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[RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Centralite, Lowe IRIS, UEI and Xfinity Keypads Device Handler


( - Make your home your butler!) #83

It’s a bug in the ST Android app which causes it to enter a decimal point by default where it shouldn’t. Just remove the decimal points and tap Save and it should work fine. Also report it to ST with the reference Ticket number provided so they can fix it. See this post:

(Michael Leonardo) #84

I know this has been somewhat discussed but I’m struggling to understand a few things about the DTH and Lock manager app. I’ve recently picked up a couple of the Iris v3 keypads. I like the design and everything but I’m starting to have some concern over connectivity, as has been also mentioned recently.

Here are a few general questions (may be specific to my Iris v3):

  1. Can I change/mute the keypad press beep sound? I’m referring to the sound when you press the numbers/keys, but also would like to have full control over all sounds if possible. I’ve read about using #2 and #5 for that but I’ve had no luck. Could this be added to the DTH?
  2. What does the sync button do inside ST? I’ve had a situation where my kepad “Partial” has been lit red but the system is not Armed Stay. I’ve hit the sync button but it does not help. If there’s no auto sync option, this could be a deal breaker as I plan to arm through phone app, wall tablets and this keypad.
  3. I’m trying to understand the “Lock/Unlock” button inside the ST device settings. Is this the same as SHM “Armed”? Or is it meant to be used for door locking or keypad locking features? I’m confused here.
  4. Is it really true there’s no way to require a PIN in order to Arm the system?

(Warren) #85

Hey @Rboy, so while I still have off and on connectivity issues with the v3 IRiS keypad, it seems that it does work for the most part. Not sure why it’s so bad at staying connected, even with a new Sinope ZigBee device mounted on the opposite side of a wall, go figure. Not sure if that’s something that is solvable unless they release a FW update or there is some secret sauce in the protocol that IRiS has with their hub since I would think they would have the same problems that I’m having.

Two questions for you (or anyone else with v3 keypad experience):

  1. Battery life - seems that the keypad slowly burned through the OEM Alkaline batteries over about 2 weeks, albeit with a lot of trial and error on my side. I replaced it with Lithium batteries but I was just wondering if you’ve seen any issues after the latest DTH changes? I know the latest DTH made a difference in functionality but I see a lot more pings with the 0000 status so I was wondering if it could be related.

  2. Garage door keypad replacement - I’m experimenting with having it control the garage door to replace the traditional keypad from Chamberlain. With LUM, I set up a code with only the action to open the door when unlocked and that seems to work fairly well. However, closing the door is another thing. Since the v3 keypad arms without a code, I can’t think of a way to get it to close. Any good ideas or mods that could be done?

Regardless, thanks for the great support. This is exactly why I’m an RBoy Apps lifetime subscriber - you have actual support. While I enjoy writing and publishing my own little apps, my first stop is always to the RBoy website to see what’s on the shelf because I know I’ll be getting something that’s battle tested.

(Michael Leonardo) #86

Glad to hear you’re on the same mission as myself regarding Iris v3. I really like the keypad but there are def some bugs to work out.

For the garage door question… are you using a virtual door opener smartapp? If so (and I have not tested this), couldn’t you just trigger the relay switch that opens, and then the same code would open and close it?

(Warren) #87

Hmm, I hadn’t thought about that. In the RBoy Lock User Management (LUM) app, there is a direct action to open a garage door upon unlock and close a garage door upon lock and have been using the unlock to open. But I think what you’re suggesting is a more indirect method to have LUM toggle a switch and have the switch force the open and close?

Other than adding an additional hop (any whatever delays, etc.) that sounds reasonable but I would have to check to see if the custom actions in LUM support toggling a switch. Maybe that’s an RFE to LUM, allow me to toggle the garage door state when I unlock. FWIW I am using the RBoy GoControl DTH which has the garage door as a switch if I recall correctly since I can Alexa to “Turn off the Garage Door”.

(Michael Leonardo) #88

I think I follow you. I’m pretty sure with my setup I could use the unlock action, select “Turn On Switch” and then select my Garage door relay switch, which basically needs a “turn on” command for both open and close, since it resets to the off state. I don’t know how the GoControl is configured inside ST.