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[RELEASE] Enhanced ZooZ 4 in 1 Sensor (ZSE40 v1/v2/v3) Device Handler with Temperature, Humidity, Motion and Luminescence Sensor with Lux Reporting


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It’s known to happen. There could be a few things you can check to isolate the source:

  1. Pull out the battery and see if there are reports, if so then it’s the platform having ghosting issues (report it to ST support on the forum, there was a topic for ghosting created a few years ago)
  2. “reset” the device and try putting in new batteries
  3. Note that temperature variances can set off the PIR sensor (it’s basically looks for heat signatures). So check if your box has hot spots or where it’s mounted has hot spots in it’s field of view. For example, if you have a plumbing / heating pipe running behind the walls in the field of view of the sensor, that’s known to set off the motion sensor. You would probably need a heat gun or IR temperature sensor to detect heat spots in your room.
    These can tricky to identify. I’ve seen one a motion sensor go off in the middle of the (cold) night when a car with a bright headlight drives by a window causing the headlight to fall squarely in the field of view of a motion sensor.

If all the above fail, get contact ZooZ support for a replacement it could be defective units


If it happens to all of them, it’s very unlikely that this is a defect. If you’re unable to solved the problem with the steps suggested by RBoy, get in touch with Zooz support for additional troubleshooting steps:


Thanks for the email. I tried switching Device Handlers and am still having false motion detection issues. I will either delete my post in the SmartThings forum, or if I can’t, edit it to indicate that it’s not an issue with your Handler.

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How often does the vendor DTH report Humidity? Is that configurable?

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You can set the humidity sensitivity in the settings. For e.g. you can set it to send a report when it changes by 10%

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I was asking about the frequency of updates not soo much sensitivity

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Z-Wave sensors like this one are push oriented. So they send updates when there is a change in the value sensor (you set the threshold, for humidity it’s 1% to 50%). This is done to save battery life.

In addition to reporting the value when it changes by the specified threshold, the device also wakes up every 12 hours to report the latest settings. The DTH provides a way to change this and manually set the poll frequency (as little as every 200 seconds) but it’s advised not to change the default settings as excessive polling will significantly reduce the battery life.