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[RELEASE] Fibaro FGS-222 Double Relay Device Handler (Also Philio PAN 02/04)

@cjcharles i didn’t realize i wqs so dumb… but I was using the wrong DTH for my model… thanks for the help!
Just one more question… any idea if there’s a DTH that allows the double relay switch to run locally not through the cloud? Or any method for that matter?

Sadly, all Fibaro devices are run in the cloud. The only things which are not are Samsung branded devices currently. (afaik)

When/If Samsung allow ZWave kit to run locally then I imagine Fibaro will be one of the earlier brands to gain support. That said, even if it is Cloud connected it will still respond to switch changes locally and ZWave commands locally, so I havent noticed any problems.

I thought some security devices would still work, like smoke sensors, aeotec siren? Assuming my internet connection goes down, you’re saying fibaro relays will still trigger lights if a motion was detected by ST multi sensor?

Im far from an expert on this and this thread would be more relevant to discuss the actual device handler.

That said, devices dont necessarily stop working because your hub is offline, they just stop linking with the outside world and some other devices. E.g. a switch can always trigger a relay if it is connected locally, but a CoRE rule will not work. Also a smoke alarm will still go off and make noise when smoke is detected, and it may send a ZWave command about an alarm going off (which other devices could respond to locally), but I dont know more than that.
Finally a siren could still make noise if it heard and responded to the ZWave alarm command, though any rules you create in CoRE for example will not work.

I suggest we leave it there as I dont know any more on the topic (I do know Im not worried about a small chance of the hub being offline as my internet is reliable), plus Im sure there are tons of discussions about this! Sorry I cant help more!

That’s alright. Thanks a lot, you’ve been more than helpful. I’ll do my research.

Not entirely true, the single relays and switches can work locally if you use the standard Zwave switch handlers. But there are no local DTH’s for the dual devices.

Here is a list of DTH’s that work locally…

Note that it’s the DTH that influences local operation, not the device itself. So for example a large number of devices can work off the Zwave switch DTH.

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Good to know, thanks. I knew it would be based on the DTH but didn’t think about some of them being supported offline if using standard device types!

Many thanks for your hard work. It works perfectly also for the device Philio PAN06-1B.
Just a note. Please add parameter 2 because it’s very important, you can change the type of the pysical button.

I added this code :
input name: “param2”, type: “number”, range: “1…3”, defaultValue: “1”, required: false,
title: "Change the physical button mode. " +
“1 - Edge mode,\n” +
“2 - Pulse mode,\n” +
“3 - Edge-Toggle mode\n” +
“Default value: 1.”

and this:
zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(parameterNumber:2, configurationValue:[param2.value]).format(),

With this parameter you can change everything.

Again …thanks a lot.

It should be good to see how many switch can use the same configuration.


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Thanks for that, the Fibaro doesnt actually list that specification/param on their website, hence I’ll do some testing of the addition and see what effect it has. If it doesnt cause a problem for the Fibaro then I’ll merge your changes, thanks! Otherwise if it causes a problem I’ll maybe merge them but leave them commented out or something like that.


Hi Chris,

What exactly does this parameter do? Not quite understanding the selections etc.


I found this description:
Edge Mode: The Position of the external switch determines the switching state of the relay. After a wireless
switching command it may be needed to operate the switch twice to return to the direct relation of switch
position and relay state. This mode is the factory default mode.
Toogle Mode: Each “ON”-Position of the external switch will toggle the state of the relays. This mode is
particularly suited for mono-stable switches.
Edge/Toggle-Mode: Every change of the state of the external switch results in a change of the relay state.

Essentially it permit you choose a pulse button and any press is a status change, change the state only when the physical button is on ON. and change the status at any press but without a pulse button .

For test I was using normal circuit breaker so parameter 3 was used, in the real circuit instead parameter 2 will be used and I will use pulse buttons.-

Anyway try to include in the title also philio 06 and 04. So other people will find this post.


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You’re referring to a philio parameter but this is a Fibaro handler…

It’s not just parameter 2… all the others must be different to?

It may work but really a seperate handler should be published.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply.

That sounds very similar to the Fibaro Parameter 14 - ‘Switch Type’ with the exception that there is no ‘Edge Mode’ but as Robin states it is not a ‘Fibaro’ parameter and is (unless I am completely misunderstanding this) actually Parameter 14 for the Fibaro devices.

Yes the parameters will be different, but it may still work. I was going to experiment with what happens if you set excess parameters on the Fibaro which aren’t defined. I’ll do a comparison of the parameters tomorrow and then can decide if the handler can cover both or not (though do agree a second DTH is probably better)


Whilst I am here :slight_smile:

Could it be possible to add an option under the Config page to change the names of ‘Switch 1’ and ‘Switch 2’ please? Just a nice to have and know I can change them in the DH itself of course.


I looked into that myself… the tile names are set when you first assign the DTH to the device… they cannot be changed programmatically in the preferences page :frowning:

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Cheers Robin!

Ive checked it all out and it seems the Philio devices only have two configuration parameters (1 and 2), while the Fibaro uses 30ish (does use 1 but not 2).


  1. Parameter #1 is virtually the same between devices (and unlikely to be touched)
  2. Parameter #2 is only used on the Philio and setting parameter #2 incorrectly on a Fibaro does nothing (that parameter just gets ignored) - I expect the same is true in reverse (setting parameter #3 upwards on a Philio).

Hence I do think it is logical to combine the device handlers so I will work on some wording and submit an update.

@RobinWinbourne if you think this is not logical then please let me know and I can split it, and submit as a separate DTH.

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Now updated the DTH for both Fibaro and Philio, thanks all.

It seems that the main 3 options for blind controllers are: Fibaro, Philio, Gubino.

Which one is best?