[RELEASE] Enphase Envoy (local access)

Cool! Well, that worked but the envoy thing isn’t showing any data. I went into the ST settings and I filled out all the required fields but it is saying this:.

it may be off the bottom of the screen, but is inverter size filled out?

Yes both inverter/panel questions are filled out.

Are you sure your on the same wifi network as your SmartThings hub?

By the way the graph never appears on my screen I just get the cursor spinning like in the attached image has anybody else experienced this and is there a fix for it?

I have the same issue here, get the error when saving. Note I have an Envoy-S with IQ7+ Microinverters. Seems that I need the path to the geggog code that klockk asked for back in July 2019?

Are you using Classic App or New App to try to get this setup?
I wonder if we need to make any updates to the code to ensure it’s good with the New App these days…
I never got the other Fork I requested… wish I had!