta myself but I’m usually keeping an eye on things only been on smartthings just over a year but things are changing so much hopefully it’s all for the better as I have been tempted away to the other hub but I’ll stick it out and see what happens.


Is any of sonoff dry contact?

You mean door sensor?

Yes for 12v like Fibaro 222 or New 224 than can use it also with 12v

I see a Jack for sonoff mini but I do not see Dimmer is only switch

Guys i recommend to everyone to ditch Fibaro devices as after multiple requests they repeatedly refused to support their devices inside smartthings although they are supposed to be official partners with Smartthings! I have almost got rid of everything.

If anyone is interested for 3 double switch 2s with shipping to europe for 35 euros each plus shipping PM me. 3 more single switch 2s will be coming in a few weeks.

If howerever you are looking for a replacement, wherever possible you can use Sonoff zigbee minis. They cost 11.50 each and have local execution on smartthings. And they are faster even with local execution on fibaros.

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For anybody trying to set up up the FGS-224, I just wanted to say that for the you don’t need a device handler per se. If you add the device using the SmartThings app it will show up as a Z-Wave Device Multichannel. To get both channels working you need to select the device in the Smartthings web interface and change it to Z-Wave Dual Switch. It works perfectly after that.

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