[RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Centralite, IRIS, UEI and Xfinity Keypads Device Handler


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Part of the issue is what’s the status to display when locked, some keypad have “partial” or “on”, other have “away”, “stay” and “night” modes. The DTH cannot decide what mode the keypad lights needs to be in since it isn’t a one to one mapping.
The led state is set by the app and not the DTH, the app controls what led to show, in this case when the user directly arms/disarms SHM the app updates the LED to reflect a successful processing of the user command.

BTW, by ST design DTH’s cannot read SHM state so it’s difficult to synchronize the keypad LED’s with SHM, it always needs to be done by the app. In this case the app is reflecting the last successful command sent by the user on the keypad.

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This has now been resolved. I had per user actions defined and was attempting to configure using the general lock/unlock actions.

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I’ve tried resetting the iris keypad many times and following the setup instructions above where the pairing button is pressed while 1 (or 2) batteries are put in. I have the device handler installed but can’t get it to ever show up when I try to “Add a thing” from my SmartThings app.

Any other tips or steps I might have forgotten?

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  1. Try to exclude the device
  2. Power cycle the hub (not just reboot)

they can be tricky to pair sometimes