This DTH supports all the functionality of the following devices:



  • Dimmer

  • Button with actions pushed, down, down_2x, up, and up_2x which can be used as a trigger in Smart Lighting for both apps, Automations in the new mobile app, and Routines in the Classic mobile app.

  • Fully functional with the new mobile app and the Classic

  • Supports all of the device’s configuration parameters


New Mobile App Screenshots



Classic Mobile App Screenshots



DTH Code


Hi Kevin,

I installed your DTH for two Minoston MS13Z Smart Toggle Dimmer Switches and a Minoston MS11Z Smart Paddlle Dimmer Switch. For each of them on my iPhone I see in the classic app the screen titled Ministon Dimmer that begins with Paddle Control but I don’t see the screen titled Button action. In the New Mobile App I see the screen titled Minoston Dimmer that starts with Off but do not see the screen titled Minoston Dimmer that starts with On or Off.

The Classis App indicates the Minoston firmware is Version 2 not 2.02 as shown on your screenshot. Perhaps this is an issue of updating the firmware. I will contact Minoston at ask@minoston.com about getting newest firmware and how to install it.


Andrew Morris

If you added the handlers after you joined the device then you’ll need to open those devices in the IDE and change their “Type” field to my handlers which will be at the very bottom of the list.

Minoston didn’t mention that there was a MS13Z Dimmer so the handler has only been tested with the MS11Z and I can’t offer any support for the toggle version.

I was under the impression that the 2.0 firmware for the MS11Z didn’t go into production because it had a bunch of bugs so the DTH only supports firmware 2.02.

They might send you the latest firmware, but you’ll need to download an app like Z-Wave PC Controller to install it and you’ll also need a z-stick because ST doesn’t have any type of firmware update feature for z-wave devices.

Let me know what Minoston support says because if they’re response isn’t helpful I’ll talk to my contact.

Regarding Firmware here’s the reply I received from Minoston (ask@minoston.com):

After we checked that all firmware version of our Z-Wave switch is 2.0.

You can check it on the bottom of the switches, the number below the “Made in China”.

Regarding the DTH I did change the Type to EVA LOGIK In-Wall Smart Dimmer. The problem/question re: the DTH is that I’m not seeing the second screen you show in the screenshots for both the Classic APP and the New Mobile App. I am seeing (and have used successfully) the first screen in each app.

The screen I don’t see in the Classic App is the one titled Button Action and has:

  • Pushed
  • Down
  • down_2x
  • up
  • up_2x

The screen I don’t see in the New Mobile App is the one titled Minoston Dimmer and has:

  • On or off
  • Pressed
  • Toggled down
  • Toggled down 2 times
  • On
  • Off
  • Dimmer

Thanks for the response and support.

Andrew Morris

Sorry, I probably should have labeled those screenshots better because those aren’t part of the device details screen, they’re the options you’ll see when you select the device as a button in a SmartApp of either mobile app and the Automations section of the new mobile app.

That being said, they sent me an old device with firmware 1.02 and the 2.02 firmware file. They didn’t mention that there’s a 2.0 version so I only tested the DTH with the 2.02 version which is the same version they tested it with.

If central scene isn’t fully implemented in firmware 2.0 then the button feature in this DTH won’t work. You might want to also keep live logging open when saving the settings because the settings might be different which would prevent them from syncing.

Let me know if you run into any issues like that.


Thank you so much for your device handler. SmartThings is not very friendly to customize and - once I figured out how to assign a new handler to my device - your code let me change the critical settings I couldn’t access previously. I have a Minoston MS11Z, so I had to guess at what your parameter names meant (the Minoston documentation isn’t very friendly, either) and was able to reset them to better values. Minoston didn’t even document Parameter 10, which is used to control the duration you have to hold the switch to change the dimmer through its full brightness range. You’re awesome!

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