[RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Centralite Keypad, Lowes IRIS Keypad, UEI Keypad and Xfinity Keypad Device Handler


(Jeff Kerner) #124

Probably a stupid question, but have you checked your batteries? All of my door/window sensors showed 70% and were working fine when I unpaired them from Iris. I had all kinds of squirrelly operations when I paired them with Smartthings! Doors that were closed, showed as open. When I opened the door, it showed closed! Some showed as open all the time, regardless of the actual door state, & vice-versa. Batteries now all showed about 45%! Replaced them all with fresh batteries, unpaired/repaired, and they’re all working fine now!

(Jason Partridge) #125

Hello, Is it possible to add a countdown beep when arming and disarming using the Rboy device handler with the Iris v2 keypad? If not, can anyone recommend how to do this?
Thanks in advance.

(Frak) #126

a) Code Entry on/off enables/disables code entry on the keypad. When it is off, the keypad won’t recognize any input.
b) Locked refers to the logical state of the keypad. You can use that to trigger lock state of actual physical locks with the Lock User Management SmartApp.
c) Tamper only shows up if the unit is opened up. Once you close it (which presses a button down) the Tamper icons goes away. The Panic button is a feature of certain keypads only (Iris v3)