[RELEASE] Etekcity Vesync Smart In-Wall Wifi Light Switch API and Device Handlers

Thank you! And in the handful of minutes between my post and your reply, I did manage to stumble across those settings. After a “re-connection” of the Alexa third-party service in the Vesync app, VOILA!

Now the virtual switch (am I using that terminology right?) in SmartThings properly controls the first of the two “old” wifi outlets I have.

Trouble is, I can’t get the same procedure to work for the second “old” one.

And I do still have a new / “fresh” one that I haven’t set up at all yet…

Anything I might be missing in getting the virtual switch in SmartThings to function the second outlet?

You will need to add a virtual switch for each outlet you have. And set them up independently. So you need to add 2 or maybe 3 virtual switches it sounds like. Name them all unique and set them up independently.

Hey @nic_kline, thanks so much! I went in and added each individually, like you said, and made sure all settings were the same.

All is working well now! :smiley:

I believe what happened is that I saw the original Etekcity device handler and had published it. Then I saw the updated handler and published that one (the 10 A / high current one).

Methinks the two which were working were using the latter handler, and — before I went back and readded them — the other was using the former handler.

Living & learning indeed! Thanks for being willing to help.

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@nic_kline thanks so much for creating this device handler! I have installed and published it in the IDE and set the VeSync username and password in the device settings but it is not working. I get the error: “debug: something went wrong: groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Not Found”

Any suggestions?

Thanks again!

@millerrdjr Did you set the Plug Name to match exactly what the name is in VeSync?

@nic_kline Yes and the name is pretty simple “Tree”

If you want, pull up the IDE open the logs for that device then try again. You can PM me the logs and I’ll take a look.

For anybody following along, it was just the wrong device handler. For reference, there are two. If you have a round plug, use the etekcity-plug handler. Only if you have the wider, rectangle plug (with a nightlight on it), use the etekcity-plug-high-amp. And the wall switches/dimmers aren’t supported yet. Hopefully soon… :crossed_fingers: